Banishing Negative Energy

Spell for Banishing Negative Energy

This ritual is best suited for a rainy day, although any day when negative energy permiates is work-able. Under the watchful eye of the moon (preferably a waning moon), light a white candle on your altar. Watch the flame as it flickers, and imagine that negative energy is as mutable as the flame. Feel all of the negative energy in your body collecting into the soles of your feet. Once you feel that all those undistinguishable, negative energies are settled, blow out your candle, and say to yourself "and in a puff of her breath, it was done."

Walk outside, preferable barefoot, and sprinkle Basil or Salt over your path. Ideally, you should walk to a river or another body of water, but any special place will suffice. When you get there, (which depending on how negative you were feeling can be anywhere from 5 minutes to an hour), if you can, let the water run over your hands and feet. If you feel inspired, you may want to say something like:

"May her Earth below my feet support me,
May her Wind in my hair sooth me,
May her Fire in my heart drive me,
May her Water wash away all that weighs me down,
Never to return again."
Notice the lightness of your step. Gaia has taken the heaviness from you and left you with only her love and joy. At this point I usually collect some leaves, a stone or a twig, to carry back with me as a reminder of the love of the goddess.

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