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To my Dad's Farm Page

Rhema Farm

Welcome to my farm page.

On our farm we raise variety of livestock including cattle, goats, and sheep.

Our cattle are Irish Dexters. They are a rare breed whose claim to fame is that they are one of the smallest breeds of cattle in the world. They are a dual purpose breed that can be either milked or used as beef cattle. Their small size and versatility make Dexters perfect for homesteading and small farms. Their temperment and grazing habits make them very compatible with sheep and goat production. Much of our herd consists of dun colored cattle which is the recessive color. The remainder of our animals are black, the genetically dominant color. For more information call "Mike" or "Josh" at 270-322-8332 or write us at 135 Antioch Church Road Hanson, KY 42413

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Loray is a yearling short-legged heifer along with "my mom".

See my Dad's Farm Page

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