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All About Me--

Some Silly Girl


Name: Hollimarie
DOB: 10/20/75 (do the math...)
Star Sign: Scorpio
Films: "My Own Private Idaho", "Mrs. Parker and Her Vicious Circle",
"Eve's Bayou", "The Great Outdoors", and anything with
Clara Bow or Lillian Gish.
Books: "Franny and Zoe"--Jd Salenger, anything by Anne
Rice, Anais Nin, Melanie Ray Thon, and Herman Hesse

Hello. This page is dedicated to all the curious and
brave souls who ventured about my identity. This is
what I look like. However, if you are patient, I will
be posting more recent pics in the days/weeks to come.
I am the same now---I dress more appealing though. I
have very long, wavy, dark purple tinted hair. I have
3 small tattoos----one on the small of my back,
another on the side of my tummy, and a new one on my
Music: My favorite band is The Red Hot Chili Peppers.
I love regaee- bob marley,etc. hip hop: lauryn hill,
wyclef jean, jay-z, dj bass mixes...
I also like Gravity Kills, Stabbing Westward, The
Verve, Techno, anything british except Elton John and
the silly ass Spice Girls..........
I have no intentions of putting anyone to sleep, so if
you want to know more about me, email me.
Here is a link to a page that will have more
pictures of me as time goes on.....Keep checking!
Click here to see more Pix