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Prayer and Manifestation

by Alan Cohen

Prayer, used well, has the power to change for the good.

Our greatest power lies in prayer, which is largely misunderstood and under used. When we recognize that our prayers have the power to change our life and that of others, we are in a position to manifest all the good we seek. There are many levels of prayer, from self-defeating to earth-moving. Let us scale the ladder of prayer, described below, that our intentions may reach heaven directly and powerfully.

1. WORRY: Every thought we think registers in the universe and manifests at some level. When we think joyful, positive thoughts, we are contributing to our "bank account" to manifest those ideas, and when we indulge in negative, self-defeating thoughts, we invite those energies and circumstances to arise. It is said that "every thought is a prayer." Someone who worries is invoking manifestation just as much as one who visions healing. Be sure to cultivate only the thoughts of what you want to create.

2. DIVINE DISCONTENT: Unhappiness is helpful when it leads us to the thought, "This can't be it." When a painful situation moves us to consider, "There must be a better way," we have stretched out a hand for God to hold. Even if you do not utter those words, if you are wondering if life may have more to offer you than what you have been accepting, you are calling on divine power. Any intention to live at a higher vibration is a prayer, and attracts results -- often quickly.

3. A CONSCIOUS CALL FOR HELP: To admit that you need help and ask for it is a very powerful prayer. In so humbling yourself, you acknowledge that (1) what you have been doing is not working; (2) you need assistance beyond your current capacity, and (3) there is a higher power that can accomplish for you what you have been unable to do for yourself. Asking a friend or counselor for support, going to a bookstore to seek insight, attending a 12-step or similar meeting, or a simple "Help!" to an unseen power, are all forms of prayer that are answered.

4. PETITIONING FOR THINGS OR PARTICULAR RESULTS: Many prayers ask God for a specific manifestation, such as a new car, the healing of a particular ailment or a soulmate. Often such prayers proceed from a sense of fear or lack, as we turn to God to offset the emotional or material deficit we perceive. While asking for things is a limited form of prayer, our willingness to turn to a higher power blesses us, and our call for love is heard.

5. CONSCIOUS VISUALIZATION FOR A PARTICULAR RESULT: Affirming is always more powerful than asking. Jesus advised us to "give thanks for what you ask for, even before you receive it." If you can feel the joy of already having the thing you request, you will hasten its manifestation. There is, of course, a danger in forcefully dictating a particular result since such a thing or circumstance may not be in our best interest.

6. SPONTANEOUS VISIONING: When you begin to delightfully fantasize about something, you set into motion an energetic wave that calls that situation into reality. Spontaneous visioning is one of the most effortless and most effective forms of prayer, for it operates at a level of innocence and purity that attracts marvelous results. I once saw an ad for an attractive job as director of a youth services agency. I was so excited about this opportunity that I began to imagine what I would do in the position. I made notes and mentally played in the arena of being the director. By the time I showed up for the interview I had an entire program plan that impressed the board of directors. I was given the job over another candidate by a vote of 5-4. The key is that I did not do the visioning to get the job; I did it as a playful fantasy of what I would love to be doing.

7. PETITIONING OR AFFIRMING FOR DIVINE EXPERIENCE OR QUALITIES OF LIFE: While it may or may not be in your best interest to own a BMW, it is always in your best interest to recognize that you are an abundant being living in a universe that supports you to have everything you need to be happy. If you realize this in the depths of your being, you will attract everything you need; if a BMW is part of that picture, it will show up; if not, you do not want to force it. You will always be blessed if you pray for peace, right relationship, abundant fulfillment and the awareness of the presence of God.

8. LOVE AND GRATITUDE: To live in a state of appreciation is the highest and most productive use of your mind and heart, and will manifest the greatest fulfillment. To continually find and give thanks for the beauty, friendship and riches of your life is to bless your existence in the highest way and invite only more good. A simple but sincere "thank you" reaches God instantly and brings healing and fulfillment beyond all other forms of prayer.

9. THE GOLDEN SILENCE: After all the words have passed, we may sit in meditation in the fulfilled silence. At that point we recognize that we are one with the God we have prayed to, and the illusion of separation melts away into golden wholeness.

by Kate Frederiksen

Though you do everything right, just what can hinder your process?

Manifesting seems to be a buzz word of the '90s. However, the art of manifesting one's desires has been around since the beginning of time. Many people apply the principles of manifestation to their lives without even being aware of it, while others consciously make an effort to follow the "rules" of manifesting and come up short.

There are a few blocks that are the most common among people. If you have an emotional or spiritual block, whether it be conscious or subconscious, it can hinder you in successfully manifesting, or creating what you desire.

The following are some of the most common setbacks:

1. LACK OF CLARITY: If you are not clear as to what you want to manifest, you will get something slightly, or vastly, different even though your intentions were good. For example, if you want a new car and you go for that, a new car, what this says to the Universe is that you want a new car. You might get an old one, but it is new to you, or for that matter, you might just get a matchbox car! The more specific you can be, the better.

So, instead of stating that you are driving a new car, state that youare driving your new 1998 hunter green Jeep Cherokee Ltd. with a taupe interior and all the features you want. That way, there is nothing left to chance. Be specific and deliberate in your affirmations, visualizations, journalizing and ritualizing.

2. NEGATING AFFIRMATIONS: Be careful in your choice of words for your affirmations. If you are constantly affirming, "I want a new 1998 Jeep Cherokee," then that is exactly what you are going to get: a wanting for it! You see, the Universe does its best to fulfill your desires and requests. If you say you want something, rest assured you will (want it, that is).

How do you get around that? Easy. You need to state your affirmation in the present tense as if you already have it. So instead of "I want..." change it to "I have a..." or "I am enjoying my..." or better yet, "Thank you, God (or Creator, All That Is, etc.) for my...." Remember to always give thanks. There is nothing wrong with giving thanks beforehand -- for know that "as it is said, it is done...."

3. LACK OF ENTHUSIAM: Just like a great salesperson is enthusiastic in his/her approach to sell their products or services, so must you be. Set the stage for your manifestation. Don't just do affirmations. Affirmations are very important. They send an energy flow to reframe your life. Whenever you add more to your energy flow, you increase your likelihood of actually believing you are going to receive what you are asking for. The use of visualization, prayer, journalizing and simple daydreaming enhance your messages to the Universe.

In the car example, how can you engage in the feeling of enthusiasm the quickest, easiest and in the most enjoyable way? Go shopping! If you want to make something real for you, put yourself in the "driver's seat," so to speak. Find the car, the dealership and the salesperson you desire to work with and give the business to. (For all of you people who feel guilty, by the way, for desiring something nice like a new car of your choice, remember that you are employing people and flowing your financial energy out into the world. You are helping someone while you enjoy yourself -- so what's wrong with that? Of course, you should flow energy to manifest the perfect salesperson that is fun to work with, too!) Leave nothing to chance.

Drive the car. Feel it. Enjoy it. Get the financing options on it. Don't stop yourself! I repeat -- Don't stop yourself from anything you feel you really want to do before you have even given yourself a chance to daydream and ponder over what it might be like!

Take the brochure home and look at it every day. Get excited! Then, your task is to get the blocks out of the way and allow the Universe to bring you a surprise at the same time you are going into action to make it happen.

4. UNWORTHINESS: Hmmm. Do you feel this? How often and over what 1ssues? Yes, this is one of the biggest, and most subtle, of all the facets of life that can block energy flow. Have you ever gone through all the affirmations, all the visualizations, feeling the excitement and doing your part to make it real -- only to find that nothing happened?

It's time to review your deep-seated, old worn out belief systems. Oftentimes it is apparent right away that you have an issue of feeling undeserving. If you Choose to believe that it is simple to change your feelings of unworthiness, then it is. If you think that it is going to take five years to get over this in therapy, then it will. Let's get back to basics. You get what you flow energy toward.

I believe that beliefs are simple to change. So for me, they are. How do you make it simple? When you find you are acting out a belief that no longer serves you, shift it. It is as simple as talking out loud to yourself by saying, "No, I made a new decision about this belief yesterday, remember? So today, I choose to believe I am worthy. Today, I am acting as though I am worthy. I am going to give myself everything that makes me feel worthy; just for today. When tomorrow arrives, I'll make the shift again if necessary until I no longer have to consciously shift."

Then, do what you said you were going to do. Act as if you are worthy. Take action that shows you are serious about treating yourself like a worthy human being. When you send out contradictory information to the Universe, what you get is a contradiction. How can you expect to receive what you want when before you have barely dared to dream about it, you have already decided you don't deserve it?

Conscious manifesting includes a lot of different spiritual practices. The key is to keep it simple. Use the methods you resonate with and stop listening to anyone that tells you theirs is the only way. To live a simple life yet one that is full of adventure, you simply have to make the decision to do it and begin doing it.

Feel deeply. Take action. Put out "there" some of your most outlandish dreams and visions. Expect to receive. Play with the energy of the Universe until you are convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that it is real and it is on your side. Remember that you can have and do everything you've ever dreamed of in this life. After all, who do you think gave the vision in the first place? Dare to be bold.

Most importantly, have fun. Life is meant to be fun. Make your manifestations a joyous adventure and create, create, create!

Kate Frederiksen is a writer, speaker and channeler who has trained thousands of people over the past 15 years. She has manifested two successful businesses and is a living example of the principles she teaches.


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