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Hello! Welcome to the world's foremost archive on the corniest jokes ever told by the world's corniest (but all around most loveable) guy. I'm your Web Master....PonyBoy (please don't ask where that nickname comes from, it's a long story and not a word of it is true). Anyway, this page is brought to you by the inspiration, or just plain patronizing, of my two dearest friends, Penny Marie and "The Devil". So please check back continously and I'm sure you'll find the world's best, and undoubtedly the worst, comedy in the world. And remember, if it's not corny, it probably didn't come from PonyBoy!

*** PonyBoy is in no way responsible, or at least in his opinion he's not, for any cases of anorexia or other eating disorders that result from reading these jokes.

Personal Information

Just Who is PonyBoy?
Me...duh!!!  (See how easy it is to tell a corny joke?)
And. if you wanna see my pic just click  here !!!  (Please ladies, keep the swooning to a minimum!)

Where did he come from?
Now that's a question that still baffles many scholars and historians.  There are many legends that surround the origin of PonyBoy.  To the ancient Maya, he was perhaps worshipped as a god and known as "Teller of Many Stupid Jokes".  In ancient Greece, inspiring comedians sacrificed goat cheese and orange peels to him in hope that they to could have the power to tell that whick is corny.  The modern theory is perhaps the most substantial and most widely accepted.  It suggests that PonyBoy was just some guy who got caught riding a pony ride for little kids.  No one knows for sure.

General Facts
Birthdate:  April 06, 1981
Age:  17 (33.5 in pony years)
Favorite People:  Refer to Penny Marie & "The Devil"
Like and Dislike:  Again, Refer to Penny Marie & "The Devil"
Biggest Flaw:  Apparently I have trouble with living in denial

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Thanks for stopping by, I hope you have enjoyed your stay.  Please stop back soon, and may the corniness be with you.

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