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Greetings Battle Brothers,
There has been an uprising on the Agricultural World of Havonis IV, these cretins have refused to pay their just tithe to the Imperium and thus we must remind them what happens to those who shirk their duties to the Emperor. Elements of the Havonis Planetary Defense Force remain loyal and we must quickly go to their aid for if Havonis falls then many nearby systems will find their loyal citizens starving.

I have authorized elements of the Fourth Battle Company, supported by the Tenth Scout Company to quell this uprising. Go forth and rain down the wrath of the Ultramarines!

~ Captain, First Veteran Company

Aboard the Strike Cruiser in orbit around Havonis System your unit receives its orders:

Greetings Battle Brothers,
Your unit will dropped in Gamma XI Sector at coordinates L4. The bridge over the river Tivon will be your Primary Target, it separates the Himvaris Region, where most of the fighting is, from the Deboris Region which is mostly free of rebels. A column of Deboris supply vehicles is waiting just north of the bridge to give support to loyal troops, however rebels have set up heavy weapons on the bridge backed by light mortars somewhere to the south, most likely under the cover of the forest.
There is a refueling station along the road where you will cross the Tivon, the enemy are attempting to set up a base here. Eliminate them, destroy the docks, and disable any barges.
The enemy here seem to be mostly lightly armed militia, however more heavily armed troops to the south will soon move in, so speed is of the utmost importance. Once the way is cleared escort the supply column to Sector Indigo IV, their is a loyal military base there. Destroy the Refueling Station on your way out, we will not be able to secure that Sector for some time.

Courage and Honor!

~ Captain, Tenth Scout Company

The Fueling Station

Ultramarine Emblem borrowed from Gamesworkshop.