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Space Hunters

Weapon Types -
Comp - A compact rifle with shorter range and lighter damage, but more easily hidden and can be used one handed.
Carb - A carbine version of a rifle, which substitutes range and ammo capacity for greater damage. The carbine is mostly used by elite units.
Palm - A small pistol type weapon which can be very easily concealed. It lacks power and range but the surprise value can be indispensable. These weapons are usually outlawed due to their use by organized criminals.

dmg crit range ammo wgt reliability conceal avail cost
Laser Pistol d8 19x2 100 50 15 5
Laser Comp d10 19x2 150 75 12 8
Laser Carb 2d8+1 19x2 150 75 8 15
Laser Rifle 2d8 19x2 200 100 5 12
Palm Laser d6 19x2 50 25 20 20
Heavy Laser 3d8 19x2 300 1000 - 25
Maser Pistol d10 x2 50 25 14 6
Maser Comp d12 x2 75 50 11 9
Maser Carb 2d10+1 x2 75 50 7 16
Maser Rifle 2d10 x2 100 75 4 13
Palm Maser d8 x2 25 10 19 21
Heavy Maser 3d10 x2 200 100 - 26
Particle Pistol 3d6 x2 25 5 11 15
Particle Rifle 6d6 x2 50 10 - 25
Lightning Gun 9d6 x2 75 20 - 35
Particle Arc 2d6 x2 10 2 20 30
Sonic Stunner d10 subdual x3 50 .5 16 4
Stun Rifle 2d10 subdual x3 100 1 6 7
Palm Stunner d8 subdual x3 25 .5 21 11
Heavy Stunner 3d10 subdual x3 1000 3 - 19
Ion Pistol * x2 25 1 16 4
Ion Rifle * x2 50 2 6 7
Ion Cannon * x2 10 4 21 11
Palm Blaster * x2 75 1 - 19

Lasers - Beam/Pulse - VS/IR/FIR/UV
Masers - Spread Beam - Feedback - On an attack roll of 1, if the target is made of metal or has any metal on it at all a feedback of Particle energy will automatically strike the attacker for d6 damage and the chance of ionizing his gear.
Particle - Does normal damage and acts as a Ion weapon as well. On an attack roll of 1, all non-ion shielded electronic equipment on the character must make saves or be shorted out. 
Sonic - Useless in vacuum, double effect in dense atmosphere or under water. May be used to shatter crystal and glass - UltraSound (can't be heard by normal humans)
Ion - Fires an Electron arc similar to Lightning weapons, however without the deadly amps. Ion weapons do subdual damage to robots, androids, and shuts down other electronic devices that fail a save.

dmg crit range ammo wgt reliability conceal avail cost
Bolt Pistol d6 19x2 10
Bolt Comp d8 19x2 20
Bolt Carb 2d6+1 19x2 20
Bolt Rifle 2d6 19x2 30
Needler d4 19x2 5
Heavy Bolter 3d6 19x2 100
Shot Needler 3d4 blast 19x2 5
Gyro Pistol d10 x3 10
Gyro Comp d12 x3 20
Gyro Carb 2d10+1 x3 20
Gyro Rifle 2d10 x3 30
Wrist Rocket d8 x3 2
Rocket Launcher 10d6 blast x3 1
Auto Pistol d8 x3 15
Revolver d8 x3 6
SMG d10 x3 30
Carbine 2d8+1 x3 30
Rifle 2d8 x3 40
Machine Gun 3d8 x3 100
Derringer d6 x3 2
Shotgun Slug 3d6 x3 5
Shotgun Shot 3d6 blast x3 5
Grenade Launch. 5d6 blast x3 1
Flame Thrower 5d6 cone - 5
Plasma Thrower 10d8 blast - 1

Smart Shells, Explosive, Armor Piercing, Dart, Rubber, Incendiary, Corrosive, Shield Piercing, Smoke, Chafe, Aerosol, Dazzle, Concussion, High Velocity

Rare weapons

dmg crit range ammo wgt reliability conceal avail cost
Plasma Pistol d10 19x2 10
Plasma Rifle 2d10 19x2 20
Plasma Cannon 3d10 19x2 30
Anti Pistol 3d8 x2 5
Anti Rifle 6d8 x2 10
Anti Cannon 9d8 x2 20
Mass Pistol d10 x3 10
Mass Rifle 2d10 x3 20
Mass Cannon 3d10 x3 30
Death Ray Death Fort 15 19 Fort 20 5
Heat Ray 5d8 Cone - 5
Freeze Ray 5d8 Cone -

Death Rays and Heat Transferal Arrays are notorious weapons of the Martians. The Transferal Array instantaneously removes heat energy, creating a cone of near Kelvin and blasts the heat energy out in a heat attack. Because the weapon fires from both ends it is very difficult to use safely. Death Ray wielders must make a dc 15 fort save whenever they roll a 1 on an attack roll or loose d6 con permanently, unless they are wearing specific protective shielding. Targets struck by the Death Ray but making their saving throw instead take a d6 temporary con loss, 2d6 on a crit.

Modifications - 
Scopes- Normal Scope +2 to hit over 5 increments (overrides Improved Sight), IR/FIR/UV, FoF targeting acquisition computer
Under-barrel Mounts- Sonic Stunner, Micro Launcher, Stabilizers (+1 to hit after 1st hit), Bayonet Mount
Weapon Mods - Improved Grip +1 to hit, Improved Sight +1 to hit under 5 increments, Long Barrel +10 to range increments, Improved Barrel +1 to hit, Improved Trigger +1 to hit
Clips - Banana Clip, Drum, Belt, Belt Pack, Power Pack, Generator
Ammo Mods - +1 damage, +2 damage, +3 damage, +4 damage, +5 damage

Firing Options -
Single Shot - Allows 1 shot per attack. You may benefit from the use of scopes, and sights.
Quick Shot - Allows 2 shots per attack. You do NOT gain the benefit of scopes or sights.
Burst - You may fire 1 burst per attack. A burst is a blast attack with a 5' diameter. Expends 1 shell per target in blast radius +2.
Auto - Auto fire is a full round action. An Auto fire attack is a blast attack with a 10' diameter. Damage is x1+(1 per attack). Expends 1(+1 per attack) shells per target in Blast Radius +4.