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Your weapon choices:
10 Bolt Pistols - The Bolt Pistol is a standard sidearm for a scout, it is quite acceptable to take one bolt pistol along with any other weapon, or two bolt pistols if you take no other weapon, barring your knife of course. Bolters are actually gyrojet weapons, they spit out a bullet sized rocket that, once it exits the barrel, ignites and and propels itself towards it's target. This means that despite the caliber of the shell, which is usually .75 for a marines bolter, sometimes only .50 for standard bolters, it has surprisingly little kick. Bolter ammunition is caseless and each round has a shaped explosive warhead laced with synthetic diamond to produce terrible wounds that will lay almost anything low. There are also many other types of Bolter munitions, such as Hellfire, which releases an explosive, burning blast of promethium, Kraken Penetrator, which releases a tiny fusion implosion on impact to make a mockery of almost any armor, Diviner rounds which can track their targets and adjust their own course, and Stealth rounds which make almost no noise in flight. Clips: Bolter (100), Krak (0), Hellfire (0), Diviner (0), Stealth (20)

10 Bolters - The Bolter is a longer two handed version of the Bolt Pistol, it is the standard weapon of a full blooded Space Marine. It's main advantage over the pistol is it's longer range and ability to accept underbarrel additions, such as a micro-grenade launcher (0), a mini-flame thrower (0), a fusion cutter (0), or most commonly, a bayonet. Clips: Bolter (100), Krak (0), Hellfire (0), Diviner (0), Stealth (20)

10 Sniper Rifles - A commonly used scout weapon. The sniper rifle is a needler, it uses magnets to propel a stream of poisoned needles and deadly velocities.  It has a fairly long range, but not much stopping power so it is little use in a close up fight. Clips: (100)

10 Shotguns - Scouts sometimes use a low gauge burst capable shotgun. These weapons are most effective in confined areas like tunnels, or halls where the shot spread can devastate clusters of enemy, or dense plant growth where it is difficult to see the enemy. Drums: (50)

Heavy weapons, only one scout may take one of the following:
1 Heavy Bolter - A massive version of the bolter with full auto capability. Clips (20)
1 Missile Launcher - A simple rocket weapon that can propel a number of different munitions such as a fragmentation (20), a kraken (10), or 'krak' as it is commonly called, smoke (10), defoliation (10), hellfire (5) or plasma missile (0).
1 Auto Cannon - A weapon of ancient design that fires simple slugs quite capable of penetration heavy armor. Clips (20)

Assault weapons, only one scout may take one of the following:
1 Flame Thrower - The flame thrower uses a mixture of Promethium, the standard Imperial fuel source, and a sticky, liquid to spout an arc of fire that cannot be easily doused. The flame thrower is most useful in clearing enemy bunkers or trenches. Tanks (10)
1 Melta Gun - A melta weapon utilizes a shaped fusion blast to cut through enemy armor...or anything else for that matter. Clips (20)
1 Plasma Gun - Plasma guns are weapons from the golden age of technology, they are quite difficult to maintain, use properly, and even harder to replicate. Over centuries of use many of these weapons have become quite temperamental. Because of their ancient histories plasma guns are well honored weapons and loosing one in battle would bring shame to the marine that lost it. How exactly these weapons work isn't common knowledge but for the most part it is suspected that a base matter is super heated inside the weapons anti-gravity chamber until it reaches star like temperature and then propelled outward. Clips (10)
1 Grenade Launcher - The grenade launcher fires microgrenades as one might expect. It has a longer range and a greater ammo capacity than an under barrel launcher. It may fire frag (20), krak (10), smoke (10), defoliation (10) hellfire (5), or plasma grenades (0).

Grenades - You are each equipped with a micro grenade dispenser, it holds up to 10 frag (100), krak (50), smoke (50), defoliation (50), Hellfire (25), or plasma grenades (0) in any order.

Melta-Bombs (5) - Using a powerful shaped fusion blast, a properly placed melta bomb can destroy just about any tank or barrier.

Auspex (1) - Divines the positions of enemies and possible traps.

Communicator headsets (10) Allows you to stay in radio contact of your squad, range is good up to 10 km. Allows for subvocal messaging.

Scouts kitted out for close combat:

image borrowed from GW.

This is a tentative list of weapons and damage ratings. Ranges to come soon:

Stub Gun 1M semi-auto
Auto Pistol 1M semi-auto
Auto Rifle 1M semi-auto
Sniper Rifle 1M semi-auto
SMG 1M semi-auto
Shotgun 1M+2 single shot
Auto Shotgun 1M+2 semi-auto
Heavy Stubber 2M full-auto
Assault Cannon 2M+2 full-auto only overheat
Auto Cannon 2M+4 semi-auto
Laser Pistol 1M semi-auto
Laser Rifle 1M semi-auto
Laser Assault Gun 1M full-auto
Laser Sniper Rifle 1M semi-auto
Multi-Laser 2M full auto
Laser Cannon 3M single shot
Blaster Pistol 1M+2 semi-auto
Blaster Rifle 1M+2 semi-auto
Blaster Sniper Rifle 1M+2 semi-auto
Blaster Assault Gun 1M+2 full-auto
Bolt Pistol 1M+4 semi-auto
Bolter 1M+4 semi-auto
Bolter Sniper Rifle 1M+4 semi-auto
Storm Bolter 1M+4 full-auto
Heavy Bolter 2M+4 full-auto
Plasma Pistol 1M+6 semi-auto overheat
Plasma Rifle 1M+6 semi-auto overheat
Plasma Cannon 2M+6 full-auto overheat
Melta 1M+8 single shot
Multi-Melta 2M+8 single shot
Hand Flamer 1M+4 single shot
Flamer 1M+4 single shot
Heavy Flamer 2M+4 single shot
Frag Missile 1M+4
Krak Missile 2M+4
Plasma Missile 1M+6
Incendiary Missile 1M+4
Smoke/Defoliation Missile 1M
Frag Grenade 1M+2
Krak Grenade 2M+2
Plasma Grenade 1M+4
Incendiary Grenade 1M+2
Smoke/Defoliation Grenade 1M-2
overheat - a weapon that is susceptible to overheating will do so on a roll of 2 (the weapon still fires). On the next round you may choose not to fire and let your weapon cool down. If you do so, the weapon is fine and may be fired normally in subsequent rounds. However you may choose to fire an overheated weapon anyway. It fires normally, but then it may not be fired again until someone with the tek skill repairs i