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Pulp Science-Fiction

The Sol System, 500 years in the future. Mankind has set out on his journey to the stars and he has found that he is not alone. Early scientific predictions that life developing on other planets to be highly improbable have been proven to be hogwash, the galaxy is teeming with all manner of Alien life both intelligent and otherwise.

Classes: Fighter, Rogue, Scout, Pilot, Engineer, Medic, Scientist, Monk, Barbarian, Psion
NPC Classes: Warrior, Specialist, Worker, Aristocrat

Career Descriptions:

Fighter: All manners of Fighters exist in the hostile future, Soldiers, Pirates, Pol Force assault teams, Bounty Hunters, Mercenaries, Hired Killers, etc. 
Fighters have the same Base Attack, HD, and Saves as the normal Fighter in the PHB, they also gain free feats as the PHB Fighter does but the list he can choose from is modified. Fighters get the Improved Unarmed Combat feat at 1st level. 
Career Skills: Athletics, Battle, Demolitions, Zero G, Sneak, Notice, Repair Weapon, Rocket Belt, Intimidate, Pilot Battle Suit
Skill Points: 4+Int mod x 4 starting, and 4+Int mod for every level thereafter.

Rogue: The future is just as full of unsavory characters as any age, from Politicians, to Detectives, Information Brokers, Spies, Claim Jumpers, Fences, Con artists, plain old fashioned Thieves and the list goes on. Rogues have the same Base Attack, HD, and Saves as a normal Rogue from the PHB, they receive normal Rogue special abilities per level but may trade any of them for a feat or 8 skill points (may be spent on career or general skills) if the special ability does not match the Rogues character concept. Rogues choose 8 career skills to receive a +2 bonus to skill tests.
Career Skills: Appraise, Acrobatics, Athletics, Bluff, Bypass Security, Decipher Script, Diplomacy, Disable Device, Disguise, Escape Artist, Forgery, Gamming, Gather Info, Innuendo, Intimidate, Intuit Direction, Notice, Open Lock, Pick Pockets, Sneak, Read Lips, Search, Sense Motive, Use Rope
Skill Points: 8+Int mod x 4 starting, and 8+Int mod for every level thereafter.

Pilot: Pilots fly and drive stuff. Duh. Same Base Attack, HD, and Saves as a Rogue. Pilots get +2 to any drive or pilot skill test. Pilots +1 to their charisma every 3rd level.
Career Skills - Drive jet car, Drive ground car, Drive Motorcycle, Drive Heavy Ground Vehicle, Zero G, Notice, Pilot Fixed Wing, Pilot Rotor wing, Pilot Star Fighter, Pilot Star Ship, Pilot Capitol Ship, Pilot Naval Ship, Pilot Submersible, Pilot Walker, Rocket Belt,  Astrogation (requires Astronomy 4, Math 4), Astronomy, Math, Sensor Op, Comm Op, Navigation
Skill Points: 6+Int mod x 4 starting, and 6+Int mod every level thereafter.

Scout: Scouts are tough, often loners usually existing on the fringe of civilization. Scouts have the same Base Attack, HD, and saves as a PHB Ranger. They receive the feats Tracking, and either (Ambidexterity, and Two Gun Fighting, or Two Weapon Fighting), (Point Blank Shot and Precise Shot), or (Dodge and Mobility) at 1st level. Scouts get a +1 to six career skill tests starting at 1st and then going up +1 every odd level thereafter (Pick at first level. He must have at least 1 rank in a particular skill to receive this bonus to it). Scouts get Favored Enemy as a normal Ranger would to reflect his studies of particular cultures. Scouts do not get Ranger Spells, duh.
Career Skills - Animal Riding, Animal Empathy, Handle Animal, Athletics, Sneak, Notice, Planetary Survival (choose planet), Planetology (choose Planet), Search, Profession (Mining), Profession (Surveying), Science (Anthropology), Science (Archaeology), Science (Geology), Science (Biology), Language
Skill Points: 6+Int mod x 4 starting, and 6+Int mod every level thereafter.

Scientist: Scientists are blah blah genius. Blah Blah mad. Blah Blah You'll Be Sorry! Blah Blah World Domination!!! Base Attack, HD and Saves of a PHB Wizard. Scientists choose 6 career skills to receive a +2 bonus to skill tests. Scientists receive a Skill Focus, or Item Creation feat every 3 levels starting at 1st, they must meet Item Creation requirements.
Career Skills - Notice, Jury Rig, Astronomy, Biology, Botany, Chemistry, Cryptography, Engineering, Economics, Geology, History, Library Search, Literature, Math, Memorize, Metallurgy, Physics, Programming, Hypnosis, Psychoanalysis, Planetology, Archaeology, Anthropology
Skill Points: 6+Int mod x 4 starting, and 6+Int mod every level thereafter.



Acrobatics includes Tumbling and Balance
Notice includes Listen and Spot
Sneak includes Move Silently and Hide
Athletics includes Swim, Climb, and Jump

General Skills: Any character may put ranks into general skills as if they were a Career Skill.
Craft, Profession, Art, Perform, Cook, Knowledge (General)

Skill List:
Str- Athletics
Con- Endurance, Concentration

Human- Standard run of the mill Human, may be Cyberenhanced, or Genetailored.
Martian- Standard little green men, bug eyes, antenna. Martians usually hate Humans and Venusians. They are arrogant to a fault. Very intelligent, but not physically powerful. 
Venusian- A race of hot red, green, and blue skinned Amazon babes. Venusians have had a long rivalry with the Martians which culminated in the Mars Earth war. The Venusians aid to the Earthers decided the Humans victory and the Martians won't soon forget it.
Mercutian- Golden and Silver skinned winged humanoids. Mercutians are haughty as they are flighty, they love politics, art and gaudy displays of their wealth, like plating their ships with gold and jewels.
Belter- The last survivors of the world the Martians destroyed. Belters hate the Martians and quickly joined the Earthers in their war against the Martians. Belters look like taller skinnier versions of Martians with grey skin.
Jovian- Copper skinned humanoids 
Saturnian- Great farmers and statesmen, the Saturnians have built a number of small 'planetoids' in the planets atmosphere which are technological wonders.
Neptunian- A bunch of Fish men dwelling in the icy waters of Neptune.
Uranian- A race of Hawk men who dwell on floating bits of rock in the sea of Uranus' atmosphere.
Plutonian- Greedy Guys Charon 
Biogene- An engineered lifeform, human with animal traits.
Mutant- Descendants of Terrans that have mutated due to centuries of exposure to radiation or alien conditions.
Digital Personality- Either an AI or the electronically recorded knowledge and thought patterns of a once living being which inhabit the electronic world, or an Android body.