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Modifications for Phantasy Star D&D

New Attribute: Tech. Tech is an aggregate of wisdom and intelligence in concern to how well your character can interact with high tech devices. It also reflects that some people have a knack with machines or are confounded by them above and beyond what their intelligence and wisdom might suggest.

Fighters are referred to as 'Hunters'.
Rangers are slightly modified.
Paladins are referred to as 'Guardians' and are slightly modified.
Spell casters are known as 'Force Users', there are no Wizards, only Sorcerers, Priests (Healers), and Druids.
Priests are referred to as 'Medics' and are highly modified.
Engineer is a new class proficient with making, repairing and maintaining high tech weapons and equipment.
Pilot is a new class proficient in flying, driving, or piloting vehicles.
Agent is a lawful rogue class.
Scientist is a new class of inventors specializing in biology, botany, robotics, cybernetics, programming, etc.

New Feats: All classes begin with small arms proficiency. Rangers begin with fire arms proficiency as well. Pilots begin with ship weapons proficiency.
Anyone may take the enemy feat rangers have, as per the Forgotten Realms book.

Races: personality, physical description, relations, alignment, lands, religion, language, names, adventures, racial traits
Palman- Humans native to the Algo star system.  Their home world, Palma, was destroyed and now the bulk of them live on Mota.
Motavian- Furry, bipedal marsupials that are native to the jungles of Mota.
Desolian- Tall, pale gaunt humanoids that live on the  ice world of Deso, thought to not be native.
Neihuman- Descendants of Palmans and animals who have been heavily gene altered over generations.
Android/Robot- Cybernetic life forms or Robotic AI's created by Palman Scientists

Motan or Motavian
Medium Size, Move 30
Motans are nocturnal, they have night vision but suffer penalties (-1 to hit, AC, reflex saves, -2 to any sight based skill check) during the day unless they wear protective goggles. Motans as scavengers have a heightened sense of smell, this allows them to take the scent ability described in the MM as a feat. Motans have a prehensile tale used to aid in climbing, it gives them a +2 racial bonus. Motans have long adapted to the harsh climate of Mota beyond the protection of the Weather Generators, they have resist heat 5 which protects them from sunstroke, and can go up to 6 days without water before beginning to suffering from dehydration.  Motans have soft padded feet which give them a +2 racial bonus to moving silently. Motans have a long sticky tongue (3') used to catch bugs with, however can also be used to pick up small objects just out of reach. +2 str, dex, or con, -2 int, wis, or cha

Desol or Desolian
Medium Size, Move 30
Desols are adjusted to a life underground, they only see in darkvision (unlimited under light, 120' w/out light) they cannot see in the color spectrum w/out the aid of special augmenting goggles or lenses.  Desols fine eyesight gives them a +2 search and spot racial bonus and lets them automatically search for secret doors and damage. Desols are technically advanced creatures and their long digits and steady hands are perfect for doing precision work, they receive a +2 racial bonus to craft and repair skills. Desols have long grown used to the icy climate on the surface of Desol they have Resist Cold 5 which protects them from frostbite in all but the worst weather. Desols have evolved a greater metabolism through meditation, they may choose to meditate for four hours and still receive a full nights rest. +2 int, wis or char; -2 str, dex, or con

Neihumans are different and varied, they are however rare when compared to the human populace. To create your Neihuman or Newman, pick an animal. Take a statistic bonus of +2 to one attribute and -2 to another attribute, or two +2 bonuses and two -2 penalties, or a +4 bonus and a -4 penalty or two -2 penalties. Then take two special abilities that you might think your animal would possess and one special penalty. Special abilities might include but aren't limited to: low light vision, dark sense, sonar, scent, ambidexterity, heightened vision or hearing, +2 racial bonuses to skills, enhanced saving throw (+2), claws and fangs, a useful tail (balance, climb bonus or attack), wings (takes 2 slots), large creature, etc. DM's approval. Special Penalties might include but aren't limited to: small creature, nocturnal, exotic appearance, special diet, save penalty, short lifespan, etc. not necessarily anything debilitating. Some Palamans, Motavians and Desolians still equate neohumans with biohazards even to this day there is still some discrimination, though it isn't as prevalent as it once was.

Androids are robots built to look like palmans. Androids are different according  to what their design purpose was. Take a statistic bonus of +2 to one attribute and -2 to another attribute, or two +2 bonuses and two -2 penalties. Androids may take 2 special abilities, which might include but are not limited to: low light vision, dark vision, radar, heightened vision or hearing, +2 racial bonuses to skills, enhanced saving throw (+2), ambidexterity, enhanced natural ac +2 (+2 pac), the ability to take a single level in another class, etc. Ask DM
As robots androids enjoy a few benefits and penalties: They do not have to eat or breathe and never get tired or sleepy. Robots have no constitutions score and thus are immune to fortitude saves unless it is a save that would normally effect inanimate objects. Robots are immune to bonus to save versus normal enchantments and mind effecting spells. Robots don't heal and aren't effected by any healing spells, though spells that mend inanimate objects can heal them.  Damaged Robots must be repaired, though every Robot comes with a self repair facility that can release repair nanites roughly every 24 hours, these repair damage equal to the robots level. Robots must enter shut down mode for 4 hours after 40 hours of operation, this can be overridden for 1 hour in an emergency. Robots in shutdown will not reactivate until the allotted 4 hours unless reactivated by an external source or unless they are equipped with a special proximity sensor that will reactivate them if an unknown comes near. Robots do not suffer from death via massive damage, however any hit that would require a normal creature to make a death save can temporarily shut down a robot if it fails a Will save. Robots shut down in this fashion may attempt to react  themselves on auxiliary power, while in auxiliary mode they are treated as half their normal level until they can reach a photon power source to recharge. Robots that are knocked down to 0 hp also shutdown, but may reactivate as above, in auxiliary mode the Robot may fight on to -9 hp, at reaching -10 the robot is completely dismantled. A dismantled Robot may be repaired but its memory will be wiped starting it over at 1st level, though special computers can store a copy of the Robots mentality and restore it at 1 level less. A Robot is built for one purpose, when you pick your robots class he is stuck with it permanently. He may only change classes if his memory is wiped, which drops him to 1st level. Robots don't age, but cease to function after 1,000 years, an ancient Robot may not be reactivated in any way. Androids always have d10 hit dice. Androids may not be barbarians or Force Users of any sort. Androids can't wear armor but have a +2 natural armor bonus which counts against photon weapons. Androids have resist fire/heat 5, resist cold 5. Electrical attacks can stun a robot leaving it only capable of partial actions for d6 turns, it may make a will save to compensate for the overload and only be stunned for 1 turn. Note that Robots and Androids that take a class that gives them abilities that would be useless to a robot (like spell casting abilities) may take another ability instead. Ask you DM.

Robots are artificially intelligent machines in the case of pc's these must be capable of self propulsion and manipulating tools (though some robots are not). Take a statistic bonus of +2 to one attribute and -2 to another attribute, or two +2 bonuses and two -2 penalties, or +4 to one attribute and either two -2's, or -4 to another attribute. Robots may take 2 special abilities, which might include but are not limited to: low light vision, dark vision, radar, scent, heightened vision or hearing, +2 racial bonuses to skills, enhanced saving throw (+2),  ambidexterity, large size, enhanced natural AC +2 (+2pac), etc. Ask DM
Robots enjoy the same benefits and penalties described under Androids, however Robots always have a d12 hit dice. Robots always suffer a -2 penalty to social interactions with not robotics.  Robots may not be barbarians or force users of any sort. Robots can't wear armor but have a +4 natural armor bonus which also count against photon weapons.

Hunters - Unlike other realms were fighters have no bonds between their various groups, Hunters all belong to a single organization dedicated to keeping the civilizations of Mota and Deso from being over run by biohazards and the forces of the Eternal Darkness. Fighters who are not of the Hunters Guild are merely Warriors.

Ranger - Rangers in the Phantasy Star world are specialists in ranged combat. Rangers are an extension of the Hunters Guild, they are members that are always in the field and act as the eyes and ears of the Guild. Rangers are otherwise normal rangers, even gaining spell casting abilities as normal.
1 Tracking, Weapon Proficiency (Missile Weapon), Point Blank Shot 
2+1 to hit or dmg to a proficient missile weapon
4 Gift of Nature
6+1 to hit or dmg to a proficient missile weapon
8 Gift of Nature
10+1 to hit or dmg to a proficient missile weapon
12 Gift of Nature
14+1 to hit or dmg to a proficient missile weapon
16 Gift of Nature
18 +1 to hit  or dmg to a proficient missile weapon
20 Gift of Nature

Every 4 levels the Ranger may choose a gift of nature from the following list: Cats Paws +2 to hide & move silently in wilderness (light armor only), Raptor eyes +2 spot & search rolls, auto roll to search for hidden doors, Wolf scent +4 to tracking rolls if target has scent, Wolf ears +4 listen checks, Cats Reflexes - Uncanny Dodge (AC bonus when flatfooted) in wilderness (light armor only).
Rangers still receive the Tracking feat for free, but do not get the ambidexterity and two weapon fighting feats. Instead they receive weapon proficiency with a missile weapon and point blank shot for free at 1st level.
Rangers may not choose the same bonus with proficient missile weapons consecutively. (If you choose +1 dmg at lvl 2 you must choose +1 to hit at lvl 6)

Guardians are protectors and defenders, they typically pick one city or institution to defend. Guardians only leave their protectorate to quest for something that would help the people they hold dear. Guardians must pick a person, a place, or a group to defend. The guardian may use his smite against anything that might threaten this, not only evil creatures. If his protectorate is ever killed or destroyed, he becomes an ex-guardian until he atones and finds a new protectorate.

Force User - Force Users may pick a sphere as a domain by excluding another sphere. Necromancy is not an option to Force Users, nor are Shadow spells.

Druids - Druids from Mota are known as Dune Druids, Druids from Deso are called Ice Druids.

Medic - Medics use a Rogues base attack, hit dice, and saves. Medics are taught the use of the medigard, a powerful medical device that is worn as an arm guard. The biogard cultivates colonies of medical nanobots that can be discharged via touch into a patient to quickly repair wounds. The medic may use any of his special abilities without the use of the biogard, but more time and medical resources would be needed.
1 extra feat: Treat Minor wounds, Diagnose, access to Life Suspension and Treat Stun/Paralysis feats.
2 extra feat - Treat Poisoning
3 extra feat - Treat Disease
4 extra feat - Treat Serious Wounds
6 extra feat - Treat Critical Wounds
9 access to Gene Therapy feat
12 access to Cloning feat
4 skills per level
In class skills: First aid, knowledge: Biology, knowledge: pharmaceuticals, chemistry, uh some other stuff too.

Engineer - Engineers use a Clerics base attack, hit dice, but a rogues saves. Engineers are equipped with a device known as a mechagard. This computer worn on the forearm cultivates a colony of engineer nanites which can be released into a machine via touch to accelerate repair. An Engineer may still make repairs without his mechagard, but it will take longer and more supplies.
Engineers receive the Jury Rig feat for free at 1st level. Every 4 levels the engineer gets a free repair class feat including 1st. The Engineer is assumed to have weapon focus with any of his tools (and only his tools) and may use a heavier tool as a club in desperate situations. Skills as rogue
In class skills: repair computer, electrical, life support, mechanical, photon engine, hull, weapon, ship weapon, sensors operation, comms operation, programming, knowledge: Math, Physics, maneuver in 0G, kno: Machine Lore

Scientist - Scientists use a Wizards base attack, hit dice, and saves.
Biomancer, equipped with a Biogard, can control and create biohazards. Biomancers are treated as Medics at half level. Cybermancer, equipped with a Cybergard can control and create androids, robots and interact with computers. Cybermancers are treated as Engineers at half level. Scientists receive an extra skill point every level for sciences and knowledges. Gets skills as Rogue. Biomancers receive a Biohazard or Neihuman cohort at 7th level, Cybermancers receive an android or robot cohort at 7th level. Gets skills as Rogues
In class skills: any knowledge, any repair, first aid, 

Money: 1 Meseta equals 1 Silver. No other currency exists beyond trade goods. The Meseta is a small flat disc made of titanium, with a print of the current or previous governors on one side, and a stylized picture of the three planets orbiting Algo, or a print of the governors palace. Any thing that would cost less than a silver costs a single Meseta.

Algoans for the most part use similar armor made of two parts, a form fitting body suit that resists photon weapons, and a shell of harder material protecting vital areas from physical damage. Only barbarian motans and other uncivilized creatures use regular armor from the PHB.
P-Suit +0 Ac, +2 Ac vs photon weapons
Hunter P-Suit +1 Ac, +4 Ac vs photon weapons 
Plastic - basic +1. Titanium +2 AC, Ceramic - resistant to heat and fire +2. Ruby (Sun Stone) - +3 Protection, resists cold and ice damage, Lapis (Moon Silver) - resists sonic and wave attacks +4. Diamond - +5 protection, resistant to laser and energy weapons. Laconium - +6 protection - resistant to all attacks.
Vest +1(light), half suit +2 (medium), full suit +3 (medium), heavy suit +4 (heavy)

Ablative coated- Lasers and energy weapons ignore half your armor bonus unless your armor is Ablative coated, barring Diamond and Laconium Armor.
Sonic Damper - worn on a power belt or shield, this device dampens the effect of sonic and wave attacks, which otherwise ignore half your armor bonus, barring Lapis and Laconium armor. Sonic Dampers make a humming noise that makes it impossible to move quietly in. May not be used with a mag or photon shield.
Reactive plating - dampens the effect of physical attacks (melee, projectiles). On the first hit you ignore an amount of damage equal to the plating's rating, but take a minimum of 1 pt. Subtract 1 from the plating's rating after every successful physical attack. Reactive plating my be put on a shield, however this does not help the shield wielder unless an attacker tries to sunder or otherwise damage his shield directly.
Magshield - worn on a power belt or shield, it produces a powerful magnetic field that can alter the course of metal projectiles and scramble the targeting computers of smart missiles. Metal projectiles have a -2 to hit, smart projectiles shoot off trajectory (typically straight up) 50% of the time and still have the -2 penalty to hit even if their computers don't short. Metal weapons have a -1 penalty to hit in melee. Laconium is not magnetic and ignores the magshield. Advanced electronic equipment can't be used while the Magshield is in use, unless they are protected. May not be used with a Photon shield.
Photon Shield - worn on a power belt or shield, it produces an anti photon shield the helps fend of photon attacks. There is a +1 version and a +2 version. may not be used with a magshield or sonic damper.

new skills
Dex- Drive: Ground Car, Heavy Ground Vehicle, gravcar, gravcycle, maneuver  0G, Pilot Fixed Wing, Rocket, Rotor Wing, Ship/Sub, Use Rocket belt
Tech- Bypass Security, Communications Operation, Demolitions, first aid may default to Tech, open lock may default to Tech, repair computer, electrical, life support, mechanical, photon engine, hull, weapon, ship weapon, sensors operation
Int- Astrogation, Programming, Navigation, Library Search; Knowledges: Battle Tactics, Biology, Botany, chemistry, cryptology, economics, general, geology, literature, math, metalurgy, history, law, physics, planetology, ship lore
Cha- Hypnosis
Wis- Read Lips, Shadowing

Photon Guns      all are x3
Small Pistol d6, 500 Meseta  50'
Heavy Pistol d8, 600 M 100'
Blaster Pistol d10 700 M 80'
Mech Gun d4, 800 M 1 extra shot/turn. 120"
Rifle d10, 900 M 250'
Blaster Rifle d 12 800 M 225'
Sniper Rifle d12 1000 M 300'
Shot d12, 800 M blast 5' in diameter, damage decreases by 1 die per two range increments. One target is struck per hit, those caught in blast may save for half 20'
Heavy Shot d 12, 1000 M 10' blast or 5' blast w/2d8 damage,  damage decreases by 1 die per two range increments. One target is struck per hit, those caught in blast may save for half 15'
Grenade Launcher 5,000 M 30'
Rocket Launcher 10,000 M 200'
Grenade  750 Dumb 500 3d6 blast 10'
Rocket 1500 Dumb 1000 6d6 blast 20'

Photon guns may be fired once per attack the wielder would normally have. +1 for mech guns. Grenade Launchers and Rocket launchers may only be fires once per turn.

Photon Melee + Missile Weapons
+500 M, the weapon is treated as a brilliant energy weapon. Photon weapons do effect robots as it interferes with their photon circuitry.
Photon Arrows/Quarrels are +50 M. Explosive Photon Arrow/Quarrels are + 500 M.

Slicer - Exotic Weapon feat. This thrown boomerang like weapon can be used to strike 1 target in range for every attack the weilder can normally make for d6 dmg with half str bonus. A successful reflex save (10) allows the user to catch the Slicer on its return. The slicer may be used as a dagger in close combat with a -1 attack penalty.

Other guns
Motan Rock Rifle - An air pump weapon sometimes used by motan nomads for hunting when they don't have access to photon guns. d8 400M jams on a 1.
Dart Pistol -  Dart weapons were used by palmans before photon weapons and are sometimes still seen. d4 200M
Dart Rifle- d6 300M

P-Suit 150 M +2 PAC 4 lbs
Hunter P-Suit 500 M +1 AC, +4 PAC     mx dex 8 5% asf

Armor Shells - base model is plastic.
vest - light - 100 M +1 mx dex 6, 10%asf
half-suit - 200 M +2 mx dex 4, 20%asf
full-suit - 500 M +3 mx dex 2, 30% asf
heavy suit - 1000 M +4 mx dex 1, 40% asf

normal price, made of plastic.
Photon Shield - A bracer worn on the off hand, or an attachment placed on a shield. +1PAC 200 M, +2 PAC 500M
Mag Shield - A bracer worn on the off hand, or an attachment placed on a shield. +2 AC vs metal missile weapons, +1 AC vs metal weapons. (Laconium is not magnetic)
    50% to malfunction 'smart' weapons causing them to miss completely. 200M
Sonic Shield - A bracer worn on the off hand, or an attachment placed on a shield. 5 resist sonic attacks +2 to move silently. 100M
*no more than one energy shield may be worn at a time.

Ceramic 300 M +1 resist heat/fire 5
Ruby 600 M +2 resist cold 5
Titanium 900 M +3 +1 mx dex (armor only)
Lapis 1,500 M +4 resist sonic/wave 5
Laconium 5,000 M +5 resist all energy attacks 5, retains bonus vs. photon weapons. +1 mx dex (armor only)

Robot Armor Upgrades
+2 AC (+2pac) 500M
+4 AC (+4pac) 1000M

armor accessories
Ablative coat - Allows you to use your normal AC against beam/wave attacks. double price of armor.
Reactive plating - Resists kinetic damage, -1 per level of plating. Level of plating drops one after each damaging hit. 100M per level.
    mx. level: vest 2, half suit 4, full suit 6, heavy suit 8
Environmental Seal - 200M A helmet must be worn with a P-Suit. The character is for the most part protected from his environment giving him a 10 resistance to heat, cold, protection form vacuum (though u can't breathe w/out an air tank) and immunity to gas attacks.
Air Tank - 100M used with the Environmentally Sealed armor the character can survive for an hour in vacuum. A character may use an air tank without a sealed suit underwater.
gas mask - 50M gives immunity to gas attacks, though some gasses are caustic which will require a sealed suit to grant immunity from.
protective goggles - 50M gives immunity to flash blinding. may be built into gas masks, headgear or helmets.

Cool gear
Photon Power Cell 100 M - typically worn on belt or webgear, transmits energy through your P-suit to power photon gear indefinitely.
Photon Lamp - produces light 30' radius 15 M
Photon Flash - produces light in cone, 60' 10 M
Photon Firestarter - 5 M
Photon Flaregun 100M - Photon Flare 20 M
P Rations - self heating sealed canister 10 M
Monomite 3d6 10' 500, Dimite 5d6  20' 3000 Trimite  30' 7d6 7,500 - because photon blasts do no damage to walls, Mite is still used for demolition purposes.
Monomate heals d8+1 500, Dimate 2d8+2 3000, Trimate 3d8+3 7,500
Monocyber repairs d8+1 500, Dicyber 2d8+2 3000, Tricyber 3d8+3 7,500 for machines and robots.
Monofluid brings back 1 cast spell level 750, Difluid brings back 2 cast spell levels 4,000, Trifluid brings back 3 cast spell levels 8,500
Telepipe 5,000 M, opens dimensional rift to instantly transport users to a location where it's telebeacon was left. Stays open for 10 turns, can be set to close after a telekey passes through.
grapple gun 100M
webgear 10M
holo gear - computer/communicator, typically a household appliance. 500M
Short Rang Comm - 50M
Long Range Comm - 200M
data stylus - small flat computer 100M

car - ground 2000M, grav 5000M hard points 2, ac/pac 12, military AC/PAC 16 +1000M
motorcycle- 1000M, gravcycle 2500M hard points 1, ac/pac 12, military AC/PAC 16 +750M
truck - ground 3000M, grav 7000M hard points 3, ac/pac 13, military AC/PAC 17 +1500M
land rover ATV - 10000M favored hunter vehicle hard points 3, ac/pac 14, military AC/PAC 18 +2000M
battle tank - 50000M photon cannon in turret, 2 hard points, ac/pac 18

prestige classes
Pilots - Pilots use a Rogues base attack, hit dice, and saves. Pilots are equipped  with a device called a pilotarm, a gauntlet which allows them to cybernetically connect with any vehicle. A pilot can still attempt to control a vehicle without the pilotarm, but reflex time goes down and additional crew might be needed.
Pilots receive a free Pilot/Drive feat for free at 1st level, and an additional one every 4 levels. Skills as rogue
In class skills: Drive: Ground Car, Heavy Ground Vehicle, gravcar, gravcycle, maneuver  0G, Pilot Fixed Wing, Rocket, Rotor Wing, Ship/Sub, Use Rocket belt, astrogation, navigation, Know: Ship Lore

Agent - Agents use a Rogues base attack, hit dice, and saves. Agents work for the Governor, acting as spies, heralds, and trouble shooters.  Enemies of the State: Deso Directorate - Made up of Deso dissidents also known as Marauders who wish to take control of Deso. Motavian barbarians - There are still untamed tribes of Motavians in the deep jungles and deep deserts of Mota. They are not highly coordinated however so their attacks are mostly only an annoyance. Numerous greedy and underhanded overlords, magistrates, constables, and pirates. The Spawn of the Eternal Darkness - The most deadly threat to Algo...and maybe even the entire Universe. Terrans - A race of humanoids very similar to Palmans, it is a little known fact that a group of Terrans were responsible for the destruction of Palma. Gets skills as Rogue
In class skills: + Bypass security, shadowing, read lips (Rogues too)

Desan - A great hero of the age, a member of of select few dedicated to defending Algo from the ravages of the Dark Force.

Healer- Healers are similar to clerics. They must be good, and they worship the Great Light with a focus on Algo the sun as their deity. They receive the Healing domain and one other domain. Death, and Evil Domains are not an option. Like the Desans, Healers are dedicated to battling the Dark Force for all eternity.

Musk Cat - friendly and intelligent, musk cats can learn to speak palman, and even fly at higher levels.
Nano Dragon - mean little lizards, nano dragons can fly and spit fire sparks at higher levels. They can learn to speak palman.
Glitter Fly - A smaller cousin of the dragon fly, glitter flies can fly quickly and dazzle opponents with shimmering colors.
Wind Drifter - A smaller cousin of the wind singer, drifters can communicate via telepathy and excrete a weak paralyzing poison.
Sand Crawler - A smaller cousin of the sand lion, a crawler can burrow quickly through earth and has a strong bite.
Ice Crawler - A smaller cousin of the ice worm, an ice crawler can melt through ice and has a burning bite. (desols only)
Nightwing - A nocturnal flying creature that tends to live in caves. Nightwings navigate via sonar, giving them and their master blind sight.
And normal familiars are allowed.