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Heartland Miniature Wargamers Society

Club Policies





Our club is geared towards gaming of all types. The most popular game system in the club right now is Warhammer 40K, but there are many more games being played such as Warhammer Fantasy Battles, Warhammer Panzer Battles WWII, Mordheim, Necrumunda, VOID, and WWII Skirmish. We also have many role-players within the club. We have groups playing 3rd Edition Dungeons and Dragons, Deadlands, 7 Seas, and Inquisitior. If there is a system not listed above that you want to try, bring it in and weíll try it out.


Club meetings:

We meet twice a month. The second Sunday and the fourth Sunday. The second Sunday is the Clubís official business meeting and the forth is a game day. There is usually a group of people at the club on the other weekends but if your not sure whatís going on, give Chad Underdonk a call. Business meetings are held at 1:00 PM, and all club members are encouraged to attend. If for some reason the meeting has to be rescheduled, the Vice President will notify all members at least two weeks in advance. Members will be notified of the topics to be discussed in the newsletter. If you want anything added to the agenda, submit it to the secretary at least two weeks in advance.



There is a monthly membership fee of $5.00. This money goes towards various funds throughout the club such as shipping charges and terrain. We also make special purchases for items that the club needs like an Air Conditioner unit. If you canít pay the dues for any reason, you need to discuss it with the club mediator.


Member Rights:

As a member of the club you can expect to have the following rights and benefits. You will have a say on any issues or decisions made by the club. You will be notified of any events that take place within the club. You will be allowed to play in any games at the club. You will get any discounts on orders made by the club. You will receive free shipping on orders placed by the club. You will be eligible for any benefits offered to club members (i.e. discounts, entries in tournaments, etc). And you will be allowed to run any game within the club. You can also expect to play in a clean environment with no unsportsmanlike behavior.


Game Sponsors:

Each game system that we play currently has a sponsor. This person is in charge of the promotion and if need be the recruitment of members for play. He keeps track of house rules for that system and coordinates tournaments, campaigns, and leagues. If you are interested in sponsoring a new game system or would like to help with one of the current games see Tom Wilson. The current game sponsors are:

Jeff Collins Warhammer 40K, Panzer Battles, RPWF

Bernie Babauta Mordheim, Necromunda

Robert Salsman 3rd Edition Dungeons and Dragons

Tom Wilson, Matt Sergeant Warhammer Fantasy Battles, Void

Matt Sergeant Deadlands, 7 Seas

Jeff Collins, Tom Wilson Inquisitor

Drinks and Refreshments:

There are drinks provided for a cost of Thirty Cents. The only request we have is that you dispose of your trash appropriately.



Gaming is a hobby that we as club members enjoy. We meet to play games and have fun. If we find that any member is being disruptive and generally making the day miserable for the other players then Bernie Babauta will take charge of the situation. Depending on the circumstances and the frequency of the problem, Bernie will make a decision to correct the situation. If the offense is serious or you have had previous complaints you may be asked to leave the club. If this happens you will not be given back any dues paid nor will you be allowed to rejoin the club at a later date.



The club has five officer positions: President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, and Mediator. Each position has duties and responsibilities that that member is expected to perform. The positions do not have a set term of office. The member will hold the office until he chooses to step down or another member wishes to do the job. If a member wants to fill a position that is currently filled the club will vote on who will have the job. The members that are currently filling the officer positions are:

Steve Druin President

Tom Wilson Vice President

Jeff Collins Treasurer

Jason Howell Secretary

Bernie Babauta Mediator


Each officer in the club has duties that he will be expected to perform. If, in your opinion, he is not performing these duties in a satisfactory manner then you have the option of asking him to step down and let you have the job. In any case this will be dependent on a club vote as described above.


President The presidentís main responsibility is to promote the club to prospective members. He is also responsible for running the monthly business meeting in a smooth manner. He will decide on any tied vote except in a presidential election. In the case of a member concern that is brought up at a meeting that requires a vote, he will decide whether the vote will take place immediately or should be put on the next business agenda. He will also explain the rules and conduct within the club to new members.

Vice President The vice presidentís main responsibility is to coordinate game days within the club. He will make sure that no events or games conflict with each other. He will assist in the planning for any tournament, league, campaign, or one off game that takes place within the club. He will maintain the club calendar and keep it up to date with meeting times, game days, etcÖ He will assist the president in the promotion of the club to prospective members. He will break the tie in the case of a presidential election.

Treasurer The treasurerís main responsibility is to accept dues and any other income, and to keep track of the funds within the club. He will note every expense and all income in a log. He will also maintain a current roster of members, dues, and the account status. The treasurer is responsible for collecting late dues and reporting the member to the mediator if he gets to far behind.

Secretary The secretary has two main responsibilities. Recording the minutes at each business meeting and producing a newsletter with content collected from club members. All minutes from past meetings will be kept in a log. The treasurer will have this log at each meeting. The newsletter will be issued either by Email of letter to each member at least one week before the scheduled business meeting.

Mediator The mediators main responsibilities are to settle disputes and ensure a fun environment that promotes gaming. The person making the complaint will bring any complaints to the mediator. The mediator will investigate and gather the facts, and then make a decision on how to best resolve the situation. If the mediator sees that certain members are not acting in an adult manner, or are being disruptive to the club as a whole, he will take charge of the situation and resolve the problem. His second responsibility is to investigate late dues and make a decision based on each specific case.



The club members will vote on numerous issues such as purchases, house rules, officer positions, etcÖ Generally everything that will affect the club as a whole will be voted on. Each member will have one vote, including the president. If the vote ends up as a tie, the president will break the vote. The only vote that the president will not be the tiebreaker is in the case of a presidential election. If the presidential election is a tie, then the Vice President will break the tie. All votes will be open, members either voting for, against, or neutral.



Every item that is purchased with club money is subject to a vote. Purchases must be related to the club environment, promotion of the club, or member benefits. The club can pay for shipping costs on items ordered for members. To qualify for this, enough members must be purchasing items from the company and the club must vote to approve the shipping charges. The treasure will keep track of all requested items from club members.


Club Environment:

Even though you are at the game club, you are also at Chadís house. Be respectful of his things and keep track of yours. Gamersí are generally very messy. Most of us leave stuff everywhere and donít care who has to clean it up. In order for us to have a nice gaming environment we need to pick up after ourselves. Donít leave trash lying around, donít leave empty cans sitting around, and donít leave your miniatures out when youíre not using them. Chad has provided a closet with nice big shelves for you to put your game cases on if you choose to leave your stuff at the club. The club has two shelves for terrain and templates, these are for terrain and templates only. Do not leave dice, trash, books, or miniature on them. There are some game tables and terrain at the club. Most of it is owned by club members, not the club. Be very careful when you handle the terrain and when you are playing. Do not put drinks on the game tables, and nothing except for the terrain stays on the tables when you are finished playing.