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Keilana is sitting at the burgerama with her skirt shredded nicely, and she's bruised and cut all over her lower half. She has hairy palms, no, not too much wanking.. and she looks like she may be asleep. You emote : Sam wanders on up from her walk. "Keilana, what're you doing down here?" Kama'aina>Keilana's eyes open..? Keilana looks at Sam, 'Oh, hi.. I'm taking a small nap.' You emote : Sam smiles. "I figured you be out all night! Kama'aina> You emote : Sam sits down. Kama'aina> You think . o O ( you'd ) Kama'aina>Keilana smiles to Sam, 'Why'd you figure that?' Keilana says 'And thanks by the way, for taking me out of that cave, I wouldn't have a clue how to get out of there.' You say 'Not a problem, thank you for your support lately.' Kama'aina>Keilana asks 'My support?' Keilana closes her eyes briefly and then opens them again. You say 'Helping with Casey.' Kama'aina>Keilana says 'Oh... You're welcome.' Keilana shrugs, knowing that Sam will be the only one who will ever acknowledge this. You ask 'So um...that gonna come think?' Kama'aina> You emote : Sam looks a bit bemused. Kama'aina>Keilana looks at her palms and gets the laughs. You emote : Sam pats your shoulder. Kama'aina>Keilana stops laughing, and wipes a laughter tear from her left eye .. 'Oh gosh, I needed that. It's funny, don't you think? Hairy palms.. Imagine what people would think if they saw them..' You ask 'What?' Kama'aina> You emote : Sam looks a bit lost. Kama'aina>Keilana goes bright red.. Keilana says 'SaaaAAaaaAaaammm...' You exclaim 'What?!' Kama'aina>Keilana giggles.. Keilana asks 'You don't know what they say?' Keilana says 'they say that when you have hairy palms you uh.. play with yourself too much? .. much like when you go blind.' You emote : Sam snorts. "I've never heard that before." Kama'aina> You emote : Sam checks her palms. Kama'aina>Keilana laughs! You emote : Sam blushes. "I was just..." Kama'aina> You emote : Sam puts her hands down. Kama'aina>Keilana giggles at Sam, 'It's ok.. are you hungry? cause I know *I* am.' You say 'Ah right, yeah I sure am.' Kama'aina>Keilana stands up, 'let's go in then. You emote : Sam nods and stands. Kama'aina> You say 'You look sexy all mussed up like that.' Kama'aina> You emote : Sam grins. Kama'aina>Keilana goes bright red. Kahuna's Mystical Burgerrama [6] Tiki Masks and linoleum delineate the inside of the well lit yet funky Burgerrama. Tables are arrayed inside as Tiki Masks, photographs and random tidbits hang on the walls. The seats are upholstered with plastic and the tables are polished wood. The interior is clean, and somehow keeps the feeling of local beach burger joint. A few people are arrayed around the tables, mostly locals, who know better than to go to the local O'Tolleys or the higher priced restaurants. The interior of the building is round, like the building itself, with the dining area making a semi circle which meets up with the counter and kitchen area in the corner. A small outcrop from one of the walls dilineates one of the storage areas and where the bathrooms are as the other half of the circle has a panoramic series of windows which looks out over part of the street, southward towards the Beach Park, and westward to the shoreline. You can see that there are heavy wooden shutters to these large windows, which are lowered in times of hurricane. There is no color scheme to the room, except that it is bright, and the menu is written out on a white board next to the counter. Behind the counter a high school surfer looking dude takes orders and shouts back into the kitchen, which can be seen from inside the room anyway. In the kitchen several teens work around deep fat friers, grittles, although parts of the kitchen are obscured from view by large refrigerators and small storage areas. Nevertheless, you can see that part of the kitchen looks out onto the beach where people outside are making orders and eating on the beach. Local gathering spot and home of the best burgers in Oahu, the Burgerrama is a restaurant for those who know better. There is nobody here but you ... Kama'aina>IC Keilana strolls in Keilana walks in after you, still blushing furiously. You say 'I hope my off color comments don't offend you.' Kama'aina>ST Tsunami is here to drown your a-Er, give character developement . Keilana smiles and shakes her head, 'it's ok..' Keilana thinks . o O ( spyyy! ) Keilana thinks . o O ( lol ) Keilana thinks . o O ( at least it's not a fly ) Keilana heads up to the counter, and stands there for a moment, perusing the menu, her stomach grumbling from hunger, cause she hasn't eaten all day. Keilana smiles and shakes her head, 'it's ok..' Keilana heads up to the counter, and stands there for a moment, perusing the menu, her stomach grumbling from hunger, cause she hasn't eaten all day.. mainly cause she was being dragged around by a rabid wolf. Keilana also price checks. You emote : Sam is happy to see Keilana eating of her own accord. She doesn't mention it though, making a fuss might make Kei uncomfortable. Kama'aina> You emote : Sam follows along. Kama'aina>Keilana unslings her backpack from her shoulder and rummages through it, looking for money. Keilana looks up, pulling out a crumpled five dollar bill, 'I'll have.. small fries and a small portion of pork.' You say 'And I'll have a Big Kahuna burger, large fries, extra sauce, and a chocolate milk shake.' Kama'aina> You emote : Sam produces a ten from bag. Kama'aina>Keilana pays for her food, and asks politely, 'Can I have a glass of water please?' You emote : Sam gets her change back and grabs them a table. Kama'aina>Keilana takes her tray and moves to the table with her glass of water, she sits down, setting her backpack next to her. You ask 'So...besides getting your hand stuck in Casey who've things been?' Kama'aina>Keilana tilts her head, and shrugs a bit, 'Up and down, you know? Hard to explain.. Things always seem to happen around me, and I don't quite know why.' You ask 'Hey, would you rather be bored all the time?' Kama'aina> You emote : Sam smiles. Kama'aina>Keilana laughs, 'No, I guess not.' Keilana says 'It's very hard emotionally though.' Keilana looks at the food in front of her... Keilana thinks . o O ( hey, tsunami, should I roll current wp, or permanent? ) You emote : Sam nods. "Yeah, I know what you mean. you get used to it after a while. You're like, another 50 story lizard running amok downtown. Pushaw. Kama'aina>Keilana laughs Keilana thinks . o O ( I'll take a leap and say it's permanent! ) You think . o O ( I beleive so ) Kama'aina>Keilana rolls 5 Dice at Difficulty 7: 5 5 10 9 10 Keilana rolled 3 successes. (Complete Success) Keilana can't seem to wait any longer and she digs into her meal with gusto. You emote : Sam smiles slightly and then digs in herself. Kama'aina>Keilana makes short work of the burger and then starts on her fries , looking up at Sam, as she eats.. You emote : Sam smiles back at Keilana as she eats. Kama'aina>-- Tsunami leaves quietly. -- Keilana thinks . o O ( lol, tsunami left ) You think . o O ( Why is that funny? :) ) Kama'aina>Keilana slows down eating even more, getting full. Keilana thinks . o O ( dunno, lol ) You think . o O ( hehe ) Kama'aina>Keilana says 'What have you been doing with your time? I haven't seen you at all recently.' You say 'Oh, well I do the self defence classes and, I've been spending alot of time out in the wild. It's beautiful out there.' Kama'aina>Keilana's nose wrinkles a bit, 'but there's bugs.. and snakes..' You emote : Sam chuckles. Kama'aina> You say 'I'm fine with those. It's icky fishy things that scare me.' Kama'aina>Keilana laughs a bit, 'Squid?' You emote : Sam shivers. Kama'aina>Keilana says 'They taste nice, you know.' You say 'Blech.' Kama'aina>Keilana looks rather shocked and sets a fry down which she was about to put into her mouth, 'Sam, I do say it seems like you have a phobia of squid.' You say 'I'm afraid of the water, and all the icky things that live there.' Kama'aina>Keilana asks '.. why?' You emote : Sam stuffs some fries in her mouth. "I unno." Kama'aina>Keilana asks 'When did this come about?' You say 'Not sure.' Kama'aina>Keilana grins at Sam, obviously curious now, 'So ... uhm.. what brought you to Hawaii, then?' Keilana plucks a hair out of her mouth, damned hairy palms You say 'My elders sent me.' Kama'aina>Keilana can't help but ask, 'why? You say 'Oh some bullcrap like 'To teach me wisdom' or something.' Kama'aina> You emote : Sam snorts. Kama'aina>Keilana laughs You ask 'What?' Kama'aina>Keilana asks '.. that's it? to teach you wisdom?' You say ' was during this phase when I wanted to go to the Amazon and ah...Do you know...' Kama'aina> You emote : Sam mouths 'werewolf stuff' Kama'aina>Keilana looks left and right, 'What does that mean... do .. you know.. ' You say 'There's a lot of fighting going on down there between us and... them. ' Kama'aina>Keilana leans forward, 'Who are them?' You emote : Sam leans forward and whispers. "The Wyrm." Kama'aina>Keilana asks 'A worm?' Keilana exclaims 'What are you talking about?!' You ask 'You done eating?' Kama'aina>Keilana stuffs the last of her fries in her mouth, chews and swallows then nods, 'yes.' You say 'Lets go someplace private and talk then.' Kama'aina> You emote : Sam finishes of the last of her shake. Kama'aina>Keilana nods, 'Ok.' Keilana drinks down her water, and picks her backpack up and slings it over her shoulder. You ask 'Where to?' Kama'aina> You emote : Sam grabs her bag. Kama'aina>Keilana laughs, 'I don't know, you tell me.' Keilana says 'Technically speaking, we can be overheard anywhere.'' You ask 'True. You have an apartment nearby?' Kama'aina>Keilana shakes her head, 'I don't.' You say 'Oh. Um, my class room is empty.' Kama'aina> Kailua -> at Kailua Oahu. There is one exit to this place. Kama'aina> Kailua Oahu~~ On the Beach [6] White sands and crashing waves as overhead a subtle wisp of cloud can be seen in pure blue sky as folks in beach and informal attire wander on concrete sidewalks next to white sand on the beach. The cawing of sea-gulls and the whisper of palm trees swaying in the wind can be heard next to the quiet murmer of people chatting and cars driving down the beach side road, with only the steady drone of the waves providing constancy and solidity in white noise. There are outdoor tables and chairs arrayed around on a small concrete outcropping next to the coral stucco color of the Mystical Burgerrama, a moderate sized building with largish glass windows and a counter facing outward to serve those customers who don't really want to leave the beach. A short distance away, across the street, you can see one of the beach strip malls, as well as one of the moderately priced beachside apartment complexes. Kailua is located in Windward Oahu in the judicial district and the ahupua'a named Ko'olaupoko. It is located 12 miles northeast of Honolulu - over Nu'uanu Pali, tallest mountain peak in the Ko'olau mountain range. The town is a typical suburb spawned by post-war development and improved highways bringing thousands home from their workplaces in Honolulu. Welcome to Paradise, known as Kailua, on the West Shore of Oahu in Hawaii, where the local Kama'aina and the foreign Haoles try to live side by side, moving forward to the future, looking backwards to the past. There is nobody here but you ... Kama'aina>IC Keilana strolls in You ask 'So... where do you live?' Kama'aina>Keilana follows you out, 'I'm staying on the couch at Parker's bungalow.' You say 'Oh.' Kama'aina>Keilana says 'It used to be our place.. but...' Keilana waves a hand, 'never mind.' You emote : Sam heads for the gym which houses her defense class. Kama'aina> You say 'Sorry.' Kama'aina>Keilana looks at you, 'I don't want you hating me too.' Keilana walks slowly,c ause well,she's still tired. You exclaim 'Why would I hate you?!' Kama'aina> You emote : Sam slows down so you can keep up easier. Kama'aina>Keilana shrugs a bit, 'dunno..' You emote : Sam unlocks the door and ushers you in. (visit sam) Kama'aina> Flag toggled for 'Keilana' List entries toggled. Kama'aina> A small but cozy bedroom belonging to Sam. Don't you think you should give it a better description? There is nobody here but you ... Kama'aina> Entering room mode. Use 'end' to leave. '/' does normal commands. Room Mode >EWe: Entering editor ... Use .help editor for help. / for general commands, . for editor commands Use '.end' to finish and keep edit. 1 2 A small but cozy bedroom belonging to Sam. 3* Don't you think you should give it a better description? EWe: Used 3 lines out of 100, 3 lines (100%) included text. EWe: Ins: after Para: off Trunc: off Quiet: off EWe: Padding: off Pretty: off Formatting: navigation ops EWe: Current search: none Ina: EWe: Editor buffer completely wiped... Ina: IC Keilana strolls in Keilana comes in, and looks aorund! 1*Sam's self defense class! Ina: Ending edit and KEEPING changes. Room Mode >Sam's self defense class! There is only one other person here ... IC Keilana Maka'aona is wanted dead or alive.. mostly dead! (enchvoix) Room Mode >Sam's self defense class! There is only one other person here ... IC Keilana Maka'aona is wanted dead or alive.. mostly dead! (enchvoix) Room Mode > Cannot match sub command 'think' Room Mode > Cannot match sub command '.end' Room Mode > Leaving room mode. Kama'aina>Sam's self defense class! There is only one other person here ... IC Keilana Maka'aona is wanted dead or alive.. mostly dead! (enchvoix) Kama'aina>Sam's self defense class! There is only one other person here ... IC Keilana Maka'aona is wanted dead or alive.. mostly dead! (enchvoix) Kama'aina> You think . o O ( er it's a room! ) Kama'aina>Keilana looks for somewhere to sit You think . o O ( with like punching bags. There are some chairs to in the corner, yeah! ) Kama'aina> -=*> Starting Daily Backup Protocol -=*> The system will resume shortly! -=*> Validating all rooms -=*> Defragmenting rooms -=*> Handling mail and news -=*> Saving Residents -=*> Daily Backups Complete! Keilana guesses she'll plonk down on the matt, if that's permissible. You emote : Sam plonks down on the matt with you. Kama'aina>Keilana unslings the back off her shoulder and looks at you.. 'What was this about a worm?' You ask 'Alright, since you already know about Casey, Aiden, and me, I should tell you bout everything else. If you wanna know?' Kama'aina>Keilana nods, 'I would very much like to know.' You emote : Sam smiles. "Cool" Kama'aina>Keilana smiles and nods, putting her ears to the ready. You say 'Okay to explain about where we come from I have to tell you about our spirit world. The Umbra.' Kama'aina>Keilana says 'I think I have been there...' You ask 'you have?' Kama'aina>Keilana doesn't seem 100% sure, but she nods, 'Yes, I have.. at least I think I have.. When Dante attacked me in the hospital, the way I saved myself was by praying for help from the spirits, and I moved into.. an alternate dimension, where I could still see the hospital room, but it was all different shades of grey..' Keilana asks 'does that sound like the Umbra?' You emote : Sam nods. "Yeah, where there little spiders all over the place?" Kama'aina>Keilana makes a face, 'I'm not sure, I don't think I saw any.' You say 'Hmmm, that may just be because your'e not a garou.' Kama'aina>Keilana asks 'Or there were none in the hospital?' Keilana thinks . o O ( or theslan didn't know about the spiders? lol ) You say 'We can see the spirits that make things run, spiders are usually around wherever there is electricity.' Kama'aina>Keilana says 'REally? that's so odd, I didn't see any spiders, maybe I wasn't there then.' You say 'Well on to the story. There are three factions in the spirit world. The Wyrm is the spirit of destruction, entropy, death and the like. The Wyld is the spirit of chaos, and change. The Weaver, a spider is the spirit of law, and creation.' Kama'aina> You say 'The goddess of the garou is Gaia, the Earth mother, she along with the Spirit of the Moon created us to defend nature from the ravages of the Wyrm and the Weaver.' Kama'aina> You say 'She is a spirit of the Wyld.' Kama'aina>Keilana listens attentively, trying to remember all this. You say 'Because Luna, the moon spirit helped create us we are bound by the phases of the moon, as we are to nature.' Kama'aina>Keilana nods, listening. You say 'Back to the Wyrm, long ago it's said that the Weaver trapped the Wyrm in it's web and the wyrm went mad. Now it's spirits threaten to consume the natural world and plunge us into an age where only death and machines will have a place. That's what we fight against.' Kama'aina>Keilana makes a face.. 'That sounds awfully like mythology.. is any of this true?' Keilana realizes how ignorant she sounded, 'sorry, carry on.' You say 'I don't know what the truth is in the legend, but I know that Wyrm spirits are real.' Kama'aina> You emote : Sam taps her eyepatch. Kama'aina>Keilana looks at the patch curiously, 'What happened?' You say 'It's a long story.' Kama'aina>Keilana shrugs a bit, 'I'm not going anywhere..' You think . o O ( whats your email addy? I can mail you the log if you wanna read it. ) Kama'aina>Keilana thinks . o O ( ooh.. well.. ) Keilana thinks . o O ( lol ) You think . o O ( if you wanna read it that is. ) Kama'aina>Keilana thinks . o O ( sure, I wouldn't mind. ) You think . o O ( okay it's away. It's a log between Bjorn and me talking about how Sam got her klaive, but it also explains how she lost her eye. ) Kama'aina> You think . o O ( and her first love. *sniff* ) Kama'aina>Keilana thinks . o O ( aww! ) Keilana thinks . o O ( do you want me to read it before I carry on rp? ) You think . o O ( well I wasn't kidding when I said it was a long story ) Kama'aina>Keilana thinks . o O ( lol ) Keilana oohs and aahs at all the relevant points, then looks sad at the end? Keilana thinks . o O ( lol ) You think . o O ( take a look at it and see if you can skim through it real fast or not. ) Kama'aina>Keilana thinks . o O ( ok ) You think . o O ( I'll go potty ) Kama'aina>Keilana thinks . o O ( I just got past the crap at the start, lol.. . ) You think . o O ( you coulda skipped that. :) ) Kama'aina>Keilana thinks . o O ( I was skimming it! ) Keilana thinks . o O ( lol, just got into the rp, just a moment ) Keilana thinks . o O ( do you show kei your klaive thing? ) You think . o O ( sure ) Kama'aina> You think . o O ( it's her silver sword, I thought you may have seen it before . ) Kama'aina> You think . o O ( well it's more a shortsword. ) Kama'aina>Keilana thinks . o O ( aww, it's a cool story ) You think . o O ( I thought so. :) ) Kama'aina>Keilana says 'That's quite the tale..' Keilana says 'You've lived far more than I have, Sam.' You say 'Ah that's the biggest thing that ever happened to me. So far.' Kama'aina>Keilana says 'I wish one day I could be as brave as that.' Keilana says 'All my scars are because I wasn't able to defend myself.' Keilana sighs You say 'I'm sure you'll have your chance.' Kama'aina> You emote : Sam hops up. "Which reminds me." Kama'aina>Keilana hmms? Keilana looks up, wondering why you're standing. You ask 'I'm supposed to teach you to defend yourself, remember?' Kama'aina>Keilana nods, I remember.. 'but. can it wait a bit? I think right now you'd only end up just beating me up.' You emote : Sam sniffs. "Oh sure. Please evil monster, I'm not feelin well right now, can you maul me later when I'm at the top of my form?" Kama'aina>Keilana laughs, shaking her head.. 'fine.. fine..' You emote : Sam offers her hand. Kama'aina>Keilana takes your hand, 'Thanks.' You say 'I'll go easy.' Kama'aina> You emote : Sam helps you up. Kama'aina> You think . o O ( resist the urge to throw you and say Lesson 1: never let someone give you a hand up! ) Kama'aina>Keilana thinks . o O ( go ahead and do it, lol ) You think . o O ( nooo, that's mean. ) Kama'aina>Keilana stands, and makes sure her skirt is still securely tight on her waist.. then she stands there looking like the victim she is. 'Ok, ready.' You say 'Okay, I know we can't always pick and choose when we fight, but If you can, you'll wanna wear something besides a skirt.' Kama'aina> You emote : Sam smiles. Kama'aina>Keilana makes a face, 'but... I like skirts.' You say 'Well I won't make you take it off.... right now.' Kama'aina> You emote : Sam smirks. Kama'aina>Keilana smiles to you, 'ok, well, it's already in pieces.' You say 'If you were them a lot it'll be good to practice in them then. They restrict your leg movements some. You won't be able to run as fast or kick as high, but if you're aware of the problem you can work around it.' Kama'aina>--------------------------------------------------------------------------- Keilana Maka'aona is wanted dead or alive.. mostly dead! (enchvoix) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Currently: In Character ------------------------------- Description ------------------------------- Smooth mocha skin accentuates her long straight black hair down to her thin waist. Her dark sparkling blue eyes are framed by long lashes perfectly. Her lips are full and pouty, glistening with a pale lip balm; from her jawbone down to her chin is a thin scar. The sound of her voice is blissfully low and sexy. A modest height of 5'7", weighing 100lbs. --------------- Clothing, Equipment, and other weird stuff. --------------- Keilana wears a red skirt down to her knees, a white tshirt on top. She wears sandals with laces crisscrossed up her calves. She has a chain round her neck hidden under the tshirt. She smells of white musk, her hair down, naturally. She has a backpack with her. ------------------------- Other obvious features. ------------------------- Charisma : 3 Appearance : 3 --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Connection speed : Direct (0.00 seconds lag time) Time logged on so far : 13 hours, 21 mins and 59 secs Time logged in : 16:32:15 - Sat, August 23 (Kama'aina Requiem time) Total login time : 22 days, 50 mins and 8 secs Years of age : 23 --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Kama'aina>Keilana nods, 'I hope I don't get into too many fights.' You say 'Hope for the best prepare for the worst.' Kama'aina> You say 'First thing you need to do is learn how to stand.' Kama'aina>Keilana is standing, she looks down at her feet.. 'ok..' You emote : Sam grins and places a hand on your chest and gives a good shove. Kama'aina>Keilana falls over onto her rump Keilana sits there stunned, and a sour look on her face.. that's all she needs a sore ass... She makes a face, and climbs to her feet. Then stands there rubbing her bum. You say 'Sorry. As I've demonstrated, balance is one of the biggest weaknesses of having only two legs.' Kama'aina> You emote : Sam stands with her legs about shoulders width apart, slighlty bent at the knees. Kama'aina>Keilana does the same... but with one foot a bit further back... You say 'This is a basic fighting stance. Having one foot back like that is fine just as long as you don't spread out too far.' Kama'aina> You emote : Sam reaches out and shoves you again. Kama'aina>Keilana falls over again. Keilana thinks . o O ( lol ) Keilana skids on her bum again.. 'Jeez..' Keilana exclaims 'I wasn't ready!' You emote : Sam stiffles a laugh. "Okay that was the part where you were supposed to -not- fall. Kama'aina> You say 'Maybe you are too tired right now.' Kama'aina>Keilana gets this stubborn look on her face. You emote : Sam offers her hand again. Kama'aina>Keilana takes the hand. You emote : Sam helps you up. Kama'aina>Keilana lets go of your hand and rubs her sore bottom by now.. she gets back in the stance, crounching a bit lower this time.. You ask 'There you go. Ready?' Kama'aina>Keilana nods, her mouth set.. ready. You emote : Sam gives you a shove again. Kama'aina>Keilana skids back, taking a few steps to right herself, but she stays upward.. You say 'Excellent.' Kama'aina>Keilana makes a noise.. rubbing her chest where you pushed three times now... she makes a face, 'I'm gonna have bruises all over me now.' You ask 'Sorry, want to stop?' Kama'aina>Keilana shakes her head, 'no, I'm ok, I'll live.' Keilana grins. Keilana gets down in that crouch, feeling the burn in her legs You say 'Okay.' Kama'aina>Keilana says 'Let me just say, this is NOT a comfortable pose to be in.' You emote : Sam falls back in her fighting stance. "Hey, you stand like this an hour a day. You'll have an ass to die for. Kama'aina> You emote : Sam smirks. Kama'aina>Keilana blushes, 'My ass is already to die for.' Keilana giggles You say 'I thought so, specially after you lost your skirt.' Kama'aina>Keilana blushes...and squeaks, 'thanks.' You emote : Sam chuckles. "Alright we're fighting not having sex here, put up your dukes." Kama'aina>Keilana laughs, then wonders what these dukes are... ok.. they're not boobs or elbows... she puts her hands up questioningly? She looks at you ? You emote : Sam grins. "Riiight." Kama'aina>Keilana puts her hands up! You emote : Sam moves over and repostions your hands. "Your right handed?" Kama'aina>Keilana nods, 'I am.' You say 'Okay, you'll want, your left leg forward a bit, and your left arm up. Your right arm back there.' Kama'aina> You emote : Sam she fixes you. Kama'aina>Keilana moves her hands into the positions you show her, and is fixed into the position, 'ok!' Keilana says 'soooo not comfortable.' You say 'In a real fight you'll be bouncing and moving, but we'll save that for later.' Kama'aina>Keilana nods, 'ok.' Keilana hopes she gets to move, cause she's getting a cramp in her leg. You say 'your left hand you keep about eye level, it's to defend your head from attacks.' Kama'aina> You emote : Sam pretends to punch at you very slowly. Kama'aina>Keilana waves her left hand in front of her face, blinking her head back. Keilana thinks . o O ( lol ) Keilana thinks . o O ( did that make sense? ) You emote : Sam laughs. "Okay, you can't win if you flinch everytime someone throws a punch hon." Kama'aina>Keilana blushes a bit, 'sorry... it's really hard for me to stand still while somebody is trying to hit me though.' You say 'Right you don't wanna get hit but, if you defelct my blow properly then I'll be wide open for a counterattack. That's the idea of this.' Kama'aina>Keilana asks 'So i have to hit them back?' You say 'Yes you do.' Kama'aina> You say 'The goal of self defense is to protect yourself, by disabling your opponent if you have to. That's assuming you can't just run away and find a policeman.' Kama'aina>Keilana laughs, and nods, 'ok.. ' Keilana puts her hand up and gets a determined look on her face. You say 'Okay, I puuuunch' Kama'aina> You emote : Sam punches slowly. Kama'aina>Keilana flings her left hand out and whacks your hand hard, then jumps up and down holding her left hand, 'wowowo!' You say 'Okay, try not to hit with your wrist, theres a nerve there.' Kama'aina>Keilana gets that stubborn look, 'Can you show me where I should hit?' You emote : Sam pats the padding on the end of your forearm back towards the elbow. "Right here ideally." Kama'aina>Keilana blinks, 'really? ok.. try again.' Keilana rubs her wrists, then puts both up again. You emote : Sam repeats. Kama'aina>Keilana does it slower this time so she doesn't hurt herself, and waits until the punch is closer.. moving her hand up to use the end of her forearm, to push it out of the path of her face. You say 'Excellent.' Kama'aina>Keilana looks pleased. You say 'now you counterattack. Stepping forward into me, and hitting me just below the sternum.' Kama'aina>Keilana takes a stiff step forward, and moves her right hand slowly forward, to hit the belly You say 'Higher.' Kama'aina>Keilana asks 'Can you show me where?' Keilana asks 'Do you mean where the diaphragm is?' You say 'Right.' Kama'aina>Keilana knows exactly where that is, and she steps forward again, and puts her fist there. You emote : Sam points with her free hand. Kama'aina> You say 'Well done.' Kama'aina> You emote : Sam steps back. Kama'aina>Keilana says 'Thank you.' You say 'A pop even a slight one if it's not expected to the solar plex, will cause your opponent ro relefively gasp for air.' Kama'aina>Keilana nods, 'Yes, that is true.' Keilana grins. You say 'That'll give you time to run, or kick your opponents ass some more if you want.' Kama'aina>Keilana will probably take the first option if it ever comes to it. . and she nods, 'Right.' You say 'Alright, lets try it one more time a little faster. Okay, put some force into the block and the punch. If you can break your opponents arm with a good block the fight will be over that much sooner.' Kama'aina> You say 'Don't be afraid to go all out, I regenerate.' Kama'aina>Keilana says 'Well, same to you.' Keilana stands straight for a moment, then gets back in the proper position, putting her left hand up to eye level and her right hand ready to punch your middle, 'ready.' You emote : Sam nods and steps back, "The power for a punch, shouldn't come from your arm, it comes from here. Kama'aina> You emote : Sam pats her hips. Kama'aina>Keilana doesn't think that makes much sense... she looks at you blankly. You say 'I'll use a punching bag for this.' Kama'aina>Keilana nods, straightening up again, 'ok.' You emote : Sam moves over to one of the bags and punches it straight armed. The bag hardly moves. Kama'aina>Keilana notes this and nods. You emote : Sam gets down in her stand and punches again, this time twisting her hips behind the blow. The bag flies back enough that Sam grabs it on the back swing before it bowls her over. Kama'aina> You ask 'When you lift a heavy box do you use just your arms?' Kama'aina>Keilana's eyes widen, 'Wow...' Keilana says 'no.. I guess you use your whole body' You say 'Exactly.' Kama'aina>Keilana says 'gotcha' You emote : Sam comes back over and gets back in her stance. "Ready?" Kama'aina>Keilana gets in her own stance, and nods, 'ready.' You emote : Sam steps foward and punches, not as fast as she can but fast enough to do some damage if she hits. Kama'aina>Keilana flinches, and tries to bat the hand away, instead, moving forward to punch at the same time... She gets it square in the jaw, and falls like a sack of potatoes. Keilana thinks . o O ( am I lagging? ) Keilana thinks . o O ( no. ) You think . o O ( no I am ) Kama'aina>Keilana thinks . o O ( are you dead? ) You think . o O ( sowwy ) Kama'aina>Keilana thinks . o O ( no worries ) You ask 'You okay Kei?' Kama'aina>Keilana lays there stunned. Keilana blinks a few times, the tears starting, 'shit..' Keilana rubs her jaw, thinking this might have not been a good idea... then wipes the tears from her face, 'I think I've had enough for now.' You say 'Sorry about tha thon.' Kama'aina> You emote : Sam frowns. Kama'aina>Keilana says 'It's ok.. I'm tired, and my reflexes are slower than usual.' Keilana thinks . o O ( wp 1! ) You emote : Sam offers her hand again. "You've done well. Just get some rest. Pracite the block, step, punch, okay?" Kama'aina>Keilana takes the hand and teeters a bit, 'Yes, I will practise it. .' Keilana rubs her jaw again and waggles it back and forth.. 'I think I need to pass out soon.' You emote : Sam pats your rump. "Hope I didn't get you too sore." Kama'aina>Keilana jumps! Keilana feels like she's been beaten up! Keilana says 'I think I'm going to be really sore tomorrow' You ask 'Take a long hot bath?' Kama'aina>Keilana nods, 'I think I will.' Keilana smiles, 'Thanks for the lesson.' Keilana bends over and picks up her backpack. You emote : Sam scopes your butt. Kama'aina> You say 'You're welcome.' Kama'aina>Keilana thinks . o O ( lol ) Keilana slings the backpack on her right shoulder... blinking a few times at a weird dizzy spell.. 'Ok, I really need sleep.' You ask 'gonna be able to make it home okay?' Kama'aina>Keilana goes to say yes, but she's not sure, 'I'm not sure.' You emote : Sam takes your arm. "I'll escourt you home then, okay?" Kama'aina>Keilana nods, 'Hope you don't mind if I don't talk much..' Keilana rubs her jaw with her free hand. You emote : Sam grins, "You're making me feel bad." Kama'aina>Keilana glances at you, 'Why!' You say 'I didn't mean to hurt you.' Kama'aina> You emote : Sam opens the door for you. Kama'aina>Keilana shakes her head, 'You didn't, honestly.. I'm just tired.' You emote : Sam nods and locks up the room. Kama'aina> You say 'Lead the way.' Kama'aina> You emote : Sam takes your arm again. Kama'aina>Keilana walks forward. Keilana walks toward home, slowly Keilana thinks . o O ( join me! ) - Keilana leaves! Walking along the road you see the line of bungalows facing the ocean front. In the middle there is a cream coloured flat building with a nice terraced roof. The walls are painted in an eggshell cream, and the windows in the front are nice and large, letting a lot of sunlight in when the curtains aren't drawn. Around the house is a wooden fence, very flimsy looking and fragile in places. There is a garden in the front which looks like a Japanese Rock Garden. Sparse lone plants, and rocks deliciously arranged in a lovely pattern bring calm and enjoyment to those who see them. A definite stone path leads from the chronically open gate to the two steps up the front porch and to the door. On the small porch is a nice comfortable looking swing chair and a few plastic garden chairs littered around a small table. Looks like a comfortable hang out. The front door is a lovely dark red colour with the number 45 carved into the door. The door squeaks naturally when it opens, leading into a lilac hallway with a grey plush carp There is only one other person here ... IC Keilana Maka'aona is wanted dead or alive.. mostly dead! (enchvoix) Kama'aina>Keilana walks in silence... and just at the gate says, 'I bet next time I'll ... be able to push you over.' Keilana laughs You emote : Sam follows along, helping to prop you up. Kama'aina>Keilana says 'I have a feeling I will never be able to do that.' You emote : Sam grins. "Sure you will." Kama'aina>Keilana says 'Did you wanna come in? I don't think I'd be a very good host.' You exclaim 'You might need to stand on a step ladder but hey!' Kama'aina>Keilana laughs! You ask 'Aren't you gonna crash?' Kama'aina>Keilana nods, 'oh yes, I'm going to crash.' Keilana yawns her head off... then rubs her jaw. You ask 'Soaky bath first?' Kama'aina>Keilana says 'I don't think I'm awake enough for that.. I'd probably drown myself if I tried.' You emote : Sam laughs. "At least you can fit in a bath tub. I don't wanna keep you awake any longer hon and I doubt theres room for me to sleep on the couch with you. Kama'aina>Keilana grins, 'There's two couches, if you want to sleep over.' You say 'Alright. If your roomie wouldn't mind? Save me a trip to the camp.' Kama'aina>Keilana says 'I'm sure he won't..' Keilana walks up the front of the stairs, and pulls the keys out of her bag, opening the front door. Keilana ushers you in. You ask 'What man would oject to finding two women on his couches?' Kama'aina> You emote : Sam is ushered in. Kama'aina> inside -> in Keilana's room. There is one exit to this place. Kama'aina>Keilana snickers - Keilana leaves! Cannot match command 'inside' Kama'aina>Walking through the small hallway, you find the entrance to the kitchen on the right hand side; it is small and compact, a linoleum floor and a small refrigerator buzzing quietly in the corner. The cabinets are made of a fine looking sturdy wood. There is a small window over the kitchen sink with the view of the bungalow on the right side. Outside the kitchen and to the left, you walk into the large living room. The living room is carpetted with that lovely grey plush carpet which runs through the whole rest of the house. In the corner are two nice looking large black three seater couches neatly set in the corner with an end table parked between them in the little room left; a lamp is perched on top of that. In front of the couches is a sturdy looking wooden coffee table. Across from the couches and along the wall is a nice looking Television set on a stand with a VCR and DVD player underneath. Along one wall is a black upright piano with two lamps beside it to give the player a good view of the sheet music they're playing. In front of it is a piano stool with a good plush pillow on top for comfort. In the corner beside the piano is a nice looking classical guitar, and to the left of the piano is a stack of sheet music piled up fairly high. In the corner is a nice looking dining room set, with enough chairs for four people. The table has cast iron legs and the top is glass. The chairs are made in the same fashion with a nice comfortable cushion on top. Behind the table is enough space to squeeze through and get to the french doors which lead to the back garden. Surprisingly, the back garden is fairly large. There's an actual path leading to the Koi pond, which sits in the shade of two large trees, and in the corner of the area. There is a large wooden fence to secure privacy from nosey neighbours. Next to the Koi pond is a nice wodden bench set up so you can sit and watch the pond to your leisure. A small flower bed attracts the birds and the bees on the other side of the garden, and there's always a nice bowl of something for the butterflies. Back inside and to the left of the dining room is the doorway for the bedroom. There is only one other person here ... IC Keilana Maka'aona is wanted dead or alive.. mostly dead! (enchvoix) Kama'aina>Keilana closes the door after you and sets her backpack and keys down by the door. You say 'I hope it's a big couch.' Kama'aina> You emote : Sam smirks. Kama'aina>Keilana nods, 'it's pretty big.. just make yourself comfortable...' Keilana heads to the smaller one, which has a couple of blankets on it. Keilana hands you one, and sits down to finally take off her tortured sandals. You emote : Sam lays down and kicks off her shoes. Kama'aina> You emote : Sam takes the blanket and casts it over herself. Kama'aina>Keilana sets her sandals aside, and yawns big time... she sits still for a few moments. You emote : Sam yawns too as they are contagious. Kama'aina>Keilana makes a noise, oops, she fell asleep while sitting there. You emote : Sam smiles over at Kei and then curls up and drifts off to sleep. Kama'aina>Keilana decides it's time to actually lay down, and she turns and curls into a ball on the couch, pulling the blanket on her, murmuring 'g 'nite.' You emote : Sam mummurs, "nite." Kama'aina>Keilana falls asleep