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Name: Hida Hitsuro Clan:  Crab Class: Samurai 2
Align: Lawful Good HP: 22 AC: 10 dex +2 armor +7 total 19
Age: 18 Sex: Male Family: Hida XP:
Ht: 5'10 Wt: 160lbs. Hair:Black Eyes:Brown Dojo: Sunda Mizu



 Honor: 2
Strength: 16 +3  
Saves Base Stat Mod Total
Fortitude +3 +2 +5
Reflex 0 +2 +2
Will +3 +2 +5
Dexterity: 14 +2
Constitution: 14 +2
Intelligence: 11 -
Wisdom: 14 +2
Charisma: 12 +1

Languages: Rokugani
Feats: Void Use, Way of the Crab, Power Attack: Shadowland
Class: Ancestral Daisho, +4 Intimidate, vs. Shadowland, +1 Bluff, listen, spot, sense motive, wilderness lore checks and +1 to attack rolls against Shadowland
Skills Rank Atrib AC Total Skills Rank Atrib AC Total Skills Rank Atrib AC Total
Battle 5 +2 +7
Law 5 - +5
Shadowland 5 - +5
Sense Motive 5 +2 +7
Ride 5 +2 +7

Weapons Dmg +atk +dmg Size Type Threat Critical Base Attack: +2
Katana d10 +6 +5 19 x2
Wakazashi d6 +6 +3 19 x2
Die-Tsuchi d8 +5 +5 20 x3 Crushing weaker Shadowland creatures.
Masa-Kari d6 +5 +3 20 x2 Killing Shadowland goblins.
Ono d10 +5 +5 20 x3 Heavily armored Shadowland creatures.
Tetsubo d8 +5 +5 20 x2 General purpose Shadowland weapon.
Tonto d4 +5 +3 19 x2
Armor AC bonus Check
Great Armor +7 -4

5 Fingers of Jade, 210 Koku
Backpack, 50' silk rope, grapple, 10 pitons, hammer, 5 days rations, whetstone, wineskin, flint & steel, bedroll, sack, hooded lantern, 2 pints of oil,

Hitsuro is the first son of Hida Hutsumo, a samurai, and Misuni, an artisan, originally of the Kaiu family. Hutsumo was so grievously wounded in battle that he was no longer fit for duty on the Kaiu wall and was assigned to instruct at the Sunda Mizu school. Hitsuro was raised in the village around Sunda Mizu and trained all his life to become a samurai. Finally the day came when he was accepted into Sunda Mizu.
Hitsuro has one younger sister, Hasuni, who is striving to become an artisan like her mother.
Hitsuro wants nothing more than to bring honor to his family and woe to the foes of his clan. He is perhaps naive about the world as a whole, choosing to spend his time studying the ways of battle and the Shadowland. He is quiet and reserved.

Hitsuro is stout, barrel-chested and broad shouldered. He wears his hair in traditional samurai style, partially shaved on top with the length tied up in a knot. He also sports some hefty side burns, a goatee, and an impressive scar on his chest from a Shadowland Demon.