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It is an age before age of age long forgotten.

There is a legend that in the dark days before the Scourge four master Magi combined their powers to form a potent magical artifact that could one day spell the eternal entrapment of the Horrors. Now the Scourge has passed and the Namegivers are recovering, rebuilding, and the flames of war with Thera are fanned once more. In this time of new beginnings you must make a name for yourself, forge your own legend...If you can find this ultimate weapon against the Astral Host, your legend will be emblazoned into the stars of the night sky for all times.

But this will be no easy task, it will take more than you can ever imagine.

The Gamemaster,
I'm looking for a group of 4 to 6 adepts for an ongoing Earthdawn Campaign. Characters are Barsavians, starting at 1st Circle and all races (barring the ones from the Theran Empire book) and Disciplines are allowed.