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Dungeon Delve
For many ages the world of Ishmere was at peace. The Ancient Heroes of Yore had triumphed in the Great Battle of Good versus Evil, banishing the Forces of Darkness to Hell for all times and ushering in a Golden Age of peace and knowledge. However a small circle of Dark Sorcerers, managed to escape to another plane of existence before the great battle. Using the last of their Dark Lord's power these eight magi changed themselves in Liches and waited for the perfect time to strike. The Eight Liches built vast dungeons and called hoards of dark creatures to aid them and, when the Forces of Good had grown weak and unready, they struck without warning.
They nearly succeeded in conquering Ishmere, but the Paladin Sons of Yore and the other few Heroes that remained managed to keep the wrath of the Dungeon Masters in check. Now there is a stalemate, a race between heroes delving down into the Dungeon Masters realm to wipe out their hoards before they get a chance to boil forth and wreak havoc in the Realm of Light, whilst the Dungeon Masters forces grow ever stronger padding their treasure troves with powerful magic items dropped by fallen heroes.
If you have what it takes, you too can join the Dungeoneer's Guild and test your mettle against the Dark Forces of the Dungeon Masters.

Your characters begin in the city of Dungeon Delve which is the only city in Ishmere to boast a college of each adventurers school and six known dungeon entrances. This makes Dungeon Delve the number one location for starting adventurers, and the populace milks it for all it's worth. There are weapon shops, armor, shops, general equipment stores, potion and alchemical shops, and even magical emporiums on every street corner not to mention bars, pubs and taverns. Every kid in Dungeon Delve that can lift a sword thinks that he's going to be the next big Hero.

(Note: This is not a serious game of course, it's intended to poke fun at the 10x10 room with 10 orcs style of D+D and to be fun but not too silly).
Your characters begin with three levels, the normal amount of gold for that level. Only magic items and spells from the core rule books will be allowed for starting characters. Any Race up to 2 levels is acceptable, Dungeon Delve is a moderately high magic world.

The world of Ishmere 
There are three great nations on Ishmere, The East Kingdom, The Middle Kingdom, and the West Kingdom.
Dungeon Delve is the shining jewel of the West Kingdom. Kings Castle is the capitol of the West Kingdom. The other city states that make up the West Kingdom are the Barbarians Fjord, Bards College, Clerics Cathedral, Druids Grove, Fighters Hall, Monks Monastery, Paladin's Palace, Psion's Solitude, Rangers Ride, Rogues Run, Sorcerers Summit, and Wizards Tower.
There are also the High Elves Crystal Spire on the Emerald Isle, the Wood Elves tree town of Isgrail in the Great Forest, the Dwarves Rock Fortress in the Drake Mountains,  the Gnome Clock Tower in the Stone Fields, and the Orc Iron Bastion in the Blasted Plains, along with various other demihuman and humanoid towns.
The King of West Kingdom is Timothy the Lion, descendant of Henry the DemonSlayer Ancient Hero of Yore, although he is also known as Timmy the Kitten as his  misadventures in the Dungeons below King's Castle were made quite public by his once trusted master bard.

The City of Dungeon Delve
Dungeon Delve is actually ruled by the Dungeoneer's Council, consisting of the Guildmasters of the 12 adventurers schools. Archduke Duncan the Fierce, servant of the King, acts as a moderator between the Guildmasters and as a figurehead to the townsfolk. Dungeon Delve is split up into twelve sections for each Adventurers College, the Palace of Lords where the government meets, the Place of Lords, outside the Palace where the lords and guildsmasters live, the Great Bazaar in the center of town, the merchants ward next to the bazaar, the cemetery ward, and finally the Wall where the town guard and army make their barracks. There are also six forts built over the dungeon entrances into the city, constantly on the watch for monsters attempting to slip into the city. The most used and largest entrance is in the fort in the Bazaar called Crow's Keep. The other fort's are Devil's Deep, Hell's Maw, The Pitt, Doom Gate, and Dark Tomb.

The Deities of Ishmere

Alignment Turn Portfolio Special
Oathar The God King, Lightening CG Turn Chaos, Good, Protection, War Spear/Javelin
Sharal The Goddess Queen, Wind NG Turn Good, Air, Traveler, Trickster
Ramis The Fire God CN Turn Chaos, Fire, War, Destruction Long Sword
Mariel The Celestial, Healing NG Turn Good, Healing, Protection, Sun
Urthok, The Earth God, Smiths LN Turn Law, Strength, Earth, War Great Hammer
Tolban, The Moon God, Magic NG Turn or Rebuke Magic, Knowledge, Good, Plant
Noctae, The Nature Goddess N - Followers are Druids
Lathan, The Star God, Knowledge LN Turn Law, Knowledge, Protection, Healing
Thear, the Night Goddess, Luck CN Turn or Rebuke Chaos, Luck, Trickster, Destruction
Haral, the Wanderer CG Turn Chaos, Good, Traveler, Animal
Sebel, the Sea Goddess CG Turn Chaos, Good, Water, Trickster
Nobal, the Storm God CG Turn Chaos, Good, War, Weather Spear/Javelin
Isha, the Sun Goddess LG Turn Law, Good, Sun, Protection
Narok, the Fate God LN Rebuke Law, Death, Destruction, Healing
Natyl, the Love Goddess NG Turn Good, Healing, Protection, Fire