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Welcome weary Net Travelers. Pull up a stool, have an ale, it's on me, and listen to my tale.
Damned Blades is the online comic story of heroes of yore, down on their luck and hunted like dogs.

Okay, well this here is my online comic...and this particular area you are currently perusing is the Rant section. Since this is my first post, I'll forgo any ranting and just explain some about my intentions with this comic.

I would like to be able to post three new pages a week, but I'm not sure if that will be the case due to work and general laziness, so I'll tentatively say twice a week, most likely on Mondays and Thursdays. But I'm new at this whole online comic strip thing so this schedule might change quickly,  radically, and often until I work out all the kinks. Once I actually get a few more pages up, I will actually secure a site...but for now, free stuff is good. What I would like you the viewers to do is simple: if you have an opinion, if you have an idea, if you see a typo, if you want to link to my site or vice versa, just email me and let me know. I'm a friendly guy and I don't mind constructive criticism and contributions.

I was inspired to do this online comic for a number of reasons, by far too many people to name here, so many thanks to all of you who have your own sites, the guys that make the comics and the kick ass anime, and the guys who originally got me into drawing fantasy art, the creators of D+D.

Well, I know it's unusual for someone in the net community to be reserved, but I am, so for the most part in the future my outspoken friend Talondel will be writing the rants about whatever he feels like ranting about. I will make notes if necessary.

 Well that's all for now, thank you for visiting, God bless and come again soon.


Damned Blades is copyright 2001 Jason Kerr. All Rights Reserved.