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About the Damned Blades Team

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Grom ~ Story, Art, and Web design - aka Jason Kerr.
Jason is a professional Web page designer and an artist in his spare time. Jason's hobbies include drawing, playing video/computer games, D+D, slacking, and being a loser.
Talondel ~ Story, Editing, + Ranting - aka Rusty Zimmerman.
Rusty is a professional bastard. In his spare time he likes to sell ice to Eskimo's and insult morons. He types very fast too, which is why I make him type the rants.


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Welcome weary Net Travelers. Pull up a stool, have an ale, it's on me, and listen to my tale.
Damned Blades is the story of heroes of yore, down on their luck and hunted like dogs.

Damned Blades is copyright 2001 Jason Kerr. All Rights Reserved.