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Role-playing a Creature of the Night, in a world where there is no angst.

It is the Modern Day, the present, in a world that is ruled from the darkness by beings so inhuman that mere mortals cannot comprehend them. You take on the role of one of these beings, a Creature of the Night. Delight in cruelty, revel in inhumanity, enjoy your true power. Let's be honest, if you had super human powers...would you use them for good? No, we are for the most part self-serving creatures, I'm not saying you would go on a rampage in a down town killing spree...though some people might...I'm just saying that pretty much anything you want would be in your grasp for the taking. You could be rich and powerful, surrounded in luxury, you could be a lurking recluse who's name strikes terror on the streets...Anything you want. Are you going to pass that up and be a little goody two shoes? I didn't think so. Now, when I say Self-serving, that's not necessarily to say Evil, true evil takes a lot of dedication and really it's almost as boring as being good. Even creatures like you need to have friends, and even loved ones sometimes, otherwise life or unlife would get old fast. Hey, when it boils down to it, it's all about keeping yourself entertained.

Vampires- Vampires are one of the most common types of corporeal True Undead. There are many different types of vampires, but a few things remain true amongst them. They cannot survive in the light of day and they must feed on the life force of the living to sustain their immortality. The most commonly known type of feeding is through blood drinking and to this end, most Vampires can innately extend and retract a pair of fangs.
True Vampires - True Vampires are men and women whom through sheer force of will have accepted eternal damnation for immortality, imbuing themselves with the powers of dark spirits with little or no ritual involved. The offspring of tow True Vampires is also a True Vampire.
Half-Vampire - The offspring of a True Vampire and a mortal is a Half-Vampire. These creatures are usually jealously slain by their kindred before the come to terms with their full power.
Lesser Vampire - A Lesser Vampire is any mortal slain by a True Vampire or another Lesser Vampire and put through a ritual imbuing them with unlife.
Greater Vampire- Also known as Hell Spawn, these vampires are the polar opposites of Wights. They are creatures so
malevolent and so consumed with lust for vengeance against those who slew him that through sheer force of will they may return to the mortal coil.

Mummies- The word Mummy is a catchall phrase used to describe those that, through ancient rituals, have transformed themselves into True Undead. By far the most common Mummies are ancient Egyptians, however mummification rituals have been performed in Asia, and even in the Americas. Unlike Vampires, Mummies cannot truly be destroyed, they will always return from the grave.
King or Great Mummy - Those who were Kings, Queens, or Chieftains in life, people of great power.
Priest or Liche Mummy - Those who were shaman, or priests in life. Typically those who performed the ritual in the first place.
Wrapped or Servant Mummy - Those who were entombed with their lord to serve him in undeath. These are not True Undead as they have no will of their own.

Ghouls- Ghouls or Ghasts are a degenerate offshoot of Vampires and are perhaps the weakest of the True Undead. Ghouls must feed on the organs of live or freshly killed mortals or deteriorate into nothing. This is typically not a Player Character choice.

Ghosts - Ghosts/Specters/Wraiths/Spooks are probably the most common type of True Undead, however only very powerful ghosts can affect the plane of the living. Ghosts are the souls of the self-serving or with unfinished business, doomed to walk the earth until they find redemption or damnation, only then will they be ushered off this mortal coil.

Wight - Wight's or Revenants are the walking dead, the souls of the Just and Righteous who have died prematurely with their purposes unfulfilled. The Revenant lusts only for Vengeance upon those who ended it's life. Because Wights are so one track they are typically not Player Character choices.

Werewolves- Werewolves and other Were creatures are mortals blessed or cursed with the power of shape shifting. True Were creatures are wicca, druids, and shaman who have made pacts with powerful animal spirits. Their direct descendants also may carry the spirit bond that will let them shift into animal form. Folks bitten by were creatures sometimes develop the curse of the were creature, that is the ability to shift without the ability to control when they do, or themselves once they have. Cursed Weres are often called Lesser Weres.

Demon - A demon is a malevolent spirit from any of the Hell Planes. These creatures can only exist on Earth through a number of means:
  Body Hopping - Possessor demons can 'ride' along with the body of a mortal, and jump from body to body if necessary, taking control when it can.
  Golem - Demons can be summoned and bound into inanimate objects, such as a statue or a a suit of armor.
  Body Possession - A sorcerer may bind a demon into a human host, driving out the moral spirit.
  Corpse Possession - A demon may house itself in the bodies of the dead and can easily jump bodies.
Demons feed on corrupt souls, either through vicariously through 'osmosis' or directly through extracting and consuming it. If a Demon cannot feed it will grow weak and eventually will be forced to return to the Hells.

Fallen - The Fallen were once benevolent spirits from any of the Heaven Planes who have tarried too long in the mortal coil and have become corrupt or self-serving.  Unlike Demons the Fallen can use positive energy to generate a mortal host form that will allow it to exist indefinitely on Earth. The Fallen feed on creative and positive energies simply through 'osmosis' and if the cannot feed they grow weak and eventually die. They cannot return to their home plane until they become redeemed in the eyes of whatever power binds them.

Sorcerers - Sorcerers are mortals who use arcane rituals and spells to bind and control demons, spirits, and elementals to do their bidding. While physically as frail as any mortal, Sorcerers can wield enough magical power to make them the equal of any other Dark Creature.

Credits - Original Concept, Logo Design, Artwork - Jason Kerr