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Dharma: Devil Tiger Rating: 5 (2 Chi/Round)
Balance: Yang Direction: South P'o Archetype: The Demon
Nature: Bravo Demeanor: Competitor

Str: 4 Man: 3 Per: 3
Dex: 4 Cha: 3 Int: 2
Sta: 4 App: 4 Wit: 3
Alertness 3
Athletics 3
Dodge 3
Intimidation 2
Leadership 2
Drive 1
Etiquette 1
Martial Arts 5
Melee 3
Stealth 2
Survival 2
Computer 1
Academics 2
Linguistics 1
Investigation 3
Law 1
Camarilla Lore 2
Kindred Lore 2
Ghost-Flame 2-sta
Yang Prana 2
Jade Shintai 2-str
Iron Mountain 2
Resources 4
Jade Talisman 1
Hun- 6
P'o- 4
Chi- 10

Merits: Yang Spirit Mentor (Tiger) 3, Code of Honor (Bushi) 2
Flaws: Akuma 3, Impatient 1

Siang was framed by one of his enemies in Japan and branded Akuma. Exiled from his homeland, Siang moved his dojo to the united states where he might find some of the masterless keui-jin that had recently been appearing due to the influx of oriental immigrants and perhaps enlighten them. Hearing that many powerful and wealthy individuals make their way through Las Vegas, Siang thought it would be an ideal place for a new dojo. After some time in Las Vegas, Siang has picked up a little working knowledge about the Western Vampires and becoming restless in mundane life he eventually over came his natural disdain and began to interact with them.