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Name: Valloch Race: Human Class: Necromancer Level: 15th
Align: Lawful Neutral HP: 68 AC: 21
Age: 30 Sex: Male Deity: XP:
Ht: 5'6 Wt: 120 lbs. Hair: White Eyes: Red



Strength: 13 +1  
Saves Base Stat Total
Fortitude 5 +2 7
Reflex 5 +3 8
Will 9 +2 11
Dexterity: 16 +3
Constitution: 14 +2
Intelligence: 20 +5
Wisdom: 15 +2
Charisma: 10 -

Languages: Common, Elven, Draconic, Infernal, Celestial,
Feat: Quicken Spell, Silent Spell, Maximize Spell, Spell Penetration, Spell Focus (Necromancy), Martial Weapon (Scythe), Spell Mastery (Teleport, Spectral Hand, Chill Touch, Stone Skin ), Craft Wondrous Item, Brew Potion, Craft Magic Arms and Armor
Skills Rank Atrib AC Total Skills Rank Atrib AC Total Skills Rank Atrib AC Total
Alchemy 12 +5 +17 Knowledge (History) 8 +5 +13 Move Silently 2 +3 +5
Concentration 18 +2 +20 Scry 8 +5 +13 Swim 1 +2 +3
Craft (Stonework) 8 +5 +13 Spellcraft 18 +5 +23 Profession (Apothecary)


Knowledge (Arcana) 12 +5 +17 Ride 1 +3 +4
Knowledge (Planar) 12 +5 +17 Heal 2 +1 +3

Weapons Dmg +atk +dmg Size Type Threat Critical Base Attack: +7/+2
+2 Scythe 2d4 +3 +3 L s, p 20 x4 +10/+5    Ghost Touch
3 Daggers d4 +1 +1 T p 19 x2 +9/+4
Armor AC bonus Check

Gear:  spellcomponents, necromancers wardrobe, 57 gold
+2 to learn Necromancy spells. Scribe Scrolls. Barred School: Illusion.
Cast Arcane Spells: 5-0 lvl, 9-1st lvl, 5-2nd lvl, 5 -3rd lvl, 5-4th lvl, 5-5th lvl, 4-6th lvl, 3-7th lvl, 2-8th lvl
Familiar: Raven HP: 34 AC: +8 Int: 13 spell resistance: 20 Speaks Common
Magic Items:
Ring of Wizardry I - Doubles number of spells memorable for 1st level
Bracers of Armor +3
Mask of the Skull - Flys off and attacks target 1/day casting a death spell on them
Bag of Holding 2 - Stores stuff in pocket dimension 500 lbs (I think)
Cloak of the Bat - +2 AC bonus, wearer may fly or turn into a bat
Ring of Sustenance and Protection +2 - wearer does not have to eat or drink, and only sleeps 2 hours a day
Vibrant Purple Ioun Stone - Stores 6 levels of spells
Iridescent Ioun Stone - User does not have to breathe
Scarab of Protection - Spell Resistance 15, also absorbs 12 death/energy drain type spells
2 Potions of Cure Moderate Wounds
Boots of Elvenkind
Amulet of Natural Armor +1


Cause Fear, Chill Touch, Ray of Enfeeblement, Detect Undead, Shield, Identify, Alarm, Mage Armor, True Strike, Sleep, Burning Hands, Magic Missile, Comprehend Languages, Charm Person
2nd: Spectral Hand, Ghoul Touch, Knock, Bulls Strength, Dark Vision, See Invisible, Arcane Lock, Scare, Cat's Grace, Endurance
3rd: Gentle Repose, Vampiric Touch, Circle versus Evil, Gaseous Form, Greater Magic Weapon, Halt Undead, Tongues, Haste, Fireball, Nondetection
4th: Fear, Eneveration, Stone Skin, Bestow Curse, Minor Globe of Invulnerability, Fire Shield, Remove Curse, Dimensional Door
5th: Animate Dead, Magic Jar, Teleport, Stone Shape, Major Creation, Wall of Stone, Permanency, Cloud Kill, Hold Monster
6th: Circle of Death, Summon Monster VI, Flesh to Stone, Greater Dispelling, Acid Fog, Disintegrate, Stone to Flesh
7th: Control Undead, Finger of Death, Plane Shift, Banishment, Ethereal Jaunt
8th: Clone, Horrid Wilting
0: 2 Detect Magic, 2 Read Magic, Disrupt Undead, Prestidigitation
1st: 2 Chill Touchs, Ray of Enfeeblement, Detect Undead, Shield, Alarm, Sleep, Magic Missile, Comprehend Languages
2nd: Spectral Hand, Ghoul Touch, Knock, Arcane Lock, Dark Vision
3rd: Gentle Repose, Vampiric Touch, Circle vs. Evil, Halt Undead, Tongues (Fireball, Haste)
4th: Fear, Stone Skin, M. Globe o Invuln., Fire Shield, Dim. Door
5th: Animate Dead, Teleport, Wall o Stone, Cloud Kill, Hold Monster
6th: Circle o Death, Summon Monster VI, Greater Dispelling, Acid Fog
7th: Control Undead, Finger o Death, Ethereal Jaunt
8th: 2 Horrid Wiltings
'W-What happened...where am I?' the young woman muttered   a few moments after her eyes fluttered open.
'In my laboratory, don't worry your perfectly safe.' replied a voice from the darkness.
'Laboratory? W-hat? How did I get here...' She sat up upruptly looking around in panic.
'Please try to remain calm and I'll explain everything.' The voice replied.
'Who are you!?' She hopped off the table and wobbled a bit before standing upright.
'You've been through a great ordeal and you are weak. Please set down.'
She looked around at all the strange equipment and thought a bit. Deciding she did not have much choice in the matter, she sat back down.
'I am Valloch, perhaps you have heard of me?'
The girl gasped. 'The Necromancer!? That's just a legend to scare the children.....'
'I am a White Necromancer...not that the common people know the difference. I dedicate my studies to the destruction of the forces of the negative energy plane.'
'I don't understand at all...why am I hear...the last thing I remember...' She mumbled.
'You died, Tersha, of the Pox.'
She paused for a long time. 'Then, what am I doing here...?'
'I brought you back to life.'
Her eyes grew large, 'I don't believe it! This is some I in some sort of purgatory!? Where are you? Show yourself.'
Valloch stepped out of the shadows, her eyes focused on him as she took in a deep breath.
The Necromancer was small, with a slight build, no where as imposing as she'd imagined. But his skin was stark white, his eyes almost a redish pink, his long hair white as snow. The albino wore a simple grey robe.
'You're not...what I expected.' she muttered.
'You are alive and in the same physical realm in which you have always existed. I can show u proof if you would like, but I would not reccomend it.'
Tersha laughed nervously. 'Show me anyway. What have I got to loose.'
Valloch pulled a white sheet off of a nearby table. Tersha gasped as she saw her own corpse laying across from her.
'Don't worry I've wiped out the contagion.' Valloch stated calmly.
'T-thats not real...' She mumbled.