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Name: Grom Race: Half-Orc Class: Barbarian Level: 3rd
Align: Chaotic Neutral HP: 41 (47) AC: 16(14)
Age: 16 Sex: Male Deity: XP: 5,590
Ht: 6' Wt: 205 lbs. Hair: Black Eyes: Red



Items in Parenthesis are only in effect while berserk
Strength: 19 (23) +4 (+6)  
Saves Base Stat Mod Total
Reflex +1 +3 +4
Fortitude +3 +3 +6 (+8)
Will +1 - +1 (+3)
Dexterity: 16 +3
Constitution: 16 (20) +3 (+5)
Intelligence: 12 +1
Wisdom: 10



Languages: Common, Orcish, Gnoll (barbarians are illiterate)
Feat: Weapon Focus (Great Axe), Cleave
Skills Rank Atrib AC Total Skills Rank Atrib AC Total Skills Rank Atrib AC Total
Intimidate 4 -1 +3 Spot (cc) 2 - +2
Jump 4 +4 -1 +7 Swim 2 +4 ! +6
Climb 4 +4 -1 +7 Int. Direction 4 - +4
Wilderness Lore 4 - +4
Listen 4 - +4

Weapons Dmg +atk +dmg Size Type Threat Critical Base Attack: +3
+1 Great Axe d12 +8(+10) +7(+10) Large Slashing 20 x3
3 Throwing Axes d6 +7(+9) +4(+6) Medium Piercing 20 x2
Spiked Gauntlet d4 +7(+9) +4(+6) Tiny Piercing 20 x2
Dagger d4 +7(+9) +4(+6) Tiny Piercing 19+ x2
Armor AC bonus Check
Studded Leather +3 -1

Gear: Backpack, belt pouch, bedroll, wineskin, flint + steel, 5 days rations, whetstone, 50' rope, 5 pitons, small hammer, cloak
2 gp 5 sp 8cp
Darkvision 60', Orc Blood, +10 movement, Rage 8 rounds 1/day, Uncanny Dodge (still has Dex mod to AC even when caught flatfooted, unless held).


Grom's mother was a human from the Icewolf tribe, his father an orc from the Stonebreaker tribe. Grom was raised by the Icewolfs, though his mother died bearing him, his father still raised him, though he was a harsh task master. He lived on the outskirts of the tribes lands, as if ashamed of his son, he drank heavily, and beat Grom when he was deep in his cups, he would teach Grom nothing but to fight and hunt, when he would speak to him at all.
One day the families nomadic travels brought them near an ancient Stonebreaker burial mound, the place was accursed and most likely the cause of the blight on the nearby lands which had made for a  particularly devastating winter. The Wise men warned the Chief away, and the warriors would not go near the damned place with the banshee winds howling thrrough it and it's foul stench. But Grom was not afraid. Grom hefted a great stone and wielded it like a cudgel, and while his estranged kin watched, he disappeared into the barrow. There were many damned things which crawled in the darkness there, and with his cudgel of hard granite, Grom slew them. The corpses of long dead orc warriors rose to bar him, but Grom dashed them to pieces with his club. Foul ghouls tore up from the soft earth to vex him, but with his great rod him sent them back into the soil. Then Grom came to a great chamber which housed the most honored dead, the Chieftan and his greatest warriors. He found there a hunched sorceror, a wizened and vile orc weaving dark hexes. The orc sorceror bade Grom to die, and raised the bodies of the orcish heroes to slay him. With his back to the stone throne of the chief, Grom fought them and smashed them, but still they came. In the chaos of the battle, Grom shattered an iron fetter which bound the chief to his throne. The great orcs's long dead eyes came alight with balefire as he tore free of the sorcerors prison and smote down the dark spellcaster with a single blow from his mighty great axe. With their master slain, the chief regained control of his soldiers and bade them to return to their rest. Then the chief looked upon Grom and spoke with a chill, spectral voice: 'You fight well for a half-breed youth. I owe you a debt for freeing me. What do you wish?' Grom did not ponder long, he asked for the chiefs fine great axe. The Chief replied 'A Great Chief cannot go without a great weapon as you may someday learn. Give me your club, it is a worthy weapon befitting the orcish chiefs of old.' And so Grom traded weapons with the revenant chief, then the orc greatfully returned to his eternal slumber. Grom sought the body of the sorceror for a trophy, but it was no where to be found. Troubled but proud, Grom left the barrow and rejoined his family, finally having proven his manhood beyond any doubt. The next years winter was not quite so harsh, though Grom spent less and less time with the Icewolves, spending more time isolated or with the Stonebreaker tribe.
One night when he had returned to hunt with the Icewolves, he witnessed a great castle of blackiron appear from out of the ground of the dwarves mountain. On closer inspection, he and the other hunters brave enough to approach were assaulted by warriors in black armor. Grom smashed one to pieces with his great axe, and a foul slime with bitting teeth assailed him from its remains. He was later caputred and held with others, some Icewolves, some dwarves. Grom was freed soon thereafter by five strange men, who seemed intent on penetrating the mysterious fortress. Grom took up his axe and made his way back to that fell place with the other strange men, though wary of them, he could tell they were competent enough. Grom seeks to slay the source of the dark magics which have conjured these fortress and the metal warriors, and was foolish enough to attempt to enslave the Icewolves.
lvl 4: +1 on saves, +1 atk bonus, +1 str, skills: move silently 2, riding 1
lvl 5: +1 atk bonus, rage 2/day, skills: ride +3, swim +2
lvl 6: +1 atk bonus, uncanny dodge, feat: power attack, skills: Wild. Lore +2, Intuit Direction +2, Animal Handling 1