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"Alright, lets get down to business. Here's what I need." She holds out her hand and a large, masterfully cut jewel appears floating and spinning slowly. In the rooms dim candle light the jewel seems to change color and occasionally you think you see something moving within its depths.

"Don't worry, it's not just another pretty bauble to add to my collection," She laughs musically "This little jewel will allow me scry in even the most heavily warded areas, all courtesy of those industrious little mine devils, the Kobolds of Avernus."

"As you know we Devils aren't allowed to have any truck with the powers that choose to dwell here in our cozy hells, for good or for ill, but accidents do happen." She snaps her fingers.

Eliseon lays out a map of Avernus on a table. In the planes distances are subjective and the landscape routinely changes so maps aren't of much use except to give a general idea of where things are. Glasya points to the area where the River Styx flows from the hells into the Abyss.

"An opportunity to capture the Piercing Stone exists in the unlikely form of a slavering horde of mongrel demons who have broken through our lines. The fools don't seem to know how to even get to Avernus proper, they're way off course, here near the kobold mines. Reinforcements are on there way as we speak, and with a little goading, a fierce battle well be taking place overhead to give you cover to sneak down into the mines and extract my seeing stone. The kobolds are notoriously cowardly, they'll all be hiding from the fighting and shouldn't present a problem. When it's all said and done the kobolds will think Demon's stole their precious jewel thanks to a few illusions."

"General Magog's reserve legion will be reaching the sinking city in a few hours. You'll find a squad of Blood Warrior scouts waiting for you at the Sump, a lovely little dive of a bar. They'll give you there uniforms and you'll take there places in Magog's force. There shouldn't be any problems until you're on the battlefield in Avernus. One of Tiamat's brood will eventually join the fray, that should give you cover to get in unnoticed."

"Once your out of sight," Eliseon says as she sets a pouch with twelve vials on the table. "Drink the green potion and you'll take on the appearance of a Demon for a few hours. Drinking the orange potion will cancel the effect immediately if necessary as will a dispelling incantation."

The Erinyes sets down another rolled up map. "This shows what little we know about the layout of the mines, but it does mark where we suspect the Piercing Stone rests. Any questions?"