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Dead Men Walking

"...Oh no, shouldn't be a problem...right just a simple escort and, believe me I'll need at least three besides the rigger...right, it's like 250 kilos. If anything happens it'll take two just to carry, no there shouldn't be any problems but I don't want to take any, it's nothing the runners need to know about it's just technical data...Yes, it is a lot of data chips Einstein...No, you can't fly it in, I wouldn't need to hire runners if I could fly it in, do you think I don't own a fleet of jets?...You're being awfully nosey, I do know other fixers...Glad, we're on the same page....Right, I'll take care of that of this Friday...that's fine...Good, let me know when they're ready and my men will hand it off. "...*click*

"Don't you think there is some risk in involving outsiders?"

"The risk is minimal...To tell you the truth, I'm almost hesitant in wasting the money on this precaution at all. The probability of any unforeseen occurrence is less than negligible."

"I must admit...this is a rather...unorthodox method..."

"That, my friend, is entirely the idea."

Welcome to Dead Men Walking. 

I'm looking for three runners for a cross country road trip escorting a rigger on a delivery run. I need one man to ride shotgun, and two more strong arms to move the cargo if it becomes necessary.  There's no expected resistance, but the highways aren't exactly the safest places anymore. You're destination is a small town called Springdale in west UCAS.