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OHS '73 Reunion

Last Modified: 3/23/02 - added 15 yr reunion photo (before that: 1/5/99 17:02 )
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New: 15-year reunion photo

I have all the disposable camera pictures here that were returned after the reunion festivities. I also have the 8x10 group photo I got from Ann Bristow Agner on Labor Day weekend in Owensboro, so hopefully I can scan it in soon including some details so you can see everyone better.
Please! Email me (Beth, see below) appropriate captions for the pictures, and let me know what you think! It's nice to hear from all of you!

Picture 1.
Row 1: Danny Sisk, Tonya Taylor, John Salmon, John Andriakos, Sharon Reynolds, Marsha Taylor, Bill Hamric, Roger Cooper, Ralph Thacker, David Martin, Steve Guthrie, Frank Warnock, Lexie Hayes, Cammie Crume, Frank Wight, Bonnie Garrett
Row 2: ?Ray Jenkins, ?Harry Osburn, Roger Maddox, Jerry Maddox, Eric Baker, Steve Mayton, Jan Shaffer, Ginny Speer, Joanie Hazelrigg, Ann Bristow, Nancy Robinson, Jamie Abell, Larry Leach, Frances Higgs, Patrick Moorman
Row 3: Lisa Vaughn, Donna Liggett, Joan Johnson, Barry Liles, Jeff Eaton, Margaret Kramer, David Strawn, Margaret Griffin, David Strehl, Tony Fiorella, George Fears, Janet Lester, Charlotte Evans
Row 4 Bruce Westerfield, Drew Davis, Marc Denton, Marilee Schalk, Wade McKnight, Julie Purdy, Dennis Martin, Debbie Menser, Steve Howard
Stairs (begins at top, 1st visible face) Demetra Adams, Gail Helton, Hank Thompson, Nancy Guffy, Bruce Smith, Cathy Morehead, Donna Brown, Danny Austin, Rhonda Yorns, Jeff Turner, Marty Bir, Wes Mattingly, Brenda Clark, Denny Smithson

To order an 8x10 class photo, contact Allen Lake - Lake Photography, 2005 Triplett St, Owensboro, KY, 42303  . . . . (502)683-6898

Picture 2. Donna Brown and Rhonda Yorns and Debbie Menser and ... (including the folks in the background, they all are: Tim Easton, Rhonda Yorns, partially obscured John W. Lovett, Donna Brown, Debbie Menser, Frank Warnock, David Strehl, Jan Shaffer, Danny Austin)

For more photos, see picture disks 3-6 and
picture disks 1, 2, and 7. These are all available now. Disks 1 and 2 have more shots of the group photo being made.

If you have any of the other disposable cameras from the reunion (many are still missing!) please send them to me or Marilee and we'll get them developed so everyone can see.

Anyone else with photos is welcome to contact me (Beth) and I'll get them scanned in and returned to you so those too can be put here on the web site.

More pictures especially of some of us that were not at the reunion are now available on the miscellaneous page .

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