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  Odds and Ends about Scrying

Random Tips, Experiments, and Techniques...
Have you felt the need to peer into the future lately?  Want a more direct method that the Tarot Cards or Runes or watching for signs?  Try some of these scrying techniques on for size.

Scrying:  A method of perceiving events and answers by way of the unconscious.

Scrying is often considered the most difficult method of divination for several reasons.  Unlike the Ruins or the Tarot, scrying demands that you have a working knowledge of your subconscious's symbolism and the ability to interpret those symbols reliably.  Though most methods of divination lead you to look outside of yourself, scrying requires that you look within yourself to find the answers you are seeking.
There are almost as many methods of scrying as there are scryers.  Some of the most famous scryers throughout history (Nostradomus, Levi) used complex methods to awaken their psychic abilities.  However, the complexities are not required to get reliable results -- the only requirements are dedication, patience, and some psychic ability.
If you have not had any indication of psychic abilities, do not despair.  You simply might not have discovered them as yet.  Scrying can awaken them if they are present.  However, if you are convinced that you have no psychic abilities whatsoever, scrying is probably not the method you should use for divination.
Above all, scrying requires patience.  At the beginning, visions will come sporadically and they will be very vague.  Only practice and time well spent will enhance your abilities and enable you to rely on your talents.

Here is a short summary of some of the most common techniques that can be used for scrying.

It is always best to scry at night, because this method of divination is closely related to the Moon and all other Lunar correspondences.  If you are indoors, you should extinguish all of the lights except for one candle.  The candle should be out of your line of sight when you are looking at your scrying tool.  Above and behind you is a good placement.  Some people prefer that the candle flame flickers, others like the flame to remain still.  Experiment and see what you like.
The room should be as quiet as you can make it.  If you live in an apartment or with someone else, some quiet instrumental music can be used to drown out any unwanted sounds.  Don't use music with lyrics, because at the least, the lyrics might influence your visions.  At the most, they might prevent you from concentrating enough to see anything.
Make sure that you will not be disturbed, and figure out a comfortable way to sit either holding your scrying tool or with it resting before you on the floor or a table.
If you are scrying on a particular subject, you might get better results if you schedule your scrying time for when the Moon is aspected favorably to the corresponding planet.  Visions are always stronger around the time of the full Moon. 


There are many, many methods of scrying in addition to the ones that I listed at the start of this page.  Experiment and find the one that is most comfortable for you to use.  Ultimately, you know yourself best and you will know the method that works best for you when you find it.  Have faith in your abilities and keep trying.

If you have questions, comments, or just want to share your scrying experiences with me, please  email me.

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