'NSYNC Trivia Quiz

Care to test your 'NSYNC knowledge? This trivia quiz will tell you exactly how 'NSYNC you are. Answer the questions then click for the results.

1. What pop diva did 'NSYNC open for in 1998? a.Janet Jackson b.Celine Dion c.Mariah Carey d.Madonna

2. What is 'NSYNC's favorite film to watch on the bus? a.Spice World b.Rugrats c.Full Metal Jacket d.Men in Black

3. Which band member's mom manages the group? a.Justin's b.Joey's c.JC's d.Chris'

4. How long has Justin been singing? a.he just started two years ago b.since he was eight c.since he was five d.since he was two

5. What was Joey's job at Universal Studios in Orlando? a.He was a security guard b.He worked in the visitors info booth c.He played the wolfman in the Beetlejuice Graveyard Revue d.He played Peter Pan in the Tinkerbell Fairy ride

6. which 'NSYNC member's mom manages the groups fanmail? a.Joey's b.chris' c.JC's d.Lance's

7. What is Joey's favorite superhero? a.Superman b.Spiderman c.Batman d.The Thing

8. Who is known as the group's prankster? a.Justin b.Lance c.Joey d.Chris

9. Which Backstreet Boy did Chris go to high school with? a.Howie b.Kevin c.Aj d.Nick

10. Which group member's last name is spelled the same as his vocal range? a.Justin Timberlake b.JC Chasez c.Lance Bass d.Joey Fatone JR.

11. Which group member manages two country music artists? a.Lance b.chris c.JC d.Justin

12. What is the name of Lance's management company? a.One More Lance b.Lance Unlimited c.Free Lance Entertainment d.sir Lance-a-lot management

13. Which south Park character does Justin like to imitate? a.Cartman b.Kenny c.Kyle d.Mr.Garrison

14. Who is the cutest member of 'NSYNC? a.None b.all c.Who? d.Micky Mouse

15. Which 'NSYNC member performed on Star Search? a.JC b.Justin c.Chris d.Joey

16. What popular female artist opened for 'NSYNC's US tour? a.Britney Spears b.Jewel c.Shania Twain d.Missy Eliott

17. What is JC scared of? a.Being bitten by a dog b.losing his hair c.needles d.'NSYNC breaking up

18. In which European country did 'NSYNC become a success before making it big in the states? a.Germany b.England c.France d.Italy

19. 'NSYNC worked with a choreographer who has worked with which super-star performers? a.Whitney Houston b.The Artist... c.Michal Jackson d.Both b and c

20. Which two members got their start on the Disney Channels MMC? a.justin and Chris b.JC and Joey c.Justin and JC d.Justin and Joey

21. Which two memebers worked together at Universal studios together? a.Joey and Chris b.JC and Justin c.Chris and JC d.Justin and Joey

22. Which member of 'NSYNC started out singing in a doo-wop group? a.Chris b.Joey c.Lance d.JC

23. What game has become the group's pre-show ritual? a.Hacky Sack b.Super Nintendo c.Basketball d.Catch Football