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*** An internet radio show is in the works featuring our own Rage. It will be a weekly talk radio style format in which all topics including wrestling will be featured. Date and time for the first show has not been confirmed but it will most likely be on a saturday night. If you'd like more indepth news and be the first one to be notified, join the Rage newsletter by emailing the office at marcuskayfabian@aol.com .


5-31--vs Larry D--won with help from Creeper and Jad t lung, hit Larry with a chain for the win

5-24--with Jad t lung vs shane lewis and Terry allan--team rage had the win with help from shane and walked off as jad was supposed to get the pin but terry rolled up jad for the win and tag belts.

5-17--vs Big Bo--lost by pinfall

5-10--vs Doctor Love--lost by pinfall when Peacock hit rage with a chain

5-4--vs jimmy lamb--lost via pinfall after lamb hit him with brass knuckless

5-3--vs Lonewolf--lost via pinfall

4-28--vs Jad t lung--won via pinfall

4-22---vs doc love--won via pinfall

4-21--vs jad t lung--won via pinfall

4-14--with Payne vs Jay Ice and Jad T lung--Rage and payne won by pinfall with modified version of 3d

4-13--vs Jay Ice--match ended in draw

4-12--Vs Big Luke, lost by pinfall with a sitting powerbomb.

3-31--J Ice and Rowdy Red won via disqualifacation after Rage hit J ICe with a sign. J ice and Red were then suspended.

3-24--At the beginning, Rage and Rowdy Red teamed up on J ice when a mystery partner was revealed as Terry Allan. After eight minutes, Rage tagged Rowdy in as Ice tagged in Terry allan. Ice gave Rage a big spinebuster but Red broke the count and gave Ice an alabama Jam. T.A. then broke the count and gave Red a reverse ddt, but then Rage broke that count. The two teamed up on T.A. as Ice was being distracted, and gave him a version of the duddley death drop and Rage got the win. 3-23--Rage hit J Ice for the win but decision was overturned by rookie referre, Larry, and gave Ice the win.

3-17--J ice and Jt lung once again def Rage and Rowdy Red for the belts after Red accidently hit Rage with a kendo stick.

3-10--J Ice and J T lung def Rage and Rowdy Red for the CWA tag titles

3-9--Rage and Rowdy red def Jt Lung and Jay Ice with help from manager, BIg Bo

3-3--Rage came out and interrupted Donny Green and Jay ICe's match and said he had some unsettled business with Ice and inserted himself into the match. Halfway, Green turns and attacks Rage. After five minutes, Donny made up with Rage and doubled up on Jay Ice. After Rage hit Ice with the "download", Donny pulled Rage off and went for the pin. Rage then pulled Donny off and went for the pin. As the two shoved each other and argued, Jay Ice rolled Rage up for the win. 2-24--In Georgetown, Rage took on new comer, Big COuntry in which Rage scored the win after manager, Jim Chadwick hit country with his kendo stick allowing Rage to hit the Download. 2-23--Rage and Doc love took on Jay Ice and Jt Lunge in a tag team matchup. Doc love hit Jay Ice with a chain and put Rage's arm over for the pin. J Ice kicked out when then Rage hit J ice with the download for the win. But finding that Rage had his foot on the ropes, the decision was overturned.

02-16--in the main event, Rage took on Lil Harley and sheik aftershock for the hardcore title. Both jumped Rage and put him out while SHeik gained the title by putting Lil Harley through a table.

01-29-02--results of wrestlefest on jan 5. Lil harley def Rage by pinfall. Results of yesterday's match in Big CLifty, Rage def Jailbreak by pinfall with the "download". Reddawg eliminated Rage in the battle royal to become a contender for the heavyweight belt.

01-12-10--TOP NEWS STORY-- Tragedy hit the Wrestling scene yesterday when our own, Rage, was found nearly dead in his Lexington, KY home by roommate, William Mccarty. Mccarty stated that as he went in to wake him up so Rage could take him to work, he was found not breathing and unconscience. After calling for help, Mccarty also stated that he found a suicide letter stating that in his recent breakup with ex girlfriend, , and harrassment he's been receiving from her , along with troubles he's had stemming from a new year's eve arrest along with other personal problems, that he decided he didn't want to continue on living.

The cause of the near fatal death is a combination of drugs he consumed the night before. Rage was taken to an undisclosed hospital and had his stomach pumped and was luckily revived. He's now at an undisclosed facility that only close friends and relatives can visit him at. If you want to send donations or get well greetings, you can do so by emailing us at marcuskayfabian@aol.com or leaving get well messages on his hotline at 1 877 829 6857. We send our thoughts and prayers to his family and wish for a speedily recovery. With Permission of his family, we'll have some updates and excerpts from the letter at a later date.

12-17--Rage has signed a deal with NCW allstar wrestling in NJ. THey are planning to take their shows to TV so look for him appearing on tv soon.

12-16--Rage def Jake Bishop. Bishop had the match won, went for a moonsault off the top rope but missed which gave Rage the opportunity to give Bishop the "download" for the pin.

12-04--Rage has signed on with a new promotion in KY called the BCBW. They hold shows in Big CLifty, KY on sundays at 2:00pm Central time. Rage made his debut in a heavyweight title match against J B Thunder in which JB got the win.

12-02--This past saturday, Instead of Rage and Doctor Love taking on Terry allan and supernova in a street fight tag match, Team Rage and Maddog of the Dog house Alliance formed a loser caught cheating match with Doc. Love taking on Supernova. That match resulted in Bob the referee coming out and declaring Supernova the winner. Then, Rage took on Terry Allan in a title vs title match. Rage had the match won but Supernova interferred allowing T.A. to win the match. Later in the evening, T.A. gave the hardcore belt to Supernova.

past results below---------------------------------

11-25--Rage def Lil Harley but ruling was reversed.

11-24--see results of the mt. olivet show on the message board

10-13--Rage will take part in the biggest show in independnet history to benefit the victims in Atlantic City , NJ for NCW all star wrestling. Lots of big wwf, wcw stars will be there as well as the main event will be a battle royal which Rage will be in, and The Patriot (the real patriot, not KY's one) vs Jim Duggan. Find out more info at www.ncwallstar wrestling.com

10-6-- Tonite Rage returned to the ring in Cynthiana, KY for CWA vs Ravishing Red. Rage had the match won but was hit by manager, Dark Rider which costed Rage the match.

6-12--Rage sustained a shoulder injury while working in Tn. Will be out of action for at least four months

5-5--vs Tuffy, lost by pin...six man in main event vs Jed, tuffy, and cowboy ...team rage won with Dozer making the pin to Jed.

4-28--Vs Brandon, ended in a draw. fifth match, vs Pain Pill and Jed in three way. Jed was the winner.

4-21--Rage vs Jed, ended in draw; Rage and Pain vs Patriot and Cowboy, Patriot by Pinfall.

4-18--Anyone get the PWI wrestling Almanac?? If you look under the rankings under the year 1999, you'll see Rage listed in the rankings under 252. Rage was not listed in the rankings in 2000. 1999 was considered Rage's rookie year.

4-16--VS the patriot, lost by dq, came back in main event with Lil Harley and Dirty Chris Hayes against Jed, Patriot, and COwboy. Team Rage won by Harley pinning COwboy.

4-8--vs the Patriot, lost by pinfall..three way against the jailbird and Cowboy carwright, cowboy beat Rage and Jailbird in pinfall

4-1--Rage took on Brad hart and was defeated by pinfall

3-30---Last week, Rage beat the Patriot in the second match, then later took on him, Brad Hart, and a newguy in a tag match with Lil Harley and Jailbird. Hart pinned Harley for the win.

results from the last few weeks in mt.sterling, week1, with Donnie green, fought bret von besher and Couzin Jed with Jed pinning Green, wk2, fought bobby green with Green getting the win after hitting Rage with a chain, then later fought shane parker to a quick loss, this past suday fought Wildcat to a no contest.

02-07--Razz and Terry allan took on the Stro from wcw and hammer the bradshaw with the team of hammer and stro winning.

01-27--on hotline, made official that draven will now be known as Razz

01-20--with psycho ninja 2, took on nightcrawler and prince of darkness, won by pin fall.

01-13--took on hammer bradshaw. won, but was a non title match.

01-06--was stripped of the cwa title for no show, due to weather. title was given to hammer bradshaw

01-02--THis sunday, Draven will make a return in the ring to go for a rematch for the CWA title in Glensboro. Also, the following friday, Draven will be signing autographs at Texas Roadhouse from 6-9 in Elizabethtown, KY

12-23--Draven has taken time off for the hollidays and will be back in Glensboro next year. He wishes everyone a safe holliday.

12-4--Draven is having talks with possibly signing with Battlezone wrestling.

12-3--Draven took on the CWA champion, the Nightcrawler, in the semi main event. Lots of action took place back and forth. The ref was knocked out when NC hit him with a stinger like splash in the corner. NC then gave Draven a spear and put him in a boston crab. Draven tapped out but there was no ref. Letting go, Col. T Rage slid the belt into the ring allowing Draven to hit NC with it. Draven then picked him up and applied the Download for the win and the CWA title.

11-29--IF you've wandered why Draven's only been working for CWA lately, he's been in the process of getting back into the music business and has been playing some gigs with local bands, Skullkaps, and Hellbilly stomp tribe. Look for Draven to form his own band, maybe a reuniting of Irressistible Hate, the band he was in before he got into professional wrestling, to come about.

11-28--Draven and Red lost to Tommy Green and Prince of Darkness by a double pin.

11-21---Draven and manager Col. T Rage has enlisted the help of Ravishing Red. This thanksgiving weekend, Draven and Red will take on Tommy Green and Prince of Darkness.

11-20---Draven beat the Prince of Darkness but the ruling was overturned.

11-12---results from cwa arena. Draven succussfully pinned King Paul the third in the first match.

11-04--11/18, Draven will make his IPW debut in Madison, INdiana as he will once again use his previous name, Rage and will tag up once again with Blackrain. Rage and Blackrain were both in WSW.

10-27--The tag team, F.B.I. has broken up stemming a turn by Big Daddy, Chad Smith. This will open the opportunity to maybe for Draven to allign himself with the assylum.

9-18---Draeven's ratings in the CWA has shot up to number 5 and with his new tag team partner, Big DIck Daddy, has formed F.B.I. which stands for Fabulous Bodies Inc.

reported 9-16/// Eric Draeven has been officially added to the soon to be formed promotion KWF( Kentucky Wresting Federation). The KWF as of now, will be holding shows every Wednesday in Ratcliff, KY and weekend shows in towns such as Elizabethtown, Hardinsburg, Pinevill, Pikeville, Hazzard, Manchester, and Frankfort. KWF is sponsored by DARE and Shriners and should make an impressive debut.

reported 9-5///Eric Draeven has now officially signed a full contract with the CWA in Glensboro, KY. Originally the contract was to be for five shows but was extended to a full contract resulting from his performance. He made his debut beating King Paul 3 and tagged in the main event. Since then, he's been added to the main events in every home show hence the adding of THE MAIN ATTRACTION to his name.