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Denny C. Jackson's Page of Things That Don't Amount to a Whole Lot

Some very good links to browse (better than some things on the Net)

My Church!!
My Family History!!
My career in hydroplane racing!!
Photographs of my seven trips to Europe in 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, & 2006!!
Click here for photos of my wife, family, and the surrounding area in which I live!!
Denny C. Jackson's Actresses of the Silver Screen. My own web site of actresses from yesteryear!!
The Baby Boomer Times!! Neat Site
Where I grew up and where I now live!!
Best hydroplane page on the net!!
The Indianapolis '500'--The Greatest Race in the World!!
Angelfire-Easiest Free Home Pages. Try this one out. It's really good!!
My favorite webcam in Rothenburg, Germany. Can't wait to go back.
I went to college here!!
NASCAR.The best in motorsports in the whole world!!
I lived here for 22 years!!
World's Fastest Race Boats!!
Visit Maria Montez, Page created by Vivian Perez!!
Some of the Coolest Entertainment Links on the Web!!
The Internet Movie Data Base. (I have several actress biographies on here)!!

Be sure to look at the racing links from my days behind the wheel of a hydroplane.The most fun of my life!! Enjoy!

Things I really enjoy

After several months, I thought it was time to change around my text area of this page. It's kind of hard to start off with something good. For starters this page has been up for twelve years and was originally intended to be a sort of personal biographical history of my non-descript person. I guess for starters I can tell you I am a Kentuckian born on July 18, in the grand year of 1952. So if you want to send an electronic birthday card, there's the date! I am currently teaching school in nearby Indiana. My job is demanding yet refreshing. I don't think I would want to do anything else. I teach Economics, Current World Problems, and World Geography. For those outside of the teaching profession, I do get tired of saying that we are overpaid. HA! Those that usually tell me that have no concept of what teaching is all about. If they did they wouldn't make such flippant and stupid remarks. I guess ignorance is bliss. Anyway, that's my big gripe for this session. On to other, more mundane things. I went to grade school and high school in Kentucky as I did college (Morehead State University). My Master's degree was obtained from Indiana University. My hobbies are the usual. I love photography and am pretty good at it. I have tried almost every aspect to photography that I could. Also I am very big on rearing tropical fish and keeping them. I must admit I haven't been terribly successful at it but I try. I love hydroplane racing, which to you novices that may tune in to this page, is boat racing. I drove in what was called inboards. I was in the 280 cu. in. class. These boats would hit up to 110 - 120 MPH on the straightaway. I left racing as a driver in 1984 when my boat crashed (someone else was driving). Anyway, I didn't have the necessary funds to rebuild, so I quit. In 1999, I came back as a driver for Mike McCormick. I retired for good in 2003. Now for the links. As you can see there are several motorsports links here. First and foremost is a hydroplane page. Actually a couple of them. On Russ's Hydroplane Page you can hear me call a race with my old side kick, Jeff Ayler. Also there are links to NASCAR, Indy cars, basketball, etc. I can say that I am a minority owner in the Boston Celtics basketball team. In the fall of 1997, several friends and I pooled our money and bought several shares in the team. It's kind of neat to be able to say that we own part of the club. Unfortunately we don't get preferred treatment because there are several hundred more like ourselves. Fun anyway. I love the Cincinnati Reds and have since I was a wee little feller. Just when you think they are going to do something, they flounder! Now if you look at the very top of the link list you will see that I have pages linking you to pictures of my wife and children. As time goes on I will be adding more pages to the site that will include photos of my hobbies. Some will include samples of my photography. If you can think of anything I might have email me and I'll see if I have it. Also I plan on adding pics from my hydroplane days, if I can ever find out where I put them, (I moved 10 years ago). Also I love traveling. For the first time ever I got a chance to travel to somewhere other than across the bridge into Indiana or the local store. I took a trip to Europe in June of 1999. I toured The Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, France, England, and Scotland. I went again in 2000 visiting Switzerland, Austria, France, Germany, and Lichtenstein. In 2001, we went to Germany, Italy, Switzerland, and Austria. In 2002, we went to the same countries that we toured in 1999. This time I went to the top of the Eiffel Tower. In 2003 we went to England, Scotland, Wales, and Ireland. In 2004, the itinerary was the same as 2001. I missed out in 2005. I can't wait to go again in 2007. More will be added on here later so tune in real often. Email me if you get the chance. Also be sure to check out my web site of actresses from the golden era of motion pictures. Let me know what you think of this one. It's the fifth link down. If you have any ideas on that, let me know! And too, check out all the websites I have built which consist of the first seven links. See you. Oh, this page has been in existence since May of 1996

(: UPDATED November 18, 2009 :)