monkies know how to do it all night long


HOLY SHIT! guess what? monkeylove has gotten it's own domain name:!!! we're gonna completely re-vamp the whole fucking site. we're gonna try to make it all interactive and wonderful. we're gonna try to get your punk asses some hot monkey lovin! and we're gonna try to launch all of this by, get this, Valentine's Day 2001!!! it's gonna be a feat, because we'll only have about one month to build an entire site, but we're gonna try. so, if you have submitted an ad recently, don't dispair if you don't find it up yet. we'll add all of the ads that were submitted before 2/14/01 to our new database. so, be sure to check here for updates throughout this project. and when launch dates come for the new monkeylove, we'll make sure you know!


lookee here! monkeylove does an interview, because really what else do we do, it sure ain't pimpin. gain more insight on the idiot who put this together.
it's at the Grand Inquisitor.


wanna see your love life in comic book form? well, here it is.


i've updated the ad submit forms for both the monkeylove ads and the just friend exchange ads. and even if you've already submitted an ad, you can re-submit the newer version! im cool wif dat!


50% of punk rock songs, are in fact, love songs. so, why hasn't there been a agency through which punk rockers, and the like, can get 'hooked up'. this is where monkeylove acts as your forced cupid. this is the just the beginning phase of what is to be the punk rock personals, so please submit an ad, and find your dream punk rockette, or emo boy. thanks.

and if you aren't really looking for someone to date, there is the 'just friends exchange.'

it's been a long time, hasn't it?

penises looking for warm holes boobs looking for some warm hands tongues looking for warm holes penises looking for warm back holes

yeah, my friends hate me too...

just becaus they won't touch your privates doesn't mean they won't be your friend

ads last updated on 08/17/00 at 11:07 p.m.(PST)

i've also added the september love song, sucka! enjoy.

(08/17/00) well, it turns out that i had super bad strep throat. my tonsils were so huge that i snored. the pain was horrible. i couldn't eat, drink or even swallow my own spit. not only that, my tonsils were producing pus. beautiful, huh? i was then hospitalized for five days. but i have since semi-recovered and have come to learn that i have mono. how appropriate, the "kissing disease."

(07/25/00) okay, i'm sick. i'm really really sick. i've got strep throat and whenever i swallow i have this sharp stabbing pain in my ear. this is bad for me, but good for you because i don't really wanna go out and do anything so i just sit in front of my computer updating ads and stuff. god, i'm sick.

(06/28/00) oh my, i've added all of the ads that had been backed up for a long long while! so, take a look around cause i worked my bootay off to get em up. oh, and i love you.

(04/21/00) i've also made the ads more special by adding the dates of when the ad was submitted under the person's name. and all other ads without dates are assummed to have been submitted anytime between May 1999 to December 1999. this is because all of the ads from 2000 will have dates.

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