name: bob doom
June 19, 2000
age: entered in yr 1981
city-state: singapore
height, weight: i'm skinny
converse size: i can't afford....
icq/aim: 17184330
mission: boy looking for girl
favorite band: anti-flag,fingerprint,undone,mostly french screamo
extra-curricular addictions: cigarettes, marijauna
vegetarian?: it's okay if i eat fish, right?
last protest participation?: singapore dun allow no shit
photo: wait till i can afford a scanner
what i like about myself, why i ROCK!: i actually dun like anything bout me....and i dun rock hard...
what i don't like about myself: like i said... i actually dun know
what makes me a complex human being: the ability to love and care for the needy...
so i need a email penpal...for long term friendship... i dun really care if u are a boy or girl or me and we'll be friends fer eternity...thats if..u dun want a friend like me...cheers mate,