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I Think I'm Seeing Double!

Webmaker: Jenny

Webowner: Jenny

Welocome to "I think I'm seeing Double"! Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have been famous for as long as they remember. That's cause they started working in show biz since they were 9 month old! We have watched them grow up from infants to toddlers to pre-teens! They have been in many appearances and have won many awards! They have 2 of their own series, 4 full length features, 2 big screen movies, and best of all "FULL HOUSE"! They are also working on a new TV series called "Two Of A Kind"! They are best known for "Full House" and "It Takes Two"! Well, let's get going with the site!


I thank the Olsen twins for being the greatest actresses alive. I thank The Official Olsen Twins Web-site for all the pictures. And I thank Diana Picchi for making the banners. She is also willing to make anyones if they would like banners.

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