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Hair Cut Cuties!

Star Magazine Olsen cuties hit big-time beauty salon for that adorable look America's favorite twins Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen, recently spent some of their $10 million (each) fortune getting their hair cut and colored at Manhattan's tony John Barrett Salon. He's the stylist-to-the-stars who cuts and fluffs the Friends gang every few weeks. The tiny tycoons decided that if Barrett was good enough to make "The Rachel" the most popular style in town, he was good enough for them. Both got a modified "Rachel" -- shorter in front beginning at chin level -- and both opted to stick with their bangs, though Mary-Kate let Barrett cut hers a bit shorter than Ashley's. Since their sitcom Full House went off the air two years ago, the twins, who turn 11 in June, have been busier than ever. They've made a frune with TV movies, feature films and their own kids' video series which sell more than any others except Disney, The twins, who live in southern California with their mom, were in the Big Apple to attend a Hollywood for Children benefit.