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John Stamos 'Adopts' Full House Twins as his own

STAR April 9, 1991 Stephen Biens FULL HOUSE star John Stamos, living the single life since splitting with singer Paula Abdul, has two special girls in his life: identical twins Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, 5, who together play Michelle on the show. Stamos' pals say the 27-year-old bachelor has opened his heart to the twins as if they were his own childrenn. "John simply adores Mary-Kate and Ashley," says a friend. "He always finds time to be with them. And they love hime just as much, if not more. If things get too boring on the set, he'll take them by the hand and lead them on an adventure' around the studio." Although Stamos admits he's often too shy to meet women, he seems very comfortable with the pintsized ladies in his life. "John's been seen watching cartoons or videos with one twin snuggled up in each of his arms," says the friend. "He's even bought them videos of Sleeping Beauty and The Little Mermaid, which they love to watch with him." Stamos has also taken the twins to Disneyland. Although there's someone hired specically to teach the twins their lines, Stamos also pitches in. "He's very patient," says the friend. "It also seems they want to please him, so they learn their parts even faster." Many times Stamos explains to the kids what the cast is acting out so they aren't upset by what's going on. An insider says: "When there's a scene in which John or the others have to fight, he makes sure the girls understand by telling them, 'Remember, we're all good friends. Don't get upset. We're not angry with each other: We're just acting." There are several reasons the twins like to spend so much time with Stamos. "Besides loving him like a big brother or uncle, he genuinely takes time out for them," says the friend. "When the Gulf war broke out, Jarnie the twins' mother told John they were having nightmares about it. He was alarmed and took them aside and tried to explain in very simple terms what was happening. He told them there was a conflict between our country and another and that while war isn't a nice thing, sometimes it's the only way a disagreement can be resolved." After the talk, Mary-Kate and Ashley started sleeping soundly again and no longer worried that a bomb would hit their house. Stamos has also showered the girls with surprise gifts including Beach Boy T-shirts and records and New Kids on the Block dolls. The insider adds: "He told me, 'I love those kids. I guess being raise Italian, I was always taught children should be included. Since they're a part of the show-- and of my life--how could I not include them?" "When he and Paula were together," adds the insider, "they talked about marriage and kids." But John realized that he'd want the mother of his children to be around and not working, which is one reason why he and Paula broke up last year. "He told me, "I can't see having children and then having them raised by nannies and maids. Maybe I'm just old-fashioned, but to me, a family is a serious commitment. I'm not ready yet, but when I am I hope that I'm blessed with beautiful children like Mary-Kate and Ashley."