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Full House Twins in the Cutest Mother's day special ever!

STAR April 27, 1993 FULL HOUSE twins Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are always on the lookout for a new mom on the hit ABC sitcom , but in real-life they think their mom, Jarnette, is so special they have filmed a mother's Day TV-tribute to her. On the upcoming special, tentatively titled The Olsen Twins Mother's Day Special and scheduled to air May 5 on ABC, the 6-year-old cuties give their lungs and legs a real workout. They belt out tunes and dance--and perform with several celebrity guests. The adorable look-a-likes also gets to play the ultimate game of dress up with a series of costume changes that would make Cher gewith envy. Singing is old hat for the talented twosome, who have been melting America's hearts as Michelle Tanner on Full House since they were babies. Last year, the pint-sized showbiz veterans released a children's album, Brother for Sale.