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Sister Act

Sister Act Barbie Magazine Sheryl Kahn Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, the twins who play Michelle on ABC's Full House, are the two most popular girls on television. And they are just as popular with our readers! They look alike, they sound alike, they even have twin Hollywood Hair Barbie dolls. But when it comes to their dreams and favorite things, these seven-year-olds are very different. Your new ablum, I Am The Cute One, is wonderful. How did you record the songs? ASHLEY: First, we practiced with our voice coach. Then we went into a little room and sang the lines into a microphone. MARY-KATE: Then, the next day, they put all the lines together into a recording and played it for us. How did it sound? MARY-KATE and ASHLEY: Great! You also made Our First Video. I bet that was fun, too. MARY-KATE: Yeah! ASHLEY: We got to dance and sing and wear costumes. You two look so much a like. How can we tell you apart? ASHLEY: Easy. I have a freckle above my lip. MARY-KATE: And I lost two of my front baby teeth. ASHLEY: I lost one, but the other one is wiggling loose. So soon we will both have two teeth out. MARY-KATE: Oh no! That means our teeth will be twins, too! How else are you different? MARY-KATE: I like horses more. When I grow up, I want to be an animal trainer. I'd like to train animals to be on TV, like Comet on Full House ASHLEY: Not me! I want to be a makeup artist or a ballet dancer. You sing about how much you love sticky, gooey peanut butter. Do you like any other foods? ASHLEY: I LOVE spaghetti! MARY-KATE: Nah. Tacos are the best. Mmmm. ASHLEY: But we both hate Brussels sprouts. Which do you like more, making videos and ablums or starring onFull House? MARY-KATE: Umm. Both. ASHLEY: I like Full House better because we get to meet people in the audience and play with everyone on the set. Who's your best friend on the show? MARY-KATE and ASHLEY: Jodie Sweetin! ASHLEY: We once went to her family's cabin in the mountains. MARY-KATE: She's so nice. ASHLEY: We love everyone on the show. They're like our family. One of your songs is called "I Love to Scream." What makes you scream? MARY-KATE: Roller coasters. Big Thunder Mountain at Disneyland is my favorite. It goes really fast! ASHLEY: I like the Matterhorn better. It's scarier. On your video, you played baseball with the Minnesota Twins. Was that fun? MARY-KATE: Yes we even got to wear team clothes and hats. I like to throw ASHLEY: And I like to catch. We're a good team. What's the best part about being a twin? ASHLEY: We always have someone to play with. MARY-KATE: Yeah, we like to go swimming, bike riding and Rollerblading. What was the silliest scene you ever had to do as Michelle? ASHLEY (giggles): It was too cold out to go swimming, so I brought a kiddie pool into the kitchen and splashed around . MARY-KATE: And I got to stuff a big piece of cake in my mouth. Do you take turns playing Michelle? ASHLEY: Yes, I'll do one scene- MARY-KATE: Then I'll do another. But we both always want to do the scenes with Uncle Jessie's twins babies. ASHLEY: We share. What eles do you share? MARY-KATE: Toys, dolls and sercets. ASHLEY: We never tell. Just one more question, which I hope you can agree on: Who REALLY is the cute one? MARY-KATE and ASHLEY: I am!