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Thelma's Search


The WHITE Family

I have three missing family members: A grandfather, Jesse Melvin White, an Aunt, Bertha and her daughter, Sarah.

Edward & Bertha Martin

My grandfather, Jesse Melvin WHITE b. 16 July 1876 in Green Twp., Clark Co. Ohio to Isaac and Mary E. Martin White. Jesse married Sarah Elizabeth Powell 6 June 1896 and Jesse lived in Enon, Ohio at the time. They had four daughters: Rachel b. 16 March 1897, Bertha M. b. 27 October 1898 in Osborn, Ohio, Dortha Louise b 1907 and Thelma Marie b 12 September 1909.

My mother, Thelma was told her father, Jesse left when she was around two years old. Of course, she had no personal knowledge.

Rachel and Bertha were put in the Springfield, Ohio Children's Home. Dortha was adopted by Mary and George Bayers in Springfield, Ohio and her first name changed to Mary.

My mother, Thelma was raised by Sarah for the most part, I think. For some reason she stayed with some nice people who she couldn't think of the names and they gave her a doll. I have that doll!

As a child listening to this sad story about a missing father, I always thought Jesse left when my mother, Thelma was two years of age. Now as I have started the search I truly wonder if Jesse White was there when my mother was born. Why didn't she go the the Children's Home is my reasoning, I guess.

Bertha M. White married Edward W. Martin b Clark Co 21 March 1921. They had a daughter named Sarah Elizabeth Martin b 12 December 1921 in Clark County. Bertha divorced Edward W. Martin in 1929. She then married John W Reed b Ky on 29 October 1929. Bertha White Martin lived on Woodside Avenue and Burnett Road during this time. For some reason Bertha left without telling anyone, taking her daughter Sarah along. I don't know if John left with them or not. Apparently my mother loved Sarah very much and was around her before Bertha left.

Sarah Elizabeth Martin Sarah>

My childhood had another mystery! A missing sister and a little girl. I have found nothing placing them in Springfield after 1929 and know Bertha was gone by 1935. My mother kept a doll that was Sarah's and now I have it.

David Martin d.1926

I, Thelma Tomlinson, was born in 1937, so all of this occurred before I was born. World WarII made things more difficult. I remember when I was between 8 or 10 yrs old, my mother received a card just signed Bertha. I can't remember if it was for her birthday or what. I just remember the agony my mother went through wondering if it was from her sister or just a coincidence, even though she couldn't remember knowing another Bertha. Back then mail had post marks where it was mailed from and I seem to remember New York stamped on it.

Sarah Elizabeth Martin

Jesse White's parents, Isaac and Mary are buried in Enon along with other family members.

Rachel d 9 February 1942 in Columbus, Ohio. Mary d around 1943 in Florida. Thelma d 21 February 1974.

If anyone could Please help me in anyway in my search for Jesse, Bertha and Sarah, I would greatly appreciate it. I would like to put closure to my own mother's life.
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