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Descendants of James Baker Padgett

Generation No. 1

1. JAMES BAKER1 PADGETT was born Bef. 1815 in MD, and died Abt. 1855 in Maryland. He married PRISCILLA GARNER, daughter of BENJAMIN GARNER.

Child of JAMES PADGETT and PRISCILLA GARNER is: 2. i. JAMES BENJAMIN2 PADGETT, b. November 06, 1831, Clinton, MD; d. April 1894, Clinton, MD.

Generation No. 2

2. JAMES BENJAMIN2 PADGETT (JAMES BAKER1) was born November 06, 1831 in Clinton, MD, and died April 1894 in Clinton, MD. He married (1) CATHERINE ANNE GODDARD, daughter of LAWSON GODDARD and SOPHIE A. He married (2) CAROLINE.

James was a farmer, owned part of his family's land near Surrattsville.

Surrattsville's name was changed after Lincoln's assassination to Clinton, after a local celebrity. The notoriety from the Surratt connection still lingers, and the name does too amoung locals who consider Surrattsville the old town intersection of Woodyard Road and the road to Christ Episcopal Church, Old Route 5.

The Padgetts keep a boarder in the 1900 census, Matilda King, born November 1821.

A neighbor Kershaw attended James' and Catharine's wedding.

A copy of James' will leaves his male children this estate and Catherine an annual income. Also leaves a dollar each to what are his children from his first marriage.

Uneducated. Her nickname was "Cassie".

The 1910 Census says that she had three children, and that all three were living. From this, it seems her husband had a previous wife who bore him Samuel and George. This wife may have died between 1865 and 1869.

By 1910 it appears that her husband had died. Catherine's interest in the family farm - in an 1878 atlas, the approximate location of the farm is noted with the name Francis Goddard, possibly her relative - had passed on to her son James benjamin Padgett II. She lived in her own house, which is now Mable Tayman Padgett's house, on Surratts Road in Clinton, Maryland. The original log cabin is located in the walls of her home's living room. Catharing owned the home free and clear, and it seemed that James was supporting her although the census says that she had her own income.

Died of cirrhosis of the liver. Catherine is buried at Christ Episcopal Church in Clinton, MD but her burial records are located at Epiphany Church in Forestville: 3111 Ritchie Road, Forestville, MD (301) 735-7717.

3. i. JAMES BENJAMIN3 PADGETT II, b. February 15, 1870, Clinton, MD; d. November 27, 1943, Clinton, MD.
ii. ANN SEMPHRONIA PADGETT, b. September 21, 1870; m. GEORGE CARROLL.


Children of JAMES PADGETT and CAROLINE are:
iv. GEORGE W3 PADGETT, b. July 26, 1858, Maryland; d. August 04, 1926, Upper Marlboro, Maryland; m. (1) EMILY; m. (2) HARRIET R.; m. (3) REBECCA LUSBY.

v. MARY R. PADGETT, b. 1862; d. February 02, 1880; m. SAMUEL H. THOMPSON.

vi. SAMUEL N. PADGETT, b. 1865.

Generation No. 3

3. JAMES BENJAMIN3 PADGETT II (JAMES BENJAMIN2, JAMES BAKER1) was born February 15, 1870 in Clinton, MD, and died November 27, 1943 in Clinton, MD. He married EDITH I. WOODS September 01, 1896, daughter of JONATHAN WOOD and ALICE BEALL.

Alternate birth date of 15 February 1870 listed on death certificate.

Farmer who owned Lot #57 free and clear in the 1900 census. Not in this census says "truck fram Q.H" and refers to a farm schedule6.

christened 18 March 1872 at St. John's Parish in Prince George's County under the name Padgit. Was known as Benjamin.

After wife, Edith died, he had another wife named Susie, real name Martha Susan, from Accokeek, MD> Susie gave birth to a stillborn infant on 19 August 1929.

Roberta remembers that Susie and Benjamin would fight like cats and dogs, and she would hear Susie calling to her father John Benjamin, "Come and get me, he's trying to kill me". Then not minutes later, they'd be holding hands, walking arm in arm. Died of cancer of the stomach and liver. Benjamin is buried at Christ Episcopal Church in Clinton, along with father James Benjamin Padgett, mother Cathering Goddard and first wife, Edith.

Lived in the farmhouse that used to be behind Surrattsville High School, now a Grace Lutheran school. The house was still there in 1963 when grandson Robert went into the Marines in North Carolina.

Roberta Padgett remembers Benjamin when he was married to his second wife Susie, soon before he died. "You sure look happy today grandpap," she called to him as he sat on the front porch. "No darlin," he replied, "just foolin the hell out of the general public".

Notes for EDITH I. WOODS:
Died of cardiac embolism at age 50. Edith had been in Providence Hospital in Washington, D.C. for three weeks with cholecystitis -- a gallbladder disorder.

Children of JAMES PADGETT and EDITH WOODS are:
4. i. LAWRENCE EDWARD4 PADGETT, b. September 23, 1906, Clinton, MD; d. April 27, 1977, Clinton, MD.
ii. ISABELLA "IZZY" PADGETT, b. October 1897, Clinton, MD; d. Abt. 1961; m. BOETLER.

iii. JOHN BENJAMIN PADGETT, b. October 05, 1898, Clinton, MD; d. April 21, 1969, Clinton, MD; m. MABEL GERTRUDE TAYMAN.

iv. EDNA IOLA PADGETT, b. March 06, 1903, Clinton, MD; d. October 01, 1994, Clinton, MD; m. JAMES O. CROSS.

v. BARBARA V. PADGETT, b. 1905; m. (1) THOMPSON; m. (2) GODDARD.

vi. ALICE K PADGETT, b. February 06, 1909, Clinton, MD; d. November 1986, Clinton, MD; m. JOHN MULLIKEN.

vii. LILLIAN M PADGETT, b. August 27, 1910, Clinton, MD; d. July 06, 1978, Clinton, MD; m. ALLEN.

viii. CHARLES EDWARD PADGETT, b. May 16, 1912, Clinton, MD; d. April 1974, Clinton, MD; m. LOUISE.

ix. ROBERT EMMETT PADGETT, b. May 16, 1912, Clinton, MD; d. December 14, 1983, Clinton, MD; m. THELMA SIMMONS.

Generation No. 4

4. LAWRENCE EDWARD4 PADGETT (JAMES BENJAMIN3, JAMES BENJAMIN2, JAMES BAKER1) was born September 23, 1906 in Clinton, MD, and died April 27, 1977 in Clinton, MD. He married MARGARET ESTHER HILT June 19, 1926 in Virginia, daughter of ALBERT HILT and HENRIETTA BAER.
Notes for MARGARET ESTHER HILT: SS# 577-05-1572

1910 Census: Lived on Welsh Avenue in Wilmerding. 1925 DC City Directory: r13 16th St. SE. Listed with nellie, as a clerk for Sou Ry.

1927 DC City Directory 1625 Good Hope Road, SE.

A persistent rumor is that Mary Craig was really Esther's daughter. Possibly true, although it is possible for Albert and Henrietta to be her parents. Esther's birth certificate states them as her parents also, not Mary.

According to Aunt Mary Jane, her mother's parents died in about 1922. Then her sister Mary came to Pittsburgh to take her to Maryland, and put parents. Esther's birth certificate states them as her parents also, not Mary.

Lawrence and Esther had one child who died soon after birth. I'm assuming this is the Wesley Padgett buried in Christ Episcopal's Cemetery. Mary Jane says that he was the only child with black hair.

Buried in Ft. Lincoln Cemetery, Bladensburg, MD with her husband Lawrence.

i. LOUIS EDWARD5 PADGETT, b. January 29, 1934, Washington D.C.: m. BARBARA JEAN BAILEY, August 31, 1963, Washington D.C..

Medical Information: CMT patients slowly lose normal use of their feet/legs and hands/arms as nerves to the extremities degenerate.


iii. MARY JANE PADGETT, b. 1931, Clinton, MD; m. (1) STOLLINGSWORTH; m. (2) JIM CABLE.

iv. MARTIN WILLIAM PADGETT, b. July 21, 1942; m. BARBARA JOAN GROVE, August 24, 1963, Washington D.C..

v. DONALD RAY PADGETT, b. 1944; m. (1) JEAN ANN; m. (2) NANCY GOMMEL; m. (3) JUDY HART.

vi. ROBERT ALLEN PADGETT, b. June 08, 1947; m. BRENDA VIRGINIA GROVE, June 18, 1966, St John's Parish, Clinton, Maryland.

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