Descendants of Michael Kelley, Sr. Generation No. 1 1. MICHAEL1 KELLEY , SR. was born 1822 in Ireland, and died in Lewis County, Kentucky. He married MARY PLUNKETT. Notes for MICHAEL KELLEY , SR.: Michael and Mary were married in Ireland in 1844 and came to the United States in 1845; they settled first in Cincinnati, Ohio, then moved to Covington, Kentucky, and sometime in the 1850's they came to Lewis County and lived out their lives. Children of MICHAEL KELLEY and MARY PLUNKETT are: 2. i. MICHAEL2 KELLEY , JR, b. October 13, 1847, Covington, KY; d. January 28, 1910, Cincinnati Ohio. ii. ELIZA KELLEY, b. 1846; m. HUMPHREY COLE. iii. PATRICK KELLEY, b. 1853. iv. MARY ANN KELLEY, b. 1855; m. FRANK RANDELL, September 05, 1878. v. LAWRENCE KELLEY, b. 1856. vi. JULIA KELLEY, b. 1858. vii. LUCY KELLEY, b. 1861; m. FRANCIS MARION LEWIS, March 19, 1882. Generation No. 2 2. MICHAEL2 KELLEY , JR (MICHAEL1) was born October 13, 1847 in Covington, KY, and died January 28, 1910 in Cincinnati Ohio. He married ROSANNA AMERICA MILLER June 25, 1866 in Lewis County, Kentucky, daughter of JASON MILLER and ROSANNA CROWEL. Notes for ROSANNA AMERICA MILLER: Roseanna was sixteen years her husband's serior; the marriage was a good one which produced four children. Children of MICHAEL KELLEY and ROSANNA MILLER are: 3. i. URIAH WESLEY3 KELLEY, b. September 15, 1867, Lewis County, Kentucky; d. March 01, 1913, New Boston, Ohio. ii. CHARLES M. KELLEY, b. 1870; m. (1) CYNTHIA L. COOPER, October 27, 1896; m. (2) EMMA WILBURN, July 08, 1927, Lewis County, Kentucky. iii. LAWRENCE LARRY KELLEY, b. 1874; m. CINDA LEWIS, January 08, 1896. iv. ALICE WEAVER KELLEY, b. 1876; m. WILLIAM S. COOPER. Generation No. 3 3. URIAH WESLEY3 KELLEY (MICHAEL2, MICHAEL1) was born September 15, 1867 in Lewis County, Kentucky, and died March 01, 1913 in New Boston, Ohio. He married ROSA BLANCH DAVIS 1887, daughter of PETER DAVIS and NANCY CARTER. Notes for URIAH WESLEY KELLEY: Is said to have left land on Kinnikinick Creek to Mary Margaret Kelley Yeley. She refused to have anything that belonged to her grandfather because he was so mean. It is said that the property was sold for back taxes in Lewis County - 88 Acres of land. Newspaper Article reads: Wesley Kelley, who had his skull fractured at the Burgess Mill some weeks ago, and who was unconscious of his wife's sudden death while he lay sick in bed, was in the city of Siloam, Ky, today. Kelley is now making his home with his father there. He seems to have almost recovered. Notes for ROSA BLANCH DAVIS: Newspaper article Portsmouth, Ohio December 20, 1900 Mrs. Wesley Kelley died very suddenly at her home on Greenlawn Heights Monday night. Childbirth was the cause of her death. She was the wife of Wesley Kelley, who was so seriously injured at the Burgess Mill a number of weeks ago, and whose condition is by no means any better. The unfortunate man is still ignorant of his wife's death, his physician fearing to break the sad news to him. The small children have been taken to hte home of their grandfather, who resides at Tannery, KY. Mr. Kelley had been pulled into a roller at the Burgess Mill. Rose Kelley was a little woman, short, wore only a size 4 shoe - Had a child every 9 months. Children of URIAH KELLEY and ROSA DAVIS are: 4. i. ALICE4 KELLEY, b. 1895, Lewis County, Kentucky; d. July 21, 1935, Columbus, Ohio. ii. LAWRENCE KOOCH KELLEY, b. 1888; m. EMMA HICKMAN, October 08, 1916, Scioto County, Ohio. Notes for LAWRENCE KOOCH KELLEY: Occupation was a steel worker Notes for EMMA HICKMAN: Occupation is housewife on marriage record of 1916 iii. TRACY KELLEY. Notes for TRACY KELLEY: Died young iv. MICHAEL KELLEY. Notes for MICHAEL KELLEY: Died at 5yrs of age 5. v. ADA FRANCIS KELLEY, b. September 06, 1896, Lewis County, Kentucky; d. November 28, 1970, Portsmouth Ohio. vi. BLANCH KELLEY. Notes for BLANCH KELLEY: Died with her mother at birth Generation No. 4 4. ALICE4 KELLEY (URIAH WESLEY3, MICHAEL2, MICHAEL1) was born 1895 in Lewis County, Kentucky, and died July 21, 1935 in Columbus, Ohio. She met (1) UNKNOWN HALL. She married (2) BENJAMIN FRANKLIN BARBEE March 17, 1928 in Scioto County, Ohio, son of JEREMIAH BARBEE and ALICE BOGGS. Notes for ALICE KELLEY: Alice and her sister Ada were sent for a period of time, by their father, to live in a home for girls in Mason County, Kentucky. At the age of 18 they each left the home and returned to Portsmouth, Ohio to work in a shoe factory. Notes for UNKNOWN HALL: Was said to have been a railroader from Kentucky Notes for BENJAMIN FRANKLIN BARBEE: Worked as an investigator in Cincinnati, Ohio . Was 40yrs old in 1928 when he married Alice Kelley Child of ALICE KELLEY and UNKNOWN HALL is: i. MARY MARGARET5 KELLEY, b. June 17, 1916, Portsmouth Ohio; m. MARK LEROY HAMMOND, July 01, 1935. Notes for MARY MARGARET KELLEY: Margaret was adopted by Thurman Frederick Yeley b. 1892 Ohio and Molly Robbins b. 1890 in Kentucky. 5. ADA FRANCIS4 KELLEY (URIAH WESLEY3, MICHAEL2, MICHAEL1) was born September 06, 1896 in Lewis County, Kentucky, and died November 28, 1970 in Portsmouth Ohio. She married WALTER E. MOORE February 24, 1876, son of JOHN MOORE and AMANDA MINEER. Child of ADA KELLEY and WALTER MOORE is: i. STANLEY B.5 MOORE, b. March 15, 1932.
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