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Leo Facts Page

(1)Leo's parents names are George and Irmelin DiCaprio. (2)Leo was born on November 11,1974. (3)His full name is Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio. (4)His fave food is pasta. (5)Leo's fave drink is lemonade. (6)Leo's favorite childhood memory is terrorizing his neighbourhood with gags and practical jokes. (7)His fave bands are the Beatles,Led Zepellin,and Pink Floydd. (8)His fave musician is Harry Connick,Jr. (9)Leo's fave actors are Jack Nicholson and Robert De Niro. (10)His fave actress is Meg Ryan. (11)His shoe size is 11! (12)Leo is 6'feet and weighs 140 pounds. (13)He got kicked off the set of "Romper's Room" at the age of five. (14)Leo's fave sports are basketball and baseball. (15)Leo drives a silver BMW coupe. (16)His fave TV show is the "Twilight Zones". (17)Leo's fave vacation spot is in Germany. (18)He had been there 7 times since the age of 10. (19)He likes to do things that scare him such as skdiving,bungee-jumping,etc. (20)His biggest dreams are to help save the environment and live in peace.

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