Marital Difficulties

John & Marsha were having marital difficulties, neither being able to satisfy the other sexually. Their marriage slowly disintegrating, they sought the help of one doctor after another without success. One day Marsha visited her friend Dorothy, who was quite a woman of the world, and casually mentioned the problem.

"It's not the first time I've heard of it" said Dorothy. "You can go to all the doctors in the world and they can't help you. But there is a remedy."

"For God's sake, Dorothy, tell me what it is!" exclaimed Marsha.

"I don't think I should," answered Dorothy, "because it is unusual and you might be offended."

To make a very long story short, Marsha continued her entreaties until Dorothy finally broke down. She said "Well, since you insist, and against my better judgment, I will tell you. The only remedy is for John to eat it."

"O No!" exclaimed Marsha, "He would never do that!"

Dorothy shrugged. "There you have it -- take it or leave it. You asked and I told you."

Driving home Marsha thought it over, and concluded the suggestion deserved a trial, anyway. So she prepared an unusually fine supper for John that night. When he returned from work he enjoyed it mightily, but wondered a bit about the reason for it.

"That was a great meal" he said. "Anything unusual happen today? Enjoy your visit with Dorothy?"

Again to shorten the story, Marsha eventually told John of Dorothy's suggestion. "Absolutely not!" he exploded, "I won't engage in such disgusting practices."

But Marsha urged and begged until finally John gave in. "OK" he said "I guess it won't hurt to try it once."

Marsha went up and got into bed, pulling the covers up to her neck. This was a bit unusual, since it was August and the weather was sweltering, but Marsha was uneasy about the whole business and didn't want to feel immodest. When John arrived he surveyed the scene and tried to decide how to proceed. Finally he raised the covers at the foot of the bed and crawled under them. Groping around until he located his target, with much hesitation, he undertook his task.

No sooner than he started, Marsha broke wind explosively. Under the covers, a muffled voice was heard to say.... "Thank God for that breath of fresh air!"