This guy was having his best day ever fishing the Mississippi on the Minnestota side. He catches his limit and gets ready to go. On the way out his federal DNR office stops him to verify everything is legal. He takes one of the fish, shoves his pinky in its asshole, pulls it out and smells it. He says, " Boy- this fish comes from the Minnesota side of the river. You got a Minnesota license?"

The fisherman generates one and is allowed to leave. The next week, he's on the Wisconsin side of the river and has incredible luck. The same federal officer shows up and gives his fish the same finger-in-the-fish pooper test. This time he asks for a Wisconsin license which the man gladly generates.

As the lucky fisherman is leaving the Federal DNR officer asks, "Boy- you are a pretty good damn fisherman. Where are you from???"

The lucky fisherman drops his pants, bends over and says..."Find out for yourself........."