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Undertaker's Third Picture Gallery

EEEP! *drool* Ye gods... Look at his...arms. *coff, stare* oooooh... *drool* nice..Tattoos.

*giggle* He's so CUTE when he looks like a li'l puppy growlin'...

*giggle* Ignore all those other dudes... Doesn't Taker look DELISH!?

Taker's expression says... What? I can't tell! I dunno, but it's yummy!

*lmao* Okay... I could say something REALLY pre-verted here.

*giggle* His hair's so WET. mmmm....shower scene... *drool* *SMACKS SELF!* BAD ME! NO SHOWER SCENE!

OOOOH! Taker just has the cutest profile. ^-^!!!!

*snicker* I wanna see that slam happen again and again...

HEE HEE HEE! He looks strange but cute! *snuggles the nearly hairless Taker-luv*

OOOOOH! SO FREAKING CUTE! i don't suppose i'm allowed to lick? ... thought not. *pout*

*blynks* Yet *STARE*

YEAH! Get 'im, Taker! Get 'im! WOO!

*cheercheercheer!* YEEHAA!

*pout* Dontcha just hate it when he looks sad? *whimper*

pink....itza PINK background... oh ye gods....

He looks so EVIL... ooooh...

The pic used on their Sexiest Federation Superstar voting page. I'll vote for this any day.

I like this picture. *smile* It's not that I'm like *DROOL* or anything. I just... LIKE this pic!

YeeeeEEEAAAH! ;) Sorry Austin. You'll only hafta hang around for a little while longer.

Taker n' Stone Cold heading to the grave (where...sadly... Taker luv was buried. But it was KANE who kept Taker in the grave! Not Stone Cold, KANE! KANE won the Buried Alive Match! HAAHAAHAA!) Doesn't Taker look a little like an elf? *bink*

Anyone else see a li'l demon face on the top left of the pic? *bink*

HEE! Taker-mun and Bossman hung. Could it get much better!?

*lmao* Obviously, it can. GOD how I love watching the slvt get knocked down a peg or five!

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