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Undertaker's Second Gallery

Taker! Demmit mun! You can't fly! You are NOT Batman!

Well...maybe he CAN fly...

wow...he looks so...focused. o.o

Sum Bunni stayed out too late partyin', that hangover looks NASTY. .

*hides* That picture SCARES me. Where did that outfit come from?

He! Ya! Dat's da werd!

*pout* Why can't *I* get pinned like that!?

That is an INTERESTING postition that could lead to... more interesting positions. ;)

WOW that's one heckuva Make-Up job! o.0

I got three werds for ya: dream come true.


Eeeep! He looks so CUTE when he's being intimidating! And does anyone know what the tattoo on his finger is? O.o?

EEEEEEEEP! Looky! It's the eyebrow piercing! It's SOOO cute!

*resists...urge to...nibble...on neck!*

*drool* Dat's all I gotta say. *drool*

*eyes kinda glaze over...brain flips into autopilot*

Oooo....He looks so...YUMMY!

*blink* ... *drool* ... *FAINT*

he has got...really nice...fingers...


Don' he just look like something ya wanna kiss? *^-^*

*coff* Excuse me. *POUNCEHUG*

*whimper, needs to be chained demmit* ooh...chains...Taker... *whimper* the thoughts! they haunt me!

*mumbles* what he looks like by the time i'm through with 'im.

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