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Undertaker Pictures

Come on. You can't tell me that that isn't a yummy site...

*whimper, stare, wrings hands, glues butt to chair*

Stone Cold and Undertaker don't normally see eye to eye.

WEEEE! You can FLY! Now the question is, can you bounce or do you splat?

*pokes at Stone Cold* Are you sure you're okay? Really? Alright then! Let's get it on!

YES! WOO! SOMEONE DID IT! YEEHAA! *coff* I mean...Mr. McMahon, are you alright?

I'm tellin' you, Mero DESERVES it.

My guess, Mr. Ass? That's gonna hurt.

Taker has a habit of bringing people to their knees.

Anybody else think that's a STRANGE sight or what?

Val...hun...Clothes are a GOOD thing. Taker...YUM!

*tilts head while staring at picture* oh...the angle was just a WIDDLE too high! *pout*

*pinches cheek* OOOOOH! You look so yummy!

Can someone please tell me what that look says? I don' get it!

*hiss* Get away from him, ****. *coff* I mean...let me escort you to the exit.

What I hope to see soon. Taker with some gold!

See? Gold just does something for him. It looks great! ;)

A lovely shot of the back of Taker and Mr. Bearer. *shrug*

He's got that "I'm cool" look. *grin*

*pout* What's with the bandage?


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