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Mini Plush Lops

These are a combo of pictures taken by the former owner of these and me. As soon as possable updated and good pics will be posted of each one.

Want to start raising this breed, or get the formula to start a line of your own? Contact me and I will help you as much as possable.

Black Mini Plush Lop Doe

This is Rayven. Although I do not like black on rabbits, this doe just gets to me. I don't know why, but when I look at her, I just want to squeeze her to death! She is bred to Mr. Bombastic, a blue buck. Their litter will be closely line bred, but should turn out some REALLY nice offspring. Rayven is almost the perfect specimen of the MPL.

Blue Mini Plush Lop

This is another one of the does we got. She a little heafty, but not too bad. She is scheduled to be bred to one of the blue bucks.

Broken Black Mini Plush Lop

This is another one of the does we got. She will be leaving to a new home soon, to another breeder who will be working on them with us.

Blue Mini Plush Lop Buck

This is Mr. Bombastic. He just looks like a bombastic doesn't he? He is currently bred to Rayven. As soon as the litter arrives pictures will be posted.

If you wish to visit the site for the originater of the breed ( as well as the original breeder of all of these guys), please go to Rabbit Street

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