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Breeding and Genetics Page 1

Here are some common misconceptions about breeding and genetics in general.

If you breed a long haired rabbit to a normal or rex furred rabbit, you will get normal fur. The exceptions to this are long haired carrying rex or normal and rex carrying the wool gene. Normal is dominant, rex, and wool are recessive.

If you breed a Satinized rabbit to a non satinized rabbit, you will only get normals. Of course all of these offspring can throw satins, but they are not satinized themselves. Normal is dominant, satin is recessive.

If you breed a lop to a non lop, you will get funny looking rabbits with one ear up and one ear down, or they look like airplane wings. This is a big no no because many lop crosses have jaw alignment problems.

You don't have to breed rabbits of the same color together, it is recommended for some colors, because it produces darker, clearer color, but you do not have to.

BEW (blue eyed whites) do not cause the Harlequin gene. It is a gene all by itself. A BEW can mask the gene, but it does not cause it. It does however cause the white markings on colored rabbits. These rabbits are known as sports, dutchmarks, mismarks, and carriers. Some sports do not show any markings at all. These are nice because they can be registered and shown where sports with markings can not. A REW (ruby eyed white) can also be a BEW in disguise.

REW (ruby eyed whites) carry a full set of color genes. They can be a chestnut in disguise, or any other color for the matter. Even if they are REW for forty generations back, they still carry a full set of color genes. They can hide the broken gene as well. The REW genes mask all color and prevent pigment in the eyes.

Brokens can only come from brokens. They are dominant. Can't get one without one. The exception is when a BEW or a REW are masking the gene. A rabbit with a double broken gene, is called a Charlie. They usually have color around the eyes and one or two other spots on the body. True Charlies can only have broken babies with non broken color rabbits. False Charlies (have only one gene but hardly any color) work the same as regular brokens when bred to non brokens.

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