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Victim Information and Notification Everyday…



What is V.I.N.E.?

Kentucky is the first state in the nation to provide an automated, statewide victims notification system. Through this computerized system, critical information is available about inmates housed in local jails an adult correctional facilities as well as certain juvenile offenders. This information can be accessed 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Through computer generated telephone calls, all registered persons will be contacted at a predetermined telephone number when an inmate is scheduled for release or if an inmate escapes from custody. In addition to victims, law enforcement agencies and the general public will have access to housing locations and release information through the 24 hour telephone service.

What inmate information is available through V.I.N.E.?

  1. Status: If not in custody, the date the inmate was released will be given.
  2. Location: Current jail or institutional address and telephone number will be given for inmates currently in custody.
  3. Parole Eligibility: The next hearing date will be given, where applicable.
  4. Sentence Information: The tentative release date will be given, where applicable.

How does a victim call V.I.N.E.?

A person requesting to be notified should call the toll-free V.I.N.E.TM number (1-800-511-1670) using a touch-tone telephone, to register for notification. The system will begin to call a victim for an established period of time or until the requesting party acknowledges the receipt of the release information.

How often will the system call?

Notification regarding the release of an inmate from jail will be made every 30 minutes for a 24 hour period or until notification is acknowledged by the registered person. Notification regarding the release of an inmate from a state institution will be made to the extent possible, 72 hours before the inmate’s release. In cases of parole, changes in sentences due to immediate time credits, court ordered discharges or escapes, the system will begin to call once the inmate is released.

How can I make sure that I get the notification and not someone else?

The VINETM system allows each person to register two telephone numbers. To ensure the person receives the release information, the system requires the victim to leave a four digit, personal identification number (PIN). A familiar number is recommended for this PIN because, in some cases, it may be several years before the inmate is released. A number that is not readily familiar may be forgotten. Use of the PIN is the only way to halt the notification calls. You may wish to record your PIN in a safe place.

If I don’t have a touch-tone phone, will I be notified?

Registered victims with rotary dial telephones are able to receive the notifications and be provided with a way to use their PIN to confirm receipt of the notification.

How can I locate the correct Inmate?

A person may search for the inmate by institutional number or inmate name. The system recognizes inmate numbers as a six digit code. If you know the inmate’s number you must enter a six digit number. For example, an inmate number of 22222 must be entered as 022222. If the number is unknown, you may enter the name by the telephone keypad.

Will the inmate know if I registered for notification?

NO! This system provides an opportunity to register anonymously.

What do I do if the inmate is going to be released?

If you fear for your safety, do not depend on this or any other service for your protection. Take precautionary measure as if the inmate is already released.

What if I wish written notification of an inmate’s release?

If the inmate is in the custody of the Department of Corrections and you wish to receive written notification of an inmates release, please notify the Records Office Branch Manager at the following address: Offender Records, Attention: Victim Information, 5th Floor, State Office Building, Frankfort, KY 40601. The office telephone number is 1-502-564-2433. If you wish to be notified of a Corrections inmate’s release on furlough, written requests must be made to the Warden of the institution where the inmate is housed.

Why was this system started?

The 1993 tragic death of Mary Byron in Louisville, Kentucky, brought to light the need for a 24 hour-a-day notification service. Jefferson County officials recognized this need and established the first local automated system. These officials gave seed money to implement the state wide system.


This project was supported by Federal Grant # 5334-N18-2/94 awarded through the Kentucky Justice Cabinet by the Office of Justice Programs.