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Dear Husky Lover,

     As you know the Siberian Husky is a very special 
breed of dog, and we use the phrase 'dog' very lightly.  
They are wonderful companions and excellent hunters.  
They enjoy the hunt for small game as in rabbits, mice,
snakes, and other small rodents.  They are very curious, 
and love to play; chase is a favorite.  They run in 
packs, as do their ancestors, the Wolf.  They do display 
a lot of the wolf characteristics, except they are very 
kind, timid, and are not normally an aggressive breed at 
all.  They adjust and adapt very well to almost any 
situation and climate.  The Siberian Husky loves cold 
weather and is very adaptable for cooler climate.  You 
will find that your new Husky friend is very intelligent.  
They seem to be able to read your moods and behaviors; 
they seem to know just what you need from them and when.  
Another very good point is that they are very 
well-behaved indoors.  They are not a clumsy breed 
indoors at all; it's as if they tip-toe around 
everything very concerned that nothing is broken or 
disturbed.  Even with their very fluffy tails, they 
prance around knowing that they are to be careful.  
They love to be loved, especially by young children; 
they play very gently with them, almost as if they 
realize that this is a very valuable part of the family. 
     The Siberian Husky does not bark as do all other 
breeds, but they howl,(or we call it singing), to let 
others know they are here and just for general 
information to other wild life.  They also love to talk; 
it's not English, of course, but you will understand.  
They also love to dig; they get great pleasure out of 
digging a nice size hole.  It's not all for pleasure,
though.  The hole also serves a purpose; they will lay 
in the hole when the weather is very warm.  The damp 
soil helps keep them cool.  We have provided a small 
pool for this purpose.  They drink and are able to cool 
off all at once.  If the digging is a concern to you, 
a great suggestion is do what we have done.  We have a 
load of top soil brought in and placed at the back of 
our property every Spring.  Then on the weekend, we all 
fill in holes.  It's great fun, and you're also spending 
time with your pet in its environment. 
     All Huskies have three layers of hair (which 
explains their adaptability to cool climates).  Huskies 
molt, or shed, this hair twice a year.  You can remove 
the hair by purchasing the proper under coat brush or by 
taking your pet to a groomer, and there they will have 
the appropriate tools to remove the unwanted hair.  It 
is very important to remove this unneeded hair 
especially in the summer, because your pet could 
overheat if the old coat isn't removed.  Most other 
breeds shed all year around, so don't get discouraged 
over the molting process.  Huskies love to run and 
play tag, so please keep this in mind.  They need 
adequate running room to assure they get the proper 
amount of exercise required.  Please remember they are 
not happy on a CHAIN (would you be?).  
     Our puppies are AKC Registered and vet-checked by 
Dr. Gore at the Elizabethtown Animal Hospital, which 
includes all worming and all necessary shots for this 
age.  Mother and father are on the premises for your 
viewing.  All puppies are fed a dry, high protein food, 
which is very important for proper development.  They 
have plenty of fresh water which puppies seem to drink 
a lot.  The puppies live in what we refer to as the 
'nursery'.  They have music which is relaxing for them.  
Their bedding is changed and washed twice daily.  The 
ceiling fan is turned on to help ventilate the nursery.  
They potty outside.  They have a doggy door which leads 
to a large fenced area, which is scooped twice daily and 
sprayed down.  As far as providing adequate comfort 
outside, we have set up dog houses and put fresh straw 
in every week.  This serves as bedding as well as 
comfort.  Straw is distributed around the houses as well 
as the yard to help try and keep the area dry during our 
wet periods.  All puppies are very clean; they have no 
lice nor fleas.  We provide lots of raw hide for them to 
chew on as well as wood blocks.  The raw hide is good 
for their teeth; it helps to remove plaque and promotes 
strong teeth.  It also helps keep the puppies from 
chewing on you.
     If interested, email me at the address below, or you 
can call at (502)737-6265.  If no answer, please leave
Siberian Husky Ring

This Siberian Husky Ringsite
is owned by Douglas Borchard

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