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~ Lisa ~

If I had more than one sister, I can safely
say, Lisa would still be my bestest,
most favorite. She knows all my secrets (and
has told them all to everyone) -
she's the one who watched the mail to keep
mom from seeing my subscription to Playgirl
Magazine, the year Sylvester Stallone was
the centerfold...and took the magazine straight to mom
when it finally came in the mail. *laughs*

When we were kids, she's the one who sat on my stomach
and poked me (hard) in the chest,
(and it hurt like hell) when she was mad
at me...and the one who held my hand at night,
when I was afraid.

We've had some rough times, but through everything, for
as long as I can remember, she's been my very best friend.
She'll always very best friend. I love you sis.