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~ Austin ~

aka "The Hit Man"

Captured live, on film, while committing one of his
hits, so smooth he is, don't let the baby face fool
ya, his aim is deadly, he's...merciless, just look
into those eyes, if ya don't b'lieve me!

Sizing up his latest victim, he doesn't even break a sweat.

After calmly assessing the situation, he checks his weapon.

With finesse, he turns, making sure he's not been detected.

One more glance toward the victim, he's the epitome of stealth.

A dramatic pause, as if he's struggling within himself...can he do it?!

A kid's gotta do what a kid's gotta do, b'sides, she
stuck out her tongue at him! Now that was just askin'
for it!

*laughs* this little guy's expressions are priceless,
I couldn't decide which pic I liked best so
I just decided to use them all. He's adorable.